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This plot was the best idea ever. (So was convincing Quinn she'd like Warehouse 13 after all. It only took me four years! Speaking of, dear back half of the season: Please be awesome. ALSO HOW IS [GUEST STAR] I DO NOT EVEN.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave a prompt here if you're so inclined.
in which I was only on Twitter this week )
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Man, this week has not been my friend. I think the time change, allergies and Vikings ganged up on me. (But on the bright side, QUINN IS BACK IN MILLIWAYS. :D)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Or... Saturday. Whatevs.
I *did* actually write some of these on Friday! But my brain was pretty fried yesterday. )
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Has it seriously been a year since the Allpocalypse? Damn, son.
I've officially gotten [personal profile] quinby into Warehouse 13, and I think it's going to bear fruit come the next app cycle. :D :D :D
Meanwhile, belated Fic Friday! Unofficial theme of horses.
because I was erring on the side of lazy yesterday )
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Note to self: Fresh asparagus is amazeballs, not to mention an easy quick lunch to make once you do the bit with the rinsing and the breaking the stems. Might be worth keeping in mind. (For those wondering: Olive oil, dried garlic, cooking it up took two or three minutes, and then I put cheese on top. OM NOM NOM.)
--oh hey, while I'm here: Any US types know much about getting into freelancing? (Editing/proofreading, preferably.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
allllll the Fic Friday this week! )
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In conclusion, parents. What can you do? (What I can do: Take out my frustrations via fictional family dysfunction! This Christmas Carol plot business is the best idea ever.)

Other than that, I'm giving [community profile] fandom_stocking a try this year; my post is here.
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This week in short:
*My Yuletide assignment is Very Nearly Done (there's one last bit Quinn's helping me with), and I've lined up a beta. And I have an idea for a treat!
*Once Upon a Time catch-up happened; I'd fallen three episodes behind and then was told Sunday's was ALL THE RED FEELS, so I caught up on Tuesday. ALLLLLLL THE RED FEELS. :D :D :D :D :D
*Quinn's back decided to go 'hey, so that chair you were sitting in yesterday? NO ME GUSTA.' Officially diagnosed as a muscle strain (I'm just glad it wasn't a kidney stone).
*And then I went to do laundry and THE PRICES WENT UP. Previously I could get four loads out of a typical six out of a roll of quarters; now it's three, with a random dollar left over. CANNOT EVEN. I might have to start combining sheets/towels with something, if I can cram all that into the washer.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! (For newcomers: Twitter fic! Prompts given and filled on Twitter. Some of these are Milliways- or other-RP-inspired crossovers.)
lots of things, including some of those Red feels )
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LJ, LJ, LJ. Will you ever learn? There are new beta shenanigans afoot, and it's... well. I'll let it speak for itself. (Also, guess what they first rolled out in public on the Russian side of things?)
My favorite comment is from one of said Russian users (I love Chrome's translate button): "If this is your idea of a joke, you have a very poor sense of humor."
Given that, I think I'm going to stop crossposting to LJ effective November 30th. It's my 10th LJversary; there's something nicely symmetrical about that. Still trying to figure out what that means for lower_tadfield, but I'll consult the comm first, whatever it is.
In happier news, there wasn't much Fic Friday (now technically Fic Saturday, but whatevs), but it did happen!
Fic inna sentence! So fresh the... I dunno how to sustain this. )
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Still have a bit of a cough (stupid plague).
Heat's on! OH BOY IS THE HEAT ON. Seems with radiators it's all or nothing. oops?
Hil found me a copy of Villains By Necessity for my birthday! It's in amazing shape, too; there's a slight crease down the front cover and that's it. BEST EVER.
a short scene from last weekend )
And now: FIC FRIDAY.
again, a smattering of fandoms )
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I disapprove of plagues. Just saying. Am on to the 'nasty-sounding cough' stage of this illness's entertainment, which at least means it's on its way out, but still.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
a smattering of fandoms )
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We have a TV now! And the purchasing power to get a decent mattress! We may have to pull in the other furnishings more slowly than we wanted, but OH WELL. We'll figure it out.
Meanwhile, hopping back on the #FicFriday bandwagon!
Warehouse 13, OUaT, Percyverse!Greek mythos, OUaT/XMFC, Discworld )
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Since my grandfather will not go to hospice, hospice has come to him. (Frankly, I think this should have happened months ago; my grandmother was never prepared to be a caregiver, and I think she's finally stopped pretending she can do it by herself.) So who knows what's going to happen from here, but at least he'll be a little more comfortable.
Meanwhile: #FicFriday!
so far: Percyverse, W13/XMFC, Disc, Disc/W13, XMFC/Once Upon a Time )
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Things I need to do tomorrow:

*call store here, talk to GM (call back first week of July; things look good to go)
*email guy about apartment (holy crap we're viewing an apartment on Friday!!!!!)
*process dishes
*process laundry
*make grocery list
*unearth kitchen island

*EP of some kind, possibly

Things found today: Bell, Book and Candle on DVD. Totally pounced on a movie that's as old as my father, but it's a damn good one. (Also, main characters never share my name in things, but this one does! Also also: Kim Novak. Your argument is invalid.)
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ahhhhhhh Things are Afoot and will be in motion in TWO WEEKS. It's hard to believe, really.
Meanwhile, #FicFriday strikes again!
OUaT, Warehouse 13, Percyverse!Greek mythos, OUaT/X-Men: First Clas via Milliways; will update if/as more occur )
Considering [community profile] disc_fest, though I'm not sure if I'll spring for it or not. (I'm not sure I can properly pull off the idea that popped into my head first thing.) But I have a week to make up my mind.
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So [personal profile] ladyoflorien had this fabulous idea on Twitter, where you try to fit a mini-tiny-teeny fic into 140 characters. Actually, it's usually closer to 130, after you @reply it to the person who prompted you, but still. So I gave it a try tonight, and here's what happened.
fandoms: Once Upon a Time, Potterverse AU, Warehouse 13, Percy Jackson/Greek mythology (yes, the designation means something) by way of Milliways, W13/Disc by way of Milliways, OUaT/X-Men: First Class by way of panfandomsandbox )
In conclusion, kinda fun!
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Hey, it's that AO3 hit-getters meme again. Let's see how the top ten's changed since last year.
in which holy shit where is that being spread around??? )
Otherwise, life continues apace. Things Are Afoot, not least of which is a resurgence of Plot With Rocks In over [community profile] milliways_bar way. (Because apparently I'm nuts, but also I miss it. XD)
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HOLY CRAP, you guys, the [community profile] milliways_bar move was a thing of beauty and a joy forever. (All the free-for-all comments are still LJ-side at the moment and in some cases ongoing, but.)
Still waffling on whether to set up my default personal stuff as DW as well, but... at this point I probably will. Crossposting etc. is easy enough, after all.

ETA: GIP, now, courtesy of [personal profile] synchronicity2. :D
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First, and apologies to those of you who've seen this twelve times by now:

For anyone who plays or used to play at [community profile] milliways_bar and hasn't been following the back room lately: Milliways is moving to Dreamwidth!

They're using the opportunity to free up many old and retired characters for play, as well as to preserve as much of Milliways' history on Dreamwidth as possible against the possibility of LJ going kersplut.

To decide what will happen to your character, help back up the game to Dreamwidth, and to see how you'll retain control over all your content, head on over here.

Second: Hey guys, I've been podficced! You Will Move Mountains got included in the latest Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology; podficcer's post is here (I'm the one at the bottom). It is fabulous and made me squee a lot.
...I feel like there was a third thing, but I've forgotten entirely. I may well go off and write something.
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Those of you who've left the game may or may not have heard that we're moving to DW soon. There's a post here that covers a lot of the move-related info, and then there's this one for deletion/retirement requests. I'd recommend sticking your heads into at least the latter.
(NB: Deleting a character doesn't mean, in this instance, the stuff they did never happened. It just opens the character up to re-apping without holding a new apper to the previous continuity. DON'T MIND ME, I was highly confused by the plans here. What I described is actually the plan for currently retired characters who won't be added to the new cast list when that rolls out; deletions are still deletions. OOPS.)
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Another in the series of Great Millimigration posts.

Staying on:
Cata ([personal profile] dark_dancer; took the opportunity to rename her journal)
Sam ([personal profile] never_misses; what I wanted for him in the first place)
Claudia Donovan ([personal profile] claudiometer; also ported [personal profile] k39zzz, as you never know when you might need an NPC journal)
Apollo ([personal profile] iamso_awesome)

Dropping, and given the reboot probably leaving open to others:
Carl Arbogast
Conflict Diamond

Ported over, but I'm not sure what I'm doing with him yet:
Moist ([personal profile] kemo_soggy, mostly because I love that journal name)

Ported over, but not apping without a partner in crime:
Rebecca St. Clair ([personal profile] abetter_shot; if you or anyone you know would be interested in chucking Jack Secord into a pandimensional watering hole out the other side of said watering hole's move, I can bribe with love and icons!)

Most of my other various retirements racked up throughout the years will be let drop thanks to the reboot setup. Including Angel.

Aaaaaaaand finally, if there's interest, I'll re-app Imp y Celyn ([personal profile] not_elvish; WHY DID IT TAKE ME SIX YEARS TO FIRST USE THIS NAME???) and do another round of Plot With Rocks In. I know I said never again, but apparently I lied. :D?
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And now, some before-bed Milliways fic, which I'm putting here because I can. (Villains By Necessity/TF2; everything I know about TF2 I learned from Milliways; this would be a good stretch down the road in terms of Millicanon; horribly self-indulgent; warning: Scout doesn't know when to shut the hell up.)
in which Scout runs his mouth and Cata terrifies him appropriately )


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