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So. I'm not at a basketball game (Miami-UC tonight), nor am I at a concert (Barenaked Ladies et al at the Taft). But that's okay.
My [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic is back from beta and approved, that was some of the fastest app turnaround I've seen in ages, and I got some other good news today - full squee will be divulged later, on that front. So I'm calling it a good day.
(Subject line is from a thing on the radio this evening: Christmas carols to the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Between the overdose of Christmas carols at work and the fact that the song works best in small, infrequent doses... I approve.)
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*Hey, anyone want to set themselves up with an AO3 account? Open beta's launching in the wee hours of tomorrow morning my time, and I have one (1) invite code (ahaha!).
*In today's free physics lesson: Turns out two cars still can't occupy the same space at the same time. I'm okay; my involvement went as far as making sure it got called in and taking the long way home.
*Basketball season is alive and well! Dad and I went to Miami's exhibition game on Sunday. In conclusion, THIS IS GOING TO BE A GOOD SEASON.
*Drowned my headphones last week; the pull-down handle in front of the sink caught them. My replacement pair is v. kickass.
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So. Have a temp agency application in, finally. To get an unemployment deferment, I need to be registered with an employment agency, which is apparently different in the eyes of the United States government. (I suppose they don't do that sort of thing.) I sent the stuff in for that residency I linked to yesterday, so... there's that, too.
Dad and I went to a basketball game Saturday. They did a 'hey, it's been 10 years since the Sweet 16 team! And also we're inducting Wally Szczerbiak into the Athletic Hall of Fame while we've got him here!' thing. It was a little surreal seeing all those guys there and... not playing. XD
Finished the crossover the other night, so that's good times. (Incidentally, [livejournal.com profile] horrible_awards is open for voting! For those of you so inclined.)

Also, meme time, since I like this one: Ask me writing questions! (This includes asking for commentaries on things, if you're interested.)
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The music still sucks, but actually going to Millett for a game was good. I think Miami's gonna be pretty good this year.
Upon returning home, I made my room look somewhat less like a tornado hit it, which is always a good thing.
I... need to write. What exactly, I don't know, but.
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*Now is my sports season to squee like a mad fiend: Miami's first game was tonight (Dad tipped me off when I called to do the 'here's when I can go home' thing). They won!
*Dear Student Programs, thank you for actually informing the people who applied to teach J-term classes whether they were on board or not. By which I mean IS IT THAT HARD TO SAY 'SORRY, WE DON'T WANT YOUR CLASS?' No love, me.
*Next semester: Novel-writing (for great finishing my major), the Crusades (for great finishing my minor), and Modern Art (for great CAN I WRITE ABOUT MARC CHAGALL). And badminton, for great wiping out PE reqs. It's gonna rock.
*Dear drama: Die in a fire. Later, there will be cake.
*Apparently, those people who my parents have passed Story What Is Getting Published along to have liked it. (This includes the parents, which is... something of a relief, given it was their stories that gave me a good chunk of material.)
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Good thing: Got package slip for new car registration stickers.
Good thing: This.
Bad thing: One of the printers in Kendade ate some of my money. Damn paper jams.
Good thing: The other one didn't, so I am officially Done For Break.
Good thing: Miami's not so much of an underdog as to be without hope. (And, you know, they're playing in Spokane, so maybe they'll get decent calls for a change.)
And now, the eternal question: Stay inside where it's warm, or haul off to meeting for great free pizza? The mind, it boggles.
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it's that time again )
What I learned last night: Some people just can't handle sarcasm. That's their own lookout, I'm inclined to think. (Note to world: I requested a moratorium on the seventh-grade behavior in my life. That didn't mean cut back on the Internets end and increase the real-life end. Srsly.)
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Buzzer shot fun times, and all that stuff. I'll actually have to keep an eye on the tournament this year.
::so much rejoicing::
ETA: Yahoo article. I never would've expected this from the way calls went when I was home, but oh my GOD. ::squees some more::
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In other news:
Did the hospice thing Wednesday evening. It still sucks.
'Lack of work' is, perhaps, a misleading term for yesterday, but calling it that got us home. And we left piddly stuff for Monday, so if we still don't have the parts to continue driving out there won't be a total waste of gas.
I unearthed my dresser earlier (the mother took a picture of it empty, even!), and started on the corner o' crap. Still not sure where the cleaning urge came from.
I have some new BNL; all of you, get thee to iTunes and buy the Easy mini-album. I didn't think much of the last song, but the first two rock with much rocking, as is their standard fare.
And finally: I have no idea why [livejournal.com profile] darling_alexi is in my head. First she stuck around knowing I wouldn't make Milliways easy for her, and now her college choice? (It's a basketball rivalry thing.) I don't even know if I have time to do anything with that idea, but there it is anyway.
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Basketball game tonight! The crappiest referees that ever crapped were back, but Miami still won. So, yay.
I have something I should finish writing, so I may disappear for a while here in a minute. But first!
sekrit messages, part ye third )
Y'all need to start guessing. XD
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You know, it's really not any fun when the referees try to decide who wins the basketball game. (mumble.)
But on the bright side, I got to yell "DO THE FLYING EXIT!" at UC's cheerleaders (who are quite possibly more insane than Miami's). My geekery knows no bounds. XD
Today: Calling people for to meet up while I'm back, and perhaps decorating the Hogswatch sweatshirt.
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I have this great big rambling thing in the back of my Phil notebook wot I wrote during the checker shift I covered tonight - the Nano, what I'm gonna write afterward, and the insane coolness of my extended family (it's related to the plot bunny. Really!).
And then I spent most of the evening in Vera and Sara's room. Hilary was in for a bit, due to roommate crisis; hopefully that'll work out all right. Also, MIAMI BEAT XAVIER. So much of the woot.
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Novel is past 35K.
I have one thing to say on the sports front, and that is woot. Looking forward to some good games over Christmas.
Franz Ferdinand still reminds me very much of a cross between David Bowie and the Talking Heads. But since I like strangeness, that's all right.
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Club pictures for yearbook tomorrow. Mom's planning to make them far more interesting than your standard 'people posing in front of mats-on-the-walls in the gym and half-smiling.'
Miami basketball game tonight. Win in overtime. yay!
Ji - that flashback-y thing I was telling you about last night? It's very nearly a page long. And I think there'll be at least one more before the end of this fic. (Note to self: "Roundabout" works for this particular version of music with rocks in.)
As soon as I get to cash in my paid-account fund I am going all-out with the music-related icons. This will include the return of the Best of Queen fandom icon.
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Went to a basketball game tonight. Was MUCH better than the last one I saw. Am nearly done with QB7.
Filled out financial aid forms. Crowley really should have got a commendation for those things.
A very true statement by way of the RPage: We are students! We have no need of sanity!
Apparently that's the case in several dimensions.
Also, Adrian! yay!
Bloody stupid forms have drained my energy. And here I was hoping to work on the fic today. ::shrugs:: May yet happen, I don't know.
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the Horseperson-mode's gone down a bit, actually )
If that happens again we're not going back the rest of the year at least. I would have to be sad, despite the fact that the above happened.
That wasn't an eighteen-point spread, no matter what the final score said.
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We got the Modest Proposal papers back today. Teacher started writing a bunch of stuff about what he was looking for on the board and I thought "Great. I'm going to get a crap grade because he didn't explain till after grading them again."
Actually, I got a 90 (B on the school scale). And the 'prize' (there wasn't one really) for most original title - since I didn't get to compare the essay to "Babycakes" I stole the title of the latter. XD So I no longer have an A in English, but I'm not that far removed and the next two tests won't really be problematic, I don't think.
One of the CDs was at the library, so I've got two more songs to add to the playlist. Still waiting on the Led Zeppelin.
Why does it feel like it should be Thursday at least?
Going to a basketball game later. Miami's playing Xavier. Ought to be good.
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She had it in the car on the way home, and it just sort of stuck, so I went and got it.
Basketball game (Miami) today, and they finally broke the problem of not keeping the lead into the second half - won by 20 points. Yay!
After that we went to Cincinnati (despite the snowy-icy-ick a few of you have also been suffering through) and tried to get our Toad tickets, but Bogart's wasn't open. So then we went out to dinner and were there for... ages? XD But that's all right because it was good.
Plot bunny may or may not go up for adoption. It'll depend (a) on time and (2) whether I think I want to try writing Sailor Moon fic with my limited background.
I've got one person, at least, showing up for the movie party thing. The person who gave me the idea for the thing is bloody well waffling on me. If he keeps it up much longer I'll have words for him on Tuesday.
Anyway. Serious movie-watching tomorrow, so all is well.
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You know that of which I speak. (I'm just glad I don't have to try typing Agnes Nutter - my congratulations to whoever's doing that, seeing as they're doing very well.) My new icon for that is amusing in a way it probably shouldn't be. XD
Based on some random RPG comments about the Crusades, I started writing a scene to stick in the middle of the GO fic. Let's guess when. ^_^
Listened to the Miami/Ball State game on the radio. I'd like to know where the team was during the first half. And I think Ball State's pep band played a Reel Big Fish song, so amusement points there.
Two days to Happy Adams Day - do you know where your towel is?
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It better not be stupid. I made it up myself. )
Oh, and an update on what happened with that basketball game. The refs handed the game to the other team. /me is not very happy with them...
Watched some of (::points upward::) said DVD last night, and the way Boromir says "they have a cave troll" caught my attention, so now I bring you this:
"They have a cave troll. Now, who would want a cave troll in THIS day and age? I mean, these guys only live in a cave and all..."
And I swear that troll MOOS when it dies. XD


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