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Still have a bit of a cough (stupid plague).
Heat's on! OH BOY IS THE HEAT ON. Seems with radiators it's all or nothing. oops?
Hil found me a copy of Villains By Necessity for my birthday! It's in amazing shape, too; there's a slight crease down the front cover and that's it. BEST EVER.
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And now: FIC FRIDAY.
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So, birthday.
Had a surprise! interview; jury's still out, as the place is taking more interviews, but I think it went pretty well. Stopped at Borders on the way back, then went into Oxford (after a stop home when I realised I didn't have anything for the parking meter).
...And hey, did you know Borders carries Dr. Horrible? I do now! Well, they're going to have to restock at the one I went to, since I bought the only copy, BUT.
Free-For-All GIP again. (What amuses me the most is I didn't even mention my love of icons of people pointing. XD)
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I have several memorable concerts, as my parents have been taking me to them since I was five. But the winner has to be a Barenaked Ladies concert in 1996.
Thirteen years ago Friday, to be exact, on my tenth birthday. I heard they were going to be in Oxford less than a week beforehand - when we went to see them in Cincinnati, so I was sure there was no way we'd go to the Oxford show.
But then [livejournal.com profile] jenerator got tickets (THIRD ROW, NO LESS) and we went to dinner in Oxford, under the pretext of her wanting to see me for the day, and Dad got my then-brand-new concert shirt out of the car and went 'here, you might need this.' I was convinced they'd gotten me a second one until they got out the tickets. XD
This was right after they started telling people not to throw Kraft Dinner at the stage (apparently high-velocity macaroni and cheese hurts, and at the concert just before this, I got covered in cheese sauce powder); I still have some of the funny money they passed around at the concert. Good for admission into the treefort, yo.
So: Not only my most memorable concert, but the best birthday present ever.
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Thanks to those who sent well-wishes (and paid time, wtf, Ali? XD); yesterday was all right, as was today.
Hex is still resting quietly, and to top everything else off, took a dive off the coffee table last night. ::facepalms:: Dad said it didn't land on the monitor, which is good, but... yeah. Planning to try booting up again tonight or tomorrow and seeing how things go from there.
Also: Yesterday my books came! There's nothing quite like seeing your name in print to get the creative juices flowing again; I have some epic-fantasy spoof that got posted to various places yesterday, and the 'verse I was writing in for that anthology is getting noisy again.
([livejournal.com profile] allfireburns: I read your story earlier. Holy CRAP that was good.)
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*I think it's a reflection of my geekery that my first thought on the latest bailout news is "Posit: People think a bank might be financially shaky."
*Repairman has been waited for; turns out we can fix the grill ourselves. Good to know.
*Since I didn't have to actually spend any money to do it, I'm going to call getting the Iron Man DVD an early birthday present to myself. And hey, expedited shipping was the same price as normal, so maybe it'll get here Thursday.
*Mom went on a roadtrip last weekend, and then the dizzy spells she had at the beginning of the school year... came back for a while, so Dad and I got to bail her out yesterday. (Three hours of highway driving survived!) Renaissance Festival might be happening this weekend.
Otherwise, life continues apace.
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The wikipedia meme, wherein you look up your birthday:
four events, three births, two deaths, one holiday )
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::cancels coincidence one last time::


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