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This crossover was the best idea ever. Even though it gives me all the feels (soundtrack included - and yes, of course it has a soundtrack). Relatedly: Would anyone be interested in betaing a Cold Case/Warehouse 13 crossover when I've got it done? My usual W13 beta doesn't know Cold Case well enough to carry the weight, so. (I also need to figure out how to share said soundtrack.)
Venturing into Freelance Land of late; it's slow going at the moment, but I did get a nibble yesterday. Oddly, I'm finding it easier than regular job-hunting; go figure.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
small but awesome set, this week )
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HEY GUYS, I FOUND NEMO. Who would've thought a clownfish would cause all this trouble? (Alternately: NOBODY IS SNOWING ON US.)
Short version: I'm really, really glad I found that snow shovel at CVS yesterday. We're gonna need to dig out the car.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
so what if I'm posting it on Saturday )
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Achievement unlocked: Freelance profile! It still needs some sprucing up, but it's a step, and one I've been meaning to take for a while now. That'll help ease up some internal stress (largely my own).
We took an overnight vacation at the beginning of the week. It was great and we should do it again sometime... not in the middle of a winter storm, though. That part got old fast.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! If anyone wants to leave a prompt here as well, go for it.
prompt partyyyy )
More as it develops!
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Note to self: Fresh asparagus is amazeballs, not to mention an easy quick lunch to make once you do the bit with the rinsing and the breaking the stems. Might be worth keeping in mind. (For those wondering: Olive oil, dried garlic, cooking it up took two or three minutes, and then I put cheese on top. OM NOM NOM.)
--oh hey, while I'm here: Any US types know much about getting into freelancing? (Editing/proofreading, preferably.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
allllll the Fic Friday this week! )
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In conclusion, parents. What can you do? (What I can do: Take out my frustrations via fictional family dysfunction! This Christmas Carol plot business is the best idea ever.)

Other than that, I'm giving [community profile] fandom_stocking a try this year; my post is here.
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This week in short:
*My Yuletide assignment is Very Nearly Done (there's one last bit Quinn's helping me with), and I've lined up a beta. And I have an idea for a treat!
*Once Upon a Time catch-up happened; I'd fallen three episodes behind and then was told Sunday's was ALL THE RED FEELS, so I caught up on Tuesday. ALLLLLLL THE RED FEELS. :D :D :D :D :D
*Quinn's back decided to go 'hey, so that chair you were sitting in yesterday? NO ME GUSTA.' Officially diagnosed as a muscle strain (I'm just glad it wasn't a kidney stone).
*And then I went to do laundry and THE PRICES WENT UP. Previously I could get four loads out of a typical six out of a roll of quarters; now it's three, with a random dollar left over. CANNOT EVEN. I might have to start combining sheets/towels with something, if I can cram all that into the washer.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! (For newcomers: Twitter fic! Prompts given and filled on Twitter. Some of these are Milliways- or other-RP-inspired crossovers.)
lots of things, including some of those Red feels )
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Been up since 4 helping with a state-level campaign. (The guy lost, but it seems like he wants to try again in two years, and he'll have the benefit of some more name recognition on his side if he tries again.)
Seen voting today: Blind guy; old lady who rode her scooter up the hill to her polling place; dude who recently had his knee replaced. I also ran a curbside ballot (apparently those are a thing) out to a woman's car so she could cast her vote.

If you didn't vote today and you're registered and able-bodied: WHY THE HELL NOT???

And as I was typing this, Ohio got called for Obama.
Thank you for remaining sensible, Ohio; I didn't want to have to disown you quite yet. (We still have to talk about that anti-gay marriage amendment from '04, frankly, but I'll take this.)
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First up: Welcome aboard, friending-meme types!
In other news, I have my Yuletide assignment and it is EPIC. I get to work from scraps of information, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do ever. It's also a bit of a challenge, since my typical writing style is very [thing]-heavy and the character my recip asked for can't [thing], so: writing workout!
But considering I'm within sight of the minimum word count and nowhere near through everything I think this story's going to cover, I'd say it's going well.
I'll be poking at it and perhaps some treats during election shenanigans tomorrow. (Reminder to the US types reading this: GO VOTE, if you haven't already. DO IT.)
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Someone hit the car (parked in the parking lot, fortunately; no witnesses, but that makes it a little easier in attempting to run down leads) the other day. Back bumper's badly beaten, but hey, at least the car still drives.
But mostly: ARGH. (On the other hand, I've done a hell of a lot of Calling People I Don't Know over the last couple days. For me, that's a big thing.)

Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
in which fics are written on Friday )
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Still have a bit of a cough (stupid plague).
Heat's on! OH BOY IS THE HEAT ON. Seems with radiators it's all or nothing. oops?
Hil found me a copy of Villains By Necessity for my birthday! It's in amazing shape, too; there's a slight crease down the front cover and that's it. BEST EVER.
a short scene from last weekend )
And now: FIC FRIDAY.
again, a smattering of fandoms )
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This week: Alllll of the campaign sojourns, rereading Good Omens, and... actually the church down the street is a pretty nice place. (I'm mostly there as Quinn's moral support, but I already like it better than anywhere else I've gone.)
(Also, the apple turnovers (NOOOO) last week? They were good. Twitter got to see my DRAMATIC SWOON for silliness purposes.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
Once Upon a Time, Villains By Necessity, Warehouse 13 (one with implied Milliways), Disc, OUaT/XMFC, Greek mythos (Percy flavor optional) )
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Burning rice and stuffing up the sink is... less so. We need to go to the grocery anyway; Drano will be procured then. (I wonder if it's finished draining from my quick run of dishes yet...) There will be apple turnovers tonight (NOOOOOOOOOOOO).
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
Potterverse, Percyverse-flavor Greek mythos, W13, W13/Disc, OUaT/XMFC )
More as it develops!
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Finally managed to post my Yuletide nom list (protip: you can temporarily plusify a basic account, ?style=mine long enough to do what you need to do, and re-basic). I'm going for Villains By Necessity, Bell Book and Candle, and Sneakers (let's get some 20th-anniversary action up in here!); I'll just have to pray one of my possible fourths makes it in.
Campaign season's gearing up, and I'm going to help Quinn do a lot of the things. Meanwhile, #FicFriday returns with a vengeance!
Once Upon a Time/XMFC, Warehouse 13, Greek mythos via Percyverse )
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So last Sunday my grandfather was not doing well at all. Tuesday, he was doing worse. Yesterday, Mom called to see about making arrangements for me to go back to Ohio.
Today, Dad called and said the important stuff is happening Thursday (I never could get the hang of Thursdays). I've booked a ticket, leaving Wednesday and coming back on Sunday.
(Part of me was expecting him to hang on until Saturday - that was my grandmother's birthday; it would have been very poetic. As it is, yesterday was the 48th anniversary of his second marriage, and it's amazing he stuck it out that long. ooooor their anniversary was Wednesday and Mom's mother's birthday was the 20th??? I don't know, if things in this family don't happen on the 19th (which is booked) I don't know when in August it is. XD)

In happier news, WE ARE MOVED IN. We even have a little furniture! (Haven't put the bed together yet, but the mattress isn't here yet either, so. XD)
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We have a TV now! And the purchasing power to get a decent mattress! We may have to pull in the other furnishings more slowly than we wanted, but OH WELL. We'll figure it out.
Meanwhile, hopping back on the #FicFriday bandwagon!
Warehouse 13, OUaT, Percyverse!Greek mythos, OUaT/XMFC, Discworld )
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First, the important bit: We have unlocked achievement Get Approved For Apartment! (Still rocking the crowdsourced housewarming, if anyone's so inclined.)
Next: So, Warehouse 13. That was intense, huh?
spoilertalk is spoilerific )
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Help us, Obi-Wan Tubes.

So [personal profile] quinby and I are on the verge of getting an apartment, and we're going to need Stuff. We've trickled in some of the necessities, but others (especially furniture) aren't worth getting until we know the space - and they're more expensive, especially right after plunking down a security deposit.

That's where y'all come in! This is strictly voluntary; think of it as crowdsourced housewarming. But any little bit, even if it's a referral to a place we can get something, is a start.
if you feel like contributing... )
Every little bit - even if it's just a signal-boost or 'hey, you can look here for that on the cheap!' - helps. Thanks in advance, guys!
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The hunt is ON for living-space-type arrangements. Hopefully it will bear fruit soon.
Meanwhile, a meme:

Give me a fandom and I will tell you at least one opinion that I have that might be unpopular.

Ask me anything! It doesn't have to be a fandom that I'm particularly familiar with. Sometimes I have opinions about fandoms that I only know through fannish osmosis. (And if I don't know the fandom, you get to pick again.)
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So this week has brought some unexpected pitfalls with it (among other things, we're not looking at an apartment tonight after all); square one for everyone! Drinks all around! (Also, things I did not miss about New England: HOUSE CENTIPEDES AND THEIR RELATIONS. ONE TRIED TO SET UP SHOP INSIDE MY RAZOR HANDLE.)
But we're having company tomorrow, and I'm still not freaking out. All will be well, and all that.
And now, #FicFriday:
OUaT, Warehouse 13, W13/Disc, OUaT/X-Men: First Class, W13/XMFC (both of those by way of panfandomsandbox), Greek mythos )
More as it develops!
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Things I need to do tomorrow:

*call store here, talk to GM (call back first week of July; things look good to go)
*email guy about apartment (holy crap we're viewing an apartment on Friday!!!!!)
*process dishes
*process laundry
*make grocery list
*unearth kitchen island

*EP of some kind, possibly

Things found today: Bell, Book and Candle on DVD. Totally pounced on a movie that's as old as my father, but it's a damn good one. (Also, main characters never share my name in things, but this one does! Also also: Kim Novak. Your argument is invalid.)


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