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I'm not only sick but dealing with the Viking hordes (it can't ever just be one thing, can it?), but why let that stop me from squeeing about what I wrote for Yuletide, now that I can? 'cause I'm immensely proud of both stories this year.
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And thank you to shopfront for Picture Perfect (or, the one that fills BOTH of my requests and does so brilliantly!).
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*It must be Friday. I never could get the hang of Fridays.
*It was Us Vs. The Machines at work this morning; I think the registers had a conspiracy going. (And work!Tubes were down for a while, which... may or may not have something to do with the weather up north? I don't know if that's based in MA, but it wouldn't surprise me.)
*Local alumnae club's dinner thing was Sunday. Pretty awesome, I think.
*We have Milk from Netflix; I watched it yesterday. I don't usually go in for things that I know are gonna end badly, but I thought that was one I needed to see. Excellent movie, that one.
*I am wondering why my sweatshirt smells like tap water on the coast. It's been washed since the last time it would've been anywhere near a coast (if I even took it along).
*I had to drop out of a fic thing because Vincenia has pretty much taken over my writing brain. I... actually like that state of affairs.
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Actually, the managers at work were talking about letting people come in in costume for the day. If I don't go in that day, I probably won't dress up; there's not much other cause to here, at the moment, and we never get trick-or-treaters at our house.
What I'm going to do depends on whether I give in and get my hair cut before Halloween. If I do, I'm resurrecting my Jane Lane costume from GYGO. If not... well, Ziva's easy enough to pull together on the fly. (And half the 'costume' would be mixed idioms. XD)
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So, a handful of my flist graduated today.
GO YOU, and good luck joining me out here in the real world.
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So. There's this thing I want to apply for; short notice, but the hardest part would be rustling up the writing samples, and that's actually not so hard (piece of Nano, "Subterranean Blues," and... trying to finish "Weather Systems" since I want to submit it for publication anyway). What I can't figure out is whether, with the references thing, they want actual recommendation letters or just contact info. Thoughts?
Crossover continues swimmingly; presently pondering what to do for the next bit. Perhaps poking at something else for a bit will help, with that.
To do today: stuff toward aforementioned application, pay bill, fill out transcript request, book exchange thing; to do tomorrow: sub license, temp agency, step toward deferment application.
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Meme, via [livejournal.com profile] allfireburns:
Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
Post them to your journal with these instructions.

she gave me A, and so. )
But mostly, my brain is living on Dr. Horrible, at the moment. I blame the crossover plot bunny (which got nominated for an award, WTF!).
I was the youngest person at the alumnae dinner, incidentally (other than someone's child) - but only by two years, which is less than I'd expected. XD Was fun times, on the whole.
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So. Surprise party for my aunt last night (her birthday was inauguration day). The surprise for everyone else: My aunt and uncle who live in New Mexico showed up. They're probably back at the airport now (didn't have much advance notice), but it was good to see them.
Otherwise, things are thing-like, with a side of lots of writing (which is always good.) For those wondering, the 'how to spend iTunes money' debate boiled down to Soul Music (the audiobook) and Dr. Horrible, so far.
There's an alumnae dinner thingy tonight that I'm going to. Odds I'm the youngest person there: high.
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I got a Mysterious Mount Holyoke Box! Suspect it is a yearbook, which will make it... the first college one I have, actually. Never picked the other ones up.
(Tangentially, I don't like fall!yearbooks. I'd rather have my friends' signatures than pictures of graduation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)
Job hunt remains... well, frustrating, really. This is a stupid economy. I've hesitated so far on temping it up, but I may have to. Least it'd be easy to drop if something elsewhere comes along. hmm.
Signed up for [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout; I could do with the prodding to actually write some of the things that are bouncing around my head, and they're usually loudest at the furthest point of the year from Nano. (Also, working on more than one project!)
[livejournal.com profile] embodiment has proven an Epic Fail, possibly because I haven't felt like I had anything of note since August. Such is life; perhaps I'll try again next year.
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In general, I am not a fan of the economy of Suck. (It's making it really bloody hard to find a job, for one thing.) Though I do like the part where I filled my gas tank for less than 20 dollars yesterday.
(ahahahahahaha student loan bill. WAY TO MAKE THIS MORE URGENT.)
And now, for something completely different: For those who feel like poking around MM, I have a post up re: today. There are some things you just have to do.
Eagerly awaiting Yuletide assignment.
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Got a thing from the snowball's-chance-in-hell job; the snowball melted. This doesn't really surprise me - and is, I think, just as well, since it seems things are working out in another direction entirely. Hopefully, that'll keep tensions down on the home front (I'm at the point where I understand my parents' concerns, but I'm not hearing what they mean, and that's just not gonna help anyone).
We didn't go to the fireworks last week, which was kind of sad - God knows where I'll be this time next year, and they're never as good on TV. (To be a proper fireworks experience, you need to feel the boom - all 30 minutes of it.) On the other hand, Viking hordes = less fun sitting on the wall all day. And there's still the Renaissance Festival.
Parents had their big party thing Saturday. It was... pretty fun, actually.
It's very odd, not being at school. (Even odder is seeing my sister post about classes. XD)
Things are finally flowing on that original idea from the other week; this could become pretty epic on me, I'm thinking. But that's all right.
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My room is... about the cleanest it's been in quite some time, and I'm finally starting to get my bins from school back in here. I have the far side of my bed, and behind it if I'm feeling particularly brave, yet to go through/dust - but this is still Big Progress.
Parents acquired tickets to see Leon Russell, last night. It was... an experience; musically good, but Mom likened the first song to a manic circus, and that mostly held true throughout. Got some ideas for my steampunk story out of the night, though. (And there was a hilarious moment where Mom and I tried to share my sweatshirt - I was the only one who thought to bring something and we were both freezing. XD)
And now, I go... do stuff. Perhaps organising RP hijinks.
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My paper!journal is horrendously behind, on account of the busy weekend; I won't really have a chance to catch up till tomorrow, since it's still in the car and I'm not going back out after it tonight.
The 'two cars, three drivers' thing has its advantages... one of which is less time in the same car as Dad. He's comparatively sane, yes, but he was 'helping' when I was driving. Other than that, this is one of the more relaxed road trips I've been part of.
In any case, I'm home now, to the tune of a fixed (replaced, that is) front door and no clue what happens next. I'll figure that part out, though.
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...Well. There's that done.
Now what do I do?
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*Finished last final half an hour ago.
*Did last radio show Friday night. I... am gonna miss that a lot.
*HEY SISTER. When's a good time for dinner on the 24th?
*My room is kind of a wreck - actually, it's fairly clean for me, but re: having to move out in two weeks it's bad. But hey, I have two weeks to clean it, right?
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And the news does it again: Some More of Clinton's Greatest Mistakes. (Okay, so that's not the actual headline, but still.)
Classes are over; two exams between me and my degree. I'm relieved that the academic part's over, at least, but... a little terrified about the rest.
Sold the rest of my books back, and then poked around the bookstore to see if there was anything worth using one of my discount cards on. And there was, in the form of PRATCHETT META. The world makes me v. happy, sometimes.
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yesterday/this morning, in script format )
Am attempting to find motivation to work on my final piece for noveling, tag my lingering slowtime (note to self: back room post about that?) and generally do other stuff. I'm sure it'll come. Really don't want to go to work tonight, but hey, it's the second-last time I have to do this particular job.
Sorry I haven't been saying as much here as usual. I think keeping the paper record is absorbing a lot of what I would say.
(Also, the new Flogging Molly is pretty awesome.)
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So it's been a long few days for a number of reasons (phone issues, academic stress - though I have less of that than many others, possible scouts for a Viking invasion, life, the universe, everything). But I really only have one conclusion:
When in doubt, apply fabulous sky pirate. (Captain Shakespeare cures all.)
(On that note, Bethan? I miiiight be poking you re: that, soon, at least on the MM level. I'll have to see where my brain stands after everything else dies down.)
(And now that I'm done abusing parentheses, I sleep.)
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Aside from inserting primary-source quotes, doing up the works cited page, and adding footnotes (which I'll do before I print)... I'm done with my last academic paper of my undergrad career, if not ever.
I'll be more enthused about this at some future point, no doubt, but right now I'm mainly hungry. I think I'll go get early dinner; see anyone on-campus who's interested in Blanch.
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Because this will probably interest some people: Andrew Bird is blogging! (The things you find out by grabbing the paper. XD)
Otherwise, life's been pretty standard for school hijinks. Undirected creative energy, license to expect the Spanish Inquisition in Crusades today, email from the mother asking about my favorite color (sounds like art to me, but time will tell)... ::shrugs:: Not exactly scintillating, in this department.
But there will be a [livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice about the place tomorrow, and Hogfather-watching tonight, both of which are good.


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