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What I should be writing: Novel, Yuletide treats, plottish stuff for Milliways' Christmas Carol plot.
What I'm writing instead: Further Warehouse 13/Once Upon a Time Hogwarts AU shenanigans. (Yes, both at once. Ruby insisted on being part of Claudia's story.)
Because I'm enjoying this, have a snippet of Ruby getting her wand:
Ruby shrugs uncomfortably, and Granny’s mouth goes all thin, but Mr. Ollivander carries on having Ruby try wands like he hadn’t trodden on someone’s grave. )
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Long, long ago, on an Internet far, far away, there was a game. It sort of sprang up organically and sustained itself for a bit over a year before RL and/or Milliways pulled us all away.
in which I wax rhapsodic for a while on the topic )
Anyway, cut to last week, when I finally got around to reading Unseen Academicals. It's an excellent book on its own, but a certain bit character's reappearance for the first time in several books caught my attention - and promptly hit me with a plot bunny. For now, I'm only posting this here, as it may not make much sense to people without the context. It's taking the 'verse we were messing about it and moving forward to a bit before UA starts.
(If anyone cares to try anyway: The first POV character in this is an OC I played for a while; the game premise, such as there was one, was that PCs - Powered by Celery - became widely available; yes, this is still my OTP, nearly nine years later; Adrian did have himself a fan club; one of the major in-game plots was Lilith having a go at Ankh-Morpork, with semi-disastrous results.)
sort of a love letter to the RP that ate my senior year of high school )
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And now, some before-bed Milliways fic, which I'm putting here because I can. (Villains By Necessity/TF2; everything I know about TF2 I learned from Milliways; this would be a good stretch down the road in terms of Millicanon; horribly self-indulgent; warning: Scout doesn't know when to shut the hell up.)
in which Scout runs his mouth and Cata terrifies him appropriately )
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