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a story from the other night )
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave prompts here if you're so inclined and I'll drop you a couple sentences or so of fic.
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Still have a bit of a cough (stupid plague).
Heat's on! OH BOY IS THE HEAT ON. Seems with radiators it's all or nothing. oops?
Hil found me a copy of Villains By Necessity for my birthday! It's in amazing shape, too; there's a slight crease down the front cover and that's it. BEST EVER.
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And now: FIC FRIDAY.
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ugh, plagues are no fun. This was actually bad enough I called off (all the crud in my head went into my ears, this morning; I don't recommend it). Worse? Not only not sleeping well, but having a dream about how badly you've slept.
But that's not what I'm here for. I'm here for a bit of Out of Context Theatre from the other night:

[personal profile] quinby, talking about the Weasley twins: They do as they damn well please.
me: ...no. No. THAT IS NOT A MEETING THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. ::cracks up::
[personal profile] quinby: ::cracks up as well::
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(The scene: The couch. Mom and I are watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Sirius and wolfy!Remus just started fighting.)

Mom: So... the wolf kills the dog?
me: No.
Mom: ...The dog kills the wolf.
me: No. Neither of them die in this one.
Mom: Oh, I thought Sirius died.
me: That's two movies from now. He falls through a drapery.
Mom: ...::blank stare::
me: It's supposed to be the ~*~Veil of Deeeath!~*~ ::spirit fingers:: But yeah, most of the fans are right there with you on the blank stare.
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*Car is back; the alternator was shot, and the people changed a belt while they were at it. (ahahahahaha money we don't have, but oh well?)
*Concert tomorrow! \o/
*[livejournal.com profile] yuletide nominations are up.
me: ::types in 'Warehouse 13' for great nominating::
me: ...not really at all? ::adds characters::
*Heeeeeey, McGee is left-handed! That's awesome.
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Or, today's adventures in Wacky Yardwork Hijinks.
More accurately, 'Meltman! With the power to...... MELT!' )
Somebody nailed the telephone pole on the corner last night - not bad enough to cut power, but the road's blocked on either side of the house. It's... kinda weird not having any traffic going by.
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You know it's a different world than it was 48 hours ago because I feel the need to talk politics. (Okay, and the more earth-shattering stuff from the other night, but. XD)
what's all this fuss I keep hearing about presidential-- )
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yesterday/this morning, in script format )
Am attempting to find motivation to work on my final piece for noveling, tag my lingering slowtime (note to self: back room post about that?) and generally do other stuff. I'm sure it'll come. Really don't want to go to work tonight, but hey, it's the second-last time I have to do this particular job.
Sorry I haven't been saying as much here as usual. I think keeping the paper record is absorbing a lot of what I would say.
(Also, the new Flogging Molly is pretty awesome.)
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me: ::did not get much sleep last night:: ::wakes up just before alarm goes off anyway:: ...That's a fail, brain.
insert lurching off to work here. )
Meanwhile: Hey, Trina? If you haven't read the Foundation trilogy yet, I'm getting the sense so far (all 70 pages I've read) that it's right up your alley.
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in which I get my video game geekery cred by proxy )
...Yeah, that's basically all I've got.
In other news: As awesome as English as She is Spoke is, it's bloody hard to write about. This is so gonna be one of those 'well, it's on four pages...' papers, and it'll be plenty difficult getting it there. And then I turn to the research paper, where I think having had to turn in source notes will save the day.
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me: ::pokes about Internets before lunch; checks email::
email: ::has something from Res Life called Error in Senior Hall Choosing::
me: okay... ::reads::
Res Life: So we screwed up our singles quotas. And we're gonna open up more for seniors, but that means we have to do senior hall choosing all over again. Your numbers won't change, and people who picked early likely won't be affected, but.
me: ...A plus, guys. A plus.
Meanwhile, I'm doing my advisor-appointment bits over email. I love technology.
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No one knew who Redo From Start was, or why he was sending messages. )
I haven't been back to my room yet. But srsly, this is not on. The wireless gets crap reception in my room when it deigns to work at all.
ETA: Back in the lair and all appears to be well.
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Good thing: Got package slip for new car registration stickers.
Good thing: This.
Bad thing: One of the printers in Kendade ate some of my money. Damn paper jams.
Good thing: The other one didn't, so I am officially Done For Break.
Good thing: Miami's not so much of an underdog as to be without hope. (And, you know, they're playing in Spokane, so maybe they'll get decent calls for a change.)
And now, the eternal question: Stay inside where it's warm, or haul off to meeting for great free pizza? The mind, it boggles.
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FacMan came through with the ant traps this morning. I... think I'll be glad they interrupted the subconscious film of the hour. No, you don't want to know more.
Another reason [livejournal.com profile] chaucerhathblog wins: poetry riffs! But more specifically FRANK O'HARA POEM IN MIDDLE ENGLISH. So happymaking.
I more or less have a cover letter. Huzzah.
Shiny new Pretendy Funtime Game: [livejournal.com profile] outsideinn. Opened last night and is full of Awesome. And now, a moment from the chat last night:
continuity? What continuity? I don't remember any continuity... )
And that's all for now, aside from me pretending I don't have a billion things to do in the week before spring break. Someone hide me from the work. XD
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fun things: Finishing a paper, rediscovering a writing bit that's worth finally getting to the Internets, and people winning.
not-so-fun things: Still having a literal use for the 'anthill inside' icon, and looming midterms/paper season.
But at the same time, there's spring break out the other end. That shall win.
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In approx. chronological order from last post, that thread: Looked like a job for [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses, and so now it is. (ETA: Holy crap 197 comments. XD)
I: Have a Quin for the weekend, and you do not.
New best D&D spell ever: Defenestrating Sphere. (No, srsly.)
DJing: Remains of the awesome.
Meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice once again, and actually getting the Milliways talk going: For the win.
Drag Ball: Bit of a sensory overload, but there are photos (whenever I get around to plugging in the camera).
Plotting for next year's Get Your Geek On: Ensued.
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it: ::is another script day!::
me: ::sleeps till about noon, then lurches about for brunch::
brunch: ::is semi-lackluster::
me: woe. ::finishes bacon, anyway::
and on it goes. )
So yeah. That's pretty much my day.
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iPod: ::goes from You Okay Honey? to Summer in the City::
me: ...Christmas bells are ringing in Australia?
[livejournal.com profile] dawning_star: Possibly.

That is all.


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