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Since my grandfather will not go to hospice, hospice has come to him. (Frankly, I think this should have happened months ago; my grandmother was never prepared to be a caregiver, and I think she's finally stopped pretending she can do it by herself.) So who knows what's going to happen from here, but at least he'll be a little more comfortable.
Meanwhile: #FicFriday!

for [twitter.com profile] BjornWylde:
Claudia and Hank, are those vacuum tubes?
"You're not going to call them outdated?"
"Well, they are, but I can do things with vacuum tubes you've never imagined."

Apollo and Dionysus, they're really not so bad
It's like pulling teeth, but once a decade or so, he can get Dionysus to admit it's not the campers he dislikes. Usually.

Imp, don't care about my bad reputation
When Imp has to go back to Llamedos, everyone gives him funny looks, but he ignores them. He's done this his way, not theirs.

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Imp and Moist, what's success?
They agree it's better to make your way on your own terms; it's just their idea of what those terms be that differs (and how).

Ruby/Charles, time to mourn
Some days it's all too much - Peter, Regina, the curse, everything - and Ruby breaks down. Fortunately, Charles gets it.

Charles-'50s!Warehouse, just listen
"Kid's beating me at my own game," Jack complains, as Charles follows whatever he's hearing down an alley.

Claudia-Moist, jerk
"I have no trouble admiring a well-done dick move, Al. That's just easier when you don't pull it on *me.*"
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