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Subject line and its source relevant on several levels; for one thing, it'd been so long since I properly checked in over here that I didn't know I could have 15 icons now! Sweet!
This particular icon is, at the moment, directed at LJ. I feel like we're all yelling at "Peggy" from those Discover commercials (and I've gathered I'm not the only one). "Is not bug, is feature!"
Still not setting up shop here permanently, but I've taken advantage of the open account creation to port over some of my RP accounts, just in case. (Changed user names on a couple, while I was at it; in one case, what I originally wanted was free here but not on LJ, and in the other, I was never satisfied with what I had in the first place.) We'll see what happens.
Meanwhile: CANNOT WAIT FOR YULETIDE TO GO LIVE, GUYS. As much because I want to see what people think of mine as I want to read my presents (both of them! and Madness hasn't even kicked in! !!!).
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Question of the month, brought to you by the 'all Christmas all the time! (as long as it was recorded before 1960)' music mix at work: Who decided 'these are a few of my favorite things' was a Christmas song, anyway?
(Overthinking that accompanies the question: I mean, you can't even use it as someone's wish list. Snowflakes that stay on one's nose and eyelashes are difficult to wrap, and getting someone girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes would probably lead to messy legal problems.)
(Mental image that accompanies the question: Person opens a package full o'... nothing! and gets pissed; buddy says, "What? You said you liked brown paper packages tied up with string.")
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I keep thinking 'wait, where the hell did February go?' But, oh yeah, vacation to Hartford in the middle. Vacations will do that. It was a vacation of epic win all around (other than the leaving part, but that's standard) - and, oddly, a vacation of talking to awesome people on the planes.
Random observation from said: It's funny how changing your daily coat, even if you change absolutely nothing else about how you're dressing, can make you feel a lot different. I put away my kinda-biker-jacket thing in favor of my wool coat, since there were several points on vacation where I needed to look Respectable; I have yet to get the jacket back out. I feel a lot more grown-up, which is a Good Thing, I think.
Random observation from work: People write the weirdest things on 'try me!' pads for pens (oddly, if one person writes 'try me!' others will also write 'try me!'). Yesterday's winner, in two different handwritings:
Jesus <-- Tommy Peacock?
(And finally, I am perhaps far too amused by the keywords I gave this icon.)
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I have cleaned ALL THE FLOORS in the house today. Well, okay, three-quarters of them. And there are these little beetle-y things all over the living and dining rooms and WHERE DID THEY COME FROM AND CAN THEY ALL GO AWAY NOW EW.
The ew is more in numbers than size. Dad thinks they hitched a ride in on one of the plants we've moved inside for the winter. Whatever it is, I'm tired of buggy things all over the living and dining rooms.
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Jenni? Noah?
Please put in some public commentary on this.
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*It must be Friday. I never could get the hang of Fridays.
*It was Us Vs. The Machines at work this morning; I think the registers had a conspiracy going. (And work!Tubes were down for a while, which... may or may not have something to do with the weather up north? I don't know if that's based in MA, but it wouldn't surprise me.)
*Local alumnae club's dinner thing was Sunday. Pretty awesome, I think.
*We have Milk from Netflix; I watched it yesterday. I don't usually go in for things that I know are gonna end badly, but I thought that was one I needed to see. Excellent movie, that one.
*I am wondering why my sweatshirt smells like tap water on the coast. It's been washed since the last time it would've been anywhere near a coast (if I even took it along).
*I had to drop out of a fic thing because Vincenia has pretty much taken over my writing brain. I... actually like that state of affairs.
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So Mom found this on Facebook, and I finally got around to having a look. In conclusion: I have no idea what's going on in the video, BUT THE SONG IS AMAZING (but I've known that part since I was five).
Fear is Never Boring - the Raisins
I highly recommend it, if mainly for the audio portion of the day's entertainment.
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- We got absolutely slammed in the last hour today, probably because people decided they needed stuff after the football game.
+ Speaking of, what is this nonsense where the Bengals are actually good this year? I don't know what to do with this!
- So I pulled into the driveway and went to put my windows up... and they went up v. slowly, and the stereo cut out. And then my poor car wouldn't start again. Fortunately, I'm off tomorrow and Monday, and Dad's off tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to get to the bottom of this.
+ [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fever lingers.
+ Working on something for [livejournal.com profile] jossverse_bb. Funtimes!
Aaaaaaand GIP.
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...okay, brain? When I said 'don't ever change,' I meant 'keep up the cracktastic dreams that have me waking up laughing,' not 'hit me with as many vaguely disturbing dreams as you can think up.' Seriously, I don't know what was up on Sunday or this morning, but I'll pass on repeat performances.
(I hate going down into the subconscious.)
Also, if you could kindly stop having freakouts before there's anything to even freak out about, that would be good. It'll be fine, even if it won't be perfect.
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Or: My thoughts on SurveyFail.
in which I try to figure out what can help whoever makes the next attempt to understand fandom - since God knows there will be one )
So yeah. It's more looking ahead and trying to prevent the next disaster before it happens than anything else. But I figure that's got to be helpful too, in its way.
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I do not know what this is.
I really, really don't. I just... what.
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So PMOG/The Nethernet/whatever you feel like calling it is, apparently, going under.
some musings on the thought )
There's a refugee camp of sorts up, for the... what, two of you? who are/were also a part of the passive fun.
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So PMOG/The Nethernet/whatever you feel like calling it is, apparently, going under.
some musings on the thought )
There's a refugee camp of sorts up, for the... what, two of you? who are/were also a part of the passive fun.
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Some enterprising soul in one of Mom's classes whipped up Half Life: The Board Game. Not sure how exactly that works, from what I know of the game, but I was highly amused nonetheless.
Also, I've got another couple Dreamwidth invite codes. Anyone interested? ([livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice, I'll send you one of the now-three in a bit.)
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(Subject line has little to do with anything, other than this.)
*Alphabet meme: only 10 letters left!
*Work is work-like, so far. I look forward to having money again.
*Parents and I made an excursion to Canton, to see pretty kimono on display. (Very pretty.) I think there's some kind of time tunnel on 71 between Columbus and Cleveland; that seems to take forever.
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So, today is a day of awesome:
*Vermont! GO VERMONT! (And DC!)
*I got the third of my Sweet Charity bids back yesterday, with the instructions 'Iron Man gen, please.' Less than 24 hours and one adapted [livejournal.com profile] outsideinn plotline later, I have a finished fic.
*Doc! This is something I've been looking forward to since I made the relevant app, so I'm glad he resurfaced.
*OH AND I HAVE A JOB! I poked at Staples yesterday, to follow up on last week's interview, and the manager wondered aloud why they hadn't called me back yet; that happened... about 15 minutes ago. So as of Friday I WILL BE GETTING PAID TO DO SOMETHING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ELEVEN MONTHS.
That is pretty damn awesome, I feel.
*Alphabet meme: All tagged up and 11 letters to go.

Re: icon, apparently it's my turn to make WTF faces at the weather. ::makes WTF faces at the weather, it is APRIL, we were doing YARDWORK on Sunday...::
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So. There's the 'when you smell our detergent, time stops' commercial.
And then there's the allergy meds using 'love the air' as a tagline, and the beer spot with Bad Horse's cousin the Clydesdale of Sin fetching a tree branch.
But what really has me thinking Dr. Horrible's making the ad-designer rounds is the 'girl-approved hair' Bond spoof. Since the villain's soooort of Dr. Horrible with worse hair. (And inferior goggles.)
That's all I've got.
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Oh, and the thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post.
So I saw a Gain commercial a few months back, running on the premise of 'when you first smell our detergent, time stops.' I saw it again yesterday.
For the first time since watching Dr. Horrible.
When I first saw it, said sing-along blog was very much around; I'm wondering if the commercial people might've drawn their inspiration from that. Whether they did or not, I'm never going to see it the same way again. XD
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ALSO. So I've finally seen this Dr. Horrible thing.
1) Even knowing it was a classic Whedon ending, WHAT THE HELL.
2) Otherwise, adorable!
3) More accessible insane theory of the day: So Cosmo totally does finances for the Evil League of Evil, yes? YES. (Organised crime, and all that.)
4) Less accessible insane theory: Dr. Horrible and Sam from Villains By Necessity; separated at birth, Y/N? (Y. Y Y Y.)
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...uh. So why does the little animation on Yahoo's header graphic say 'start wearing purple'?
And am I the only one who can only think 'star bringing purple'?
The accordion guy is quite amusing, I'll grant that, but... I don't get it.
(Also: Awesome people are awesome.)


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