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Achievement unlocked: Freelance profile! It still needs some sprucing up, but it's a step, and one I've been meaning to take for a while now. That'll help ease up some internal stress (largely my own).
We took an overnight vacation at the beginning of the week. It was great and we should do it again sometime... not in the middle of a winter storm, though. That part got old fast.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! If anyone wants to leave a prompt here as well, go for it.
prompt partyyyy )
More as it develops!
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Yes, thank you, Viking hordes, I really needed that when I had absolutely no materials for that cause with me.
But other than that, and... you know, the fact that I was traveling for the purpose of funeral services... this visit hasn't been too bad. My cousin said she could tell I'm happier now that I've moved.
and now, a picture )
And now, for something completely different: Operation Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum. If this doesn't blow past the goal by the end of the first week I will be very surprised. (Also, they should sell the Tesla > Edison bumper stickers on their own.)
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So last Sunday my grandfather was not doing well at all. Tuesday, he was doing worse. Yesterday, Mom called to see about making arrangements for me to go back to Ohio.
Today, Dad called and said the important stuff is happening Thursday (I never could get the hang of Thursdays). I've booked a ticket, leaving Wednesday and coming back on Sunday.
(Part of me was expecting him to hang on until Saturday - that was my grandmother's birthday; it would have been very poetic. As it is, yesterday was the 48th anniversary of his second marriage, and it's amazing he stuck it out that long. ooooor their anniversary was Wednesday and Mom's mother's birthday was the 20th??? I don't know, if things in this family don't happen on the 19th (which is booked) I don't know when in August it is. XD)

In happier news, WE ARE MOVED IN. We even have a little furniture! (Haven't put the bed together yet, but the mattress isn't here yet either, so. XD)
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I'm in Connecticut now! Connecticut is cool!
Meanwhile, a meme: Make up a title for a story I didn't write and I will respond with details of those non-written stories.

All that I ask is that you tell me the fandom. You're also welcome to give me multiple title-fandom combinations, which means either I get a choice, or you get more than one story premise. EVERYBODY WINS.
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So, the Things that are Afoot: I'm moving to Connecticut this weekend.
It's been a long time coming, and I'm very glad to finally be getting around to it. My last day at work was Wednesday; I'll possibly be transferring to another store up there (the chain makes it ridiculously easy) and definitely looking for full-time work, which should be much easier once I'm in the place I'm looking for a job.
I have one more box for 'things to be shipped later' and no idea what to put in it; I think that's a sign I have too much crap. XD
I'm looking forward to being in the same area as my friends again. I'm doubly looking forward to finally not being in a long-distance relationship anymore, it only took for freaking ever. But it's well worth the wait.
(Also, I need to actually get this song at some point. It does that... 'grabs you by the heart and doesn't let go' thing.)
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I keep thinking 'wait, where the hell did February go?' But, oh yeah, vacation to Hartford in the middle. Vacations will do that. It was a vacation of epic win all around (other than the leaving part, but that's standard) - and, oddly, a vacation of talking to awesome people on the planes.
Random observation from said: It's funny how changing your daily coat, even if you change absolutely nothing else about how you're dressing, can make you feel a lot different. I put away my kinda-biker-jacket thing in favor of my wool coat, since there were several points on vacation where I needed to look Respectable; I have yet to get the jacket back out. I feel a lot more grown-up, which is a Good Thing, I think.
Random observation from work: People write the weirdest things on 'try me!' pads for pens (oddly, if one person writes 'try me!' others will also write 'try me!'). Yesterday's winner, in two different handwritings:
Jesus <-- Tommy Peacock?
(And finally, I am perhaps far too amused by the keywords I gave this icon.)
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*The adventuring party has returned from the UK, replete with Jelly Babies. Somehow I was not expecting... actual baby-shaped candy, and the texture took a bit of getting used to, but on the whole I approve. (Also, dear US: Why do we not have blackcurrant-flavored stuff? Srsly.)
*Was fighting the headache from hell yesterday. I think it was a combination of weather system changes and possibly a bit of dehydration - which is weird, as I had more water than usual yesterday. ::eloquent shrug:: It's more or less gone now, so.
*Relevant to the subject line: If I leave that in my car long enough, I'll actually know all the words. XD (This should not surprise me, along similar logic to why Brand New Day posed no problems once I knew the words.)
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(Subject line has little to do with anything, other than this.)
*Alphabet meme: only 10 letters left!
*Work is work-like, so far. I look forward to having money again.
*Parents and I made an excursion to Canton, to see pretty kimono on display. (Very pretty.) I think there's some kind of time tunnel on 71 between Columbus and Cleveland; that seems to take forever.
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So there was this whole thing on Monday where I got to the airport only to find that, while the weather in both Columbus and Denver was peachy, Chicago was so nasty it screwed up everything. (I choose to blame this in part on a certain retrograding planet.) That was not so fun; I got to Denver yesterday afternoon. So far, so good.
(Other than the part where Hex and the wireless network aren't really on speaking terms. That's not so fun. But, you know, there are other computers to be borrowed.)
Also, I got a nod for funniest sentence of the week at [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout, and I wrote some more of my steampunk thing during the layover yesterday. Fun times!
If anyone reading this thing cares to attempt a meetup-thing, comment and let me know; there's only one car to be had, so it'll take some finagling (and Friday might be the best chance, given that), but we shall see.
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So I woke up this morning to a call from Half-Price Books asking if I could come in for an interview. Did that this afternoon; I think it went well. I'll hear back sometime next week. (Also, it turns out I overdressed, but I'd rather do that and make a good impression than... not.)
And then I discussed a forthcoming mental health week with the parents. Mom was slightly dubious in light of that lack-of-income thing, but is cool with it as long as I can still pay stuff (and move toward some sort of gainful employment, if the interview doesn't pan out); Dad had a minor freak-out about the weather and then went 'hey, think we can throw a party while she's gone?'; most importantly, all of us were civil.
No progress as yet on figuring out what happened with the corrupted story file; I just picked up where I left off in another file. (And I'm STILL USING THAT WORD COUNT.)
I'm gonna call it a good day. ::levels up in Responsible Adulthood::
(Note to self: Get more Teaberry gum before Monday, since Mom finished it and you'd need more than one piece anyway.)
ADDENDUM: Fifteen-Minute Festival! Go forth! Spread joy!
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Back from vacation, which went well on the whole; a more concise update may follow at some point. (For now: Swap meet was a bust on Mom's end, but I got a 1914 dime and a steel penny, so my old coin collection felt the love.)
Prospect of job-hunting somewhat less overwhelming on the second tentative poke, but still kinda Really Scary.
Still prefer Dresden Files to Codex Alera, though the end of Furies of Calderon was FUNNY.
And finally: Icon = HP6 trailer + discussion of said with [livejournal.com profile] crazedcrusader + fortuitous discovery of appropriate still photo.
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*Signs you don't expect to see in Hawaii: 'Ice on road.'
*Parents are... parental. I think overall we've hit a truce point. (I hope so, anyway.)
*Paper!journal desperately behind; should fix that, since I've got a while.
*Cheeseburger in Paradise has the BEST BURGERS EVER.
*Possible PMOG mission idea: Needs More Explosions. (Would include Keith Moon, of course; speaking of the Who, that VH1 special was Made Of Win.)
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Just in case anyone was wondering, the neon sign is indeed in Lahaina. (It says 'Jesus coming soon'; parents got pictures of it.)
Also, luaus are pretty neat.
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So. We made it to Hawaii - after being rerouted through Denver and spending three extra hours in San Francisco. (I'd rather have a fully functional plane before crossing half the Pacific Ocean, though, so.)
Due to jet lag etc. we haven't done much so far, and it took a while to figure out how the Tubes hook up. (Also, it seems we can't go anywhere without running into someone Dad knows.) In conclusion: Took nearly 24 straight hours, but we made it.
Also: Finished Storm Front at the beginning of the Denver-San Francisco leg, and started Furies of Calderon. I think I like the narrative style of the Dresden stuff better, but both are good.
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My paper!journal is horrendously behind, on account of the busy weekend; I won't really have a chance to catch up till tomorrow, since it's still in the car and I'm not going back out after it tonight.
The 'two cars, three drivers' thing has its advantages... one of which is less time in the same car as Dad. He's comparatively sane, yes, but he was 'helping' when I was driving. Other than that, this is one of the more relaxed road trips I've been part of.
In any case, I'm home now, to the tune of a fixed (replaced, that is) front door and no clue what happens next. I'll figure that part out, though.
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I was not fated to bring home any food ever on this vacation, clearly. I have Pocky and ramen at [livejournal.com profile] toki_usagi's, lo mein at [livejournal.com profile] gehayi's (but that's okay, really), and chocolate I didn't even buy still with [livejournal.com profile] quinby. ENTIRE SUNDAY STRIP of me going 'Jesus.'
anyway, vacation recap is pursuant )
In conclusion, awesome vacation was awesome.
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Vacation's been mostly good so far. And now: Help! icons! Only from a couple of scenes, but... well. Take if you'd like; comments are lovely, credit is also lovely but not necessary.
The Exciting Adventure of Paul on the Floor and Ticket to Ride )
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and now, a concert review. )
We missed [livejournal.com profile] metaphor and [livejournal.com profile] madbonnycaptain through flukes of timing. Oh well; perhaps next time.
Re: latest LJ fuss - minus several million for initial execution, but ten out of ten for owning up to their mistake in a timely manner.
Re: classes - you know what sucks? Two midterms the same afternoon. Sucks more? The first, which is timed because it's art slides, starting late, resulting in no time for last-minute prep before the second.
But they're both over now, and I think I did all right on them. So now (well, tomorrow), I disappear to Philly for a week. There will be less Internets than usual. Suspect I will survive by writing a lot.
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On Friday there was seeing of National Treasure 2 with the Quin and [livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice. I have not seen the first one, but I know the basics, and the click was quite enjoyable. Good balance between the accurate bits and the 'we totally made this up, for reals!' bits.
I've decided the grad school thing is going to be better served if I give it another year to percolate and muster my application fu. Parents did not explode, instead opting to point out the job market's going to suck (which I know). And hey, they're still willing to let me go to Hawaii with them this summer; perhaps all that was required was a decision. In any case, vacation! (--Which reminds me, I should do a write-up of the Boston adventuring.)
Also, I have to call attention to the GIP for once, as it's not often one stumbles across icons quoting one's (admittedly a bit distant) relatives. Coolest thing ever, at least for tonight. XD
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I think the expansion pack of my short story is finally done. Now all I have to do is overcome the rest of the inertia and... you know, actually get things done.
Meanwhile: Ah, meta!crack, it's been far too long. I offer a recounting of my wacky hijinks therein, as that is what one does with meta!crack.
Also: Last week's Boston trip was made of Win. I may be bothered to do a full recap here one of these days. (It's in the paper!journal, meanwhile.)
ETA: This is not, it seems, a good year to be a young actor.


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