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So Fashion Bug's having a sale, and I attempted to take advantage of it and get some jeans. The jeans weren't on sale, of course, but I did find a nice pair of pants marked way down. And I got a nice shirt, for great using of coupon-from-mail.
Today, I win at clothes.
Also, a funny, as seen in Summary Executions comments.
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Found this while going back and tagging old LJ entries (note to self: Tag/memory old Disc RP stuff in appropriate journals?), and feel it merits redoing.
LJ history meme )
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Driver's test Tuesday afternoon. And I still hate backing. (I figure if, for some reason, I fail it, then I'll jusst wait till after my birthday and borrow someone's car at school. XD)
Slowly but surely adding more music to my going-to-school collection. Got some other packing-type things done as well, and got some boxes when I stopped at work for my paycheck.
RenFest tomorrow! HUZZAH.
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...So. That does it for work till I get to school, I guess. Exchanged the shoes I broke for a new pair (much love to the 45-day limit!) and got a card wot everyone signed.
Morning was brightened by [livejournal.com profile] afrai-mail. That eraser is CRAZY in a way that only Asian stationery ever seems to achieve. Will hopefully get you a reply before I leave Ohio.
in other news, my college schedule: )
Also: I need my Photoshop! ::will install here in a bit::
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Work wasn't too bad, on the whole. One slight urge-to-strangle moment, but I kept from doing so (which is always good). But really, I just wanted to come home and RP. (Naturally, now I am home, I'm short on ideas. XD)
Mom had me help her with stuff at school, so naturally I wound up talking to the band director. I'm gonna miss one KILLER show (not to mention the t-shirts!), and apparently it's already in great shape. And there might be a flute section in concert band - that'll be the first time since my freshman year, when there were so many that I helped with percussion.
Kim, I forgot to ask Mom about the paint place today, and she's already asleep - I'll try and remember to ask her tomorrow.
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Got done with work early tonight! Not bad, that.
S'pose I should offer this, since I've asked them of others - if you want to see commentary on one of my fics, now's the time to ask. (Last time this went round, I did Off-Color Christmas, Slight Return, and Harmonious Madness - anything else is fair game, I suppose.) And I might do one for the heck of it again. Who's to say?
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Work was okay. And then afterward, when the parents stopped at UDF, I managed to break one of my shoes! ::applauds own genius::
Cut the Milliways chaos down to one active thread - for now. Really ought to finish summarising it. But I don't know if I can be bothered to, at the moment - I'm tired. Don't know why, it's not even midnight yet. XD
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Work yesterday was insane, as only a sidewalk sale with two people working can be. Co-worker asked why no one had kept up on the run-out bar - let's see, because I was outside till 3 (at which point I got lunch) and the manager was ringing people up.
But then I got to the concert, and everything was all right.
in other news, Ohio is now a tropical island. )
The interview meme's taking a turn for the international - I'm waiting on a set of questions from Frar and I've picked up Martina's, but haven't started answering yet. Will prolly post both sets at once.
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Hey, look. I actually had a social life tonight! ::gasp::
Went and saw a movie with a friend. Movie: Napoleon Dynamite. Was... odd. I don't know that it really had much of a plot, but there was a llama, and that made me laugh. (As did other bits of it.)
::pokes Ashie:: What's going on with that log, anyway?
Don't know that I'll be around tomorrow, between working (I have to open! Ack!) and the concert. It better not rain tomorrow. I'll have a go at sneaking in somewhere, though.
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Much better night tonight. Got one of the t-shirt tables sorted out but just didn't have the time to get to the other. ::shrugs::
And I was right - there ARE three number-one priorities in that place. Minimum.
Seems my plans for tomorrow are still on - if only I knew what TIME they were.
Speaking of time, I should find out when that concert starts. (Any other Cincinnati types gonna be there?)
Also, tonight's Name That Tune... seems to have predicted the last election's recount fiasco.
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some letters, brought to you by a stressful day at work )
Dear [livejournal.com profile] villainny,
THANK YOU for coming up with Milliways. It's such a lovely de-stressing place. Now, if the other half of my three running conversations would just get online so we could maybe finish one... XD
Love ya,
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There're handles on the kitchen cabinets! Amazing how these projects come together, ain't it? (Not that you need them yet, as such, for some of the top ones. No glass + big enough holes to reach through with the dishes = no door-opening. But that state of affairs won't remain.)
Work wasn't too bad, beyond the revelation that there's a sidewalk sale Saturday. Oh ye lords and little fishies. Eh, at least I won't have to pull things back IN the doors.
Hmm, I wonder if the grandmother'll still be mad at me on Sunday...
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work issues, of sorts )
Once this CD runs out (the latest Feel-Good Stuff! edition) I'll be getting back to my collection-expanding. Fun for the whole family.
Tentative plans for this Friday, but owing to the chaos at work, I may have to scrap 'em.
And if I don't call the Board of Elections tomorrow Dad might have to kill me...
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Work was OK. The co-manager said she could see me going to a Clay Aiken concert and the Clay Aiken fan going to a BNL concert - don't know how she reached that conclusion. I don't even watch American Idol. (Speaking of BNL, I'll prolly be going to the show, if I can manage to get tickets. I think we might have to drive down there to get around Ticketmaster, though.)
I'm going to write something I should have written sooner. Actually, that my entire religion class second semester should have worked on before we left. And then I'll prolly start raiding the parents' CD collection so I can start copying once we get more CD-Rs.
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MASSIVE shopping adventures today. I have bedding now. And an iron. And an ironing board. And a trash can. And a desk lamp. And a shelfy thing. And some orgainsational wossnames for clothes and shoes and things.
We'll need to be getting more CD-Rs, I already know that. There're four or five left, and one of those is going toward my coworker's musical education. I think I'm gonna be taking a LOT more of the parents' music than that to school.
Also: Ghost riders drawer pulls in the kitchen! It's a beautiful thing.
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Bought stuff at work before I clocked back in - another pair of PJ pants, a purple sweater with square buttons, and a blue shirt. Also finished color-coordinating a rack and started on another one (that one included checking for markdowns).
Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow. Charisse (that's the roommate) emailed again today - she likes blue and purple too, so that should really simplify decorating. XD She's also considering getting some 'fun lights,' so I told her I've got some but won't object to more.
Stopping work after the 21st, to make sure I've time to pack. (Note to self: Call Riverbend and board of elections tomorrow.)
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The roommate finally emailed back! Undiscovered advantage to Dad's plan to leave the house 3 days early (can't move IN early, so I wasn't getting it): Can probably meet her before the move-in day. She lives about 10 minutes away from the college. I'll have a tour giude! XD
Work was once again work. Not sure what to think of the new assistant manager yet (the old one got out in charge of another store - 4 days before inventory). And I need to make a CD for one of my coworkers, so she can at least speak with some authority when she says she doesn't like older music.
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Work was... eh. Work. Bit stressful, at points, but we were done closing early so that kind of makes up for it.
OK, I've had this Todd Rundgren CD (...two of them, actually) for nearly a year, and I'm just now getting round to listening to the things that aren't "Song of the Viking." And I think I'm only listening to it now in the hopes that "Free, Male, and 21" turns up (my GOD that's a funny song)... but, whatever.
And speaking of Milliways (I think this'll be the last for a while), I think Jane's brain broke. But it's fun! XD
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Inventory was INSANE. And it's still not done! Scanner problems screwed up some of the beginning, so if we'd known about that it might BE done, or at least a lot closer.
I might be up for a while here - there's still a bit of caffeine running amok in my system.
[livejournal.com profile] fahye - check your YM at your nearest convenience. I sent off a bunch of RPage-related things last night wot need answers soonish.
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Work wasn't so bad, once I woke up, and as a bonus I got paid to sit round waiting for other people, kindasorta nap, and watch a video. I go in at two tomorrow, and have no idea when I'll be off - the latest we're allowed in the store is midnight.
Dad and I went out to see the other uncle's house (he's in the middle of moving). Nice big place. Ought to be good for Christmas, not to mention it'll hold everyone. XD After that we were going to go to Kohl's, but never made it there. Got Red Lobster for dinner, at least.
Dog continues to make messes. He'd better stop, whatever the reason, before Mom finds one. That may not end well.


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