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LJ, LJ, LJ. Will you ever learn? There are new beta shenanigans afoot, and it's... well. I'll let it speak for itself. (Also, guess what they first rolled out in public on the Russian side of things?)
My favorite comment is from one of said Russian users (I love Chrome's translate button): "If this is your idea of a joke, you have a very poor sense of humor."
Given that, I think I'm going to stop crossposting to LJ effective November 30th. It's my 10th LJversary; there's something nicely symmetrical about that. Still trying to figure out what that means for lower_tadfield, but I'll consult the comm first, whatever it is.
In happier news, there wasn't much Fic Friday (now technically Fic Saturday, but whatevs), but it did happen!
Fic inna sentence! So fresh the... I dunno how to sustain this. )
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Help us, Obi-Wan Tubes.

So [personal profile] quinby and I are on the verge of getting an apartment, and we're going to need Stuff. We've trickled in some of the necessities, but others (especially furniture) aren't worth getting until we know the space - and they're more expensive, especially right after plunking down a security deposit.

That's where y'all come in! This is strictly voluntary; think of it as crowdsourced housewarming. But any little bit, even if it's a referral to a place we can get something, is a start.
if you feel like contributing... )
Every little bit - even if it's just a signal-boost or 'hey, you can look here for that on the cheap!' - helps. Thanks in advance, guys!
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So, the Things that are Afoot: I'm moving to Connecticut this weekend.
It's been a long time coming, and I'm very glad to finally be getting around to it. My last day at work was Wednesday; I'll possibly be transferring to another store up there (the chain makes it ridiculously easy) and definitely looking for full-time work, which should be much easier once I'm in the place I'm looking for a job.
I have one more box for 'things to be shipped later' and no idea what to put in it; I think that's a sign I have too much crap. XD
I'm looking forward to being in the same area as my friends again. I'm doubly looking forward to finally not being in a long-distance relationship anymore, it only took for freaking ever. But it's well worth the wait.
(Also, I need to actually get this song at some point. It does that... 'grabs you by the heart and doesn't let go' thing.)
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So I was going to mirror my fic LJ on a community, but you can't import to those, apparently. And then the Invite Code Fairy visited.
So my fic LJ can now also be found at [personal profile] afewsmallrepairs.


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