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Things I need to do tomorrow:

*call store here, talk to GM (call back first week of July; things look good to go)
*email guy about apartment (holy crap we're viewing an apartment on Friday!!!!!)
*process dishes
*process laundry
*make grocery list
*unearth kitchen island

*EP of some kind, possibly

Things found today: Bell, Book and Candle on DVD. Totally pounced on a movie that's as old as my father, but it's a damn good one. (Also, main characters never share my name in things, but this one does! Also also: Kim Novak. Your argument is invalid.)
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I've come to the conclusion that I only post when I have a meme/other handy reason to do so because I don't feel like my life is worth writing about.
So, a couple things of note:
*Work remains work-like, especially since we're in holiday prep mode. Job search... also remains job-search-like (and very, very frustrating in this climate, esp. since I'm trying to focus on somewhere I'm not).
*My grandfather had epic surgery in mid-September; he made it through that all right, but his doctor's told him to make sure everything's in order. I... will not be entirely surprised if we're having a funeral before the year's out. (I'm not trying to sound callous about it. It's just... dude's 81 and has a zillion health problems. I've made peace with it, I think. Though I reserve the right to say otherwise when it happens.)
*Got sucked into Once Upon a Time; looking forward to seeing where that goes.
*Upgraded to an actual purse! I've been using my old CD bag for ages now because it fit everything, but... really, self (also, since I got the iPod hookup for my car, I haven't actually played any of the CDs in said bag). It's one of Mom's old purses, but it'll do.
*Writing... needs to be a thing that happens. Prompts Accepted Here!
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*LJ, I don't approve of this thing where clicking on the 'x comments' link bumps you all the way to the bottom of the page, as that's usually what I click on to try to read cut text. Also, why do you keep varnish-erroring my profile?
*Parents' computer is well and truly borked; it froze on me a couple times while they were out of town, and when Mom tried booting it up this evening it whitescreened and ran a bunch of 'DEFAULT blahblahblah.' My guess: hard drive.
*Meme time part one: 1. Give me a canon (or character from a canon)

2.And I will you FIVE things that, in my opinion, make that canon super special shiny and awesome. They may be characters, crowning moments of awesome/funny/heartwarming, particularly epic music or animation, or just things that make me out and out squee every time.

*Meme time part two: Four more icons courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] misslucyjane (who also wanted info on two from the last batch).
further pixellated shenanigans )
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Things of note lately:
*My grandfather's home from the hospital for the second time in slightly over a month.
*How excited am I for new Warehouse 13 on Tuesday? THIS EXCITED.
*I'm extremely late in this, but I'm jumping on the Percy Jackson bandwagon. Finished The Lightning Thief this morning and semi-promptly went to the library for The Sea of Monsters. In conclusion: OMG(s). Seriously, you know you're in for a treat when the first chapter title is "I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher."
*Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Truly a thing of awesome.
*...I have 98 pages in my Vincenia file. O_O (Admittedly, it's 97-and-a-bit, at the moment, but. STORY, I HEART YOU.)
*Got myself a copy-editing gig! \o/
*Also: I filled my car tires almost entirely by myself tonight. I have ongoing struggles with getting an accurate read from my pressure gauge, so the fact that that's not where I had to ask Dad for help counts as Epic Win, in my book.
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*Interesting reading: rape culture and road rage.
*Off work tomorrow. Chillin' and some house cleaning will commence. (As will RPage, which shall be EPIC.)
*Better Than It Sounds, the answers: These are the ones that never got guessed. 1 and 20 are from here, and the rest are from over here.
definitely better than it sounds )
*I am le tired. Hopefully writing will also commence tomorrow.
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*It must be Friday. I never could get the hang of Fridays.
*It was Us Vs. The Machines at work this morning; I think the registers had a conspiracy going. (And work!Tubes were down for a while, which... may or may not have something to do with the weather up north? I don't know if that's based in MA, but it wouldn't surprise me.)
*Local alumnae club's dinner thing was Sunday. Pretty awesome, I think.
*We have Milk from Netflix; I watched it yesterday. I don't usually go in for things that I know are gonna end badly, but I thought that was one I needed to see. Excellent movie, that one.
*I am wondering why my sweatshirt smells like tap water on the coast. It's been washed since the last time it would've been anywhere near a coast (if I even took it along).
*I had to drop out of a fic thing because Vincenia has pretty much taken over my writing brain. I... actually like that state of affairs.
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Things that please me:
*[livejournal.com profile] isurrendered, for all your TV meme needs. I WANT SOME OF THESE SHOWS LIKE BURNING, GUYS.
*Actually managing this responsible adulthood thing and applying for stuff. I may in fact get the hang of this after all.
Thing that pleases me less: I'm tired of living in the Snowpocalypse. Yes, we didn't get as much here as, say, DC, but STILL. RIDICULOUS.
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*[livejournal.com profile] hogswatchfic is open for business; sign-ups run until the 13th, and fics are due the 31st. If you missed Yuletide/are avoiding it/just want to write Generic Winter Holidays fic for someone, give it a go!
*Snow on the ground and my profile! Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] gehayi!
*I'm passing up a concert on Thursday, partly because I first heard about it Saturday. I'd love to see BNL again, but they're sharing the bill with three other bands, so it's not really a sound investment.
*Heat's been down at work, which is where the subject line comes in. Yesterday there were space heaters, which made it better; I'm hoping it'll be functional again when I go back Wednesday.
*And now... the dog.
in which the news is not surprising, but still sucks )
*Yuletide assignment might be finished. I need to type it up and assemble a beta squad before I know for sure. Oh, [fandom], how I've missed you.
*But first, I need to assemble something to go with [livejournal.com profile] quinby's birthday card.
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*Hey, anyone want to set themselves up with an AO3 account? Open beta's launching in the wee hours of tomorrow morning my time, and I have one (1) invite code (ahaha!).
*In today's free physics lesson: Turns out two cars still can't occupy the same space at the same time. I'm okay; my involvement went as far as making sure it got called in and taking the long way home.
*Basketball season is alive and well! Dad and I went to Miami's exhibition game on Sunday. In conclusion, THIS IS GOING TO BE A GOOD SEASON.
*Drowned my headphones last week; the pull-down handle in front of the sink caught them. My replacement pair is v. kickass.
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*Car is back; the alternator was shot, and the people changed a belt while they were at it. (ahahahahaha money we don't have, but oh well?)
*Concert tomorrow! \o/
*[livejournal.com profile] yuletide nominations are up.
me: ::types in 'Warehouse 13' for great nominating::
me: ...not really at all? ::adds characters::
*Heeeeeey, McGee is left-handed! That's awesome.
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*Arr. Also, avast.
*Things I learned today: Harry Dresden has never seen Young Frankenstein. (Out Of Context Theatre: Fool Moon is my current break-reading.)
*Alphabet and story title memes are still open for tags.
*Within the next few days, there will be a 'what I want for my birthday/Hogswatch' list, since I actually have a couple of things in mind this year.
*Note to self: Figure out if you're going to see Andrew Bird next month, and take appropriate action.
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And now, a week in the life:
*I think we've survived the worst of the back-to-school rush.
*We found out on Saturday that there was a family reunion on Sunday (by virtue of New Mexico aunt actually being in town). Turns out our invitation was sent to two addresses ago; we last lived there when I was three. XD That was reasonably fun.
*Dog had a tumor on his ribcage removed this morning. Second time it's been there, and apparently twice as nasty as the first one. Dad was saying maybe he should've had it done before they went on vacation, but I'm immensely glad they didn't, considering how much I was at work the first week they were gone.
*Writing... does not continue as apace as I would necessarily like; I'll be taking prompts to that end soon, I'm sure. (I think I don't know enough about the world to invent the wedding whole-cloth that I need to, and I'm stuck re: moving on before I get that sorted out.) But I did post my [livejournal.com profile] genderbendbb fic the other day! (And the art is fabulous.)
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*The adventuring party has returned from the UK, replete with Jelly Babies. Somehow I was not expecting... actual baby-shaped candy, and the texture took a bit of getting used to, but on the whole I approve. (Also, dear US: Why do we not have blackcurrant-flavored stuff? Srsly.)
*Was fighting the headache from hell yesterday. I think it was a combination of weather system changes and possibly a bit of dehydration - which is weird, as I had more water than usual yesterday. ::eloquent shrug:: It's more or less gone now, so.
*Relevant to the subject line: If I leave that in my car long enough, I'll actually know all the words. XD (This should not surprise me, along similar logic to why Brand New Day posed no problems once I knew the words.)
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Things What Are Awesome:
*My impending paycheck. There were some rough moments last week, but it's worth it for More Money, you know?
*Checking my email this morning to find a request to translate one of my fics into Russian(!). First time that's happened in some years, if memory serves. I can't make heads nor tails of the Cyrillic, except for where I know there's a name, but still.
*Coraline the click. Though I'm not sure what to make of Wybie. Either way, it was appropriately cute and appropriately creepy. (I kinda heart Coraline's dad, though. He tries!)
*To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I've been reading at work and brought home tonight due to having like five pages left. IN CONCLUSION LOLZ.
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So, today is a day of awesome:
*Vermont! GO VERMONT! (And DC!)
*I got the third of my Sweet Charity bids back yesterday, with the instructions 'Iron Man gen, please.' Less than 24 hours and one adapted [livejournal.com profile] outsideinn plotline later, I have a finished fic.
*Doc! This is something I've been looking forward to since I made the relevant app, so I'm glad he resurfaced.
*OH AND I HAVE A JOB! I poked at Staples yesterday, to follow up on last week's interview, and the manager wondered aloud why they hadn't called me back yet; that happened... about 15 minutes ago. So as of Friday I WILL BE GETTING PAID TO DO SOMETHING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ELEVEN MONTHS.
That is pretty damn awesome, I feel.
*Alphabet meme: All tagged up and 11 letters to go.

Re: icon, apparently it's my turn to make WTF faces at the weather. ::makes WTF faces at the weather, it is APRIL, we were doing YARDWORK on Sunday...::
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*Alphabet meme still has 12 letters open. Go claim some, if you're so inclined.
*HEY GUYS, CHECK THIS OUT. Not bad at all for my first showing in anything like that, methinks.
*Note to self: State taxes! Also poke about for follow-up, if they don't call you tomorrow.
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So. There's this thing I want to apply for; short notice, but the hardest part would be rustling up the writing samples, and that's actually not so hard (piece of Nano, "Subterranean Blues," and... trying to finish "Weather Systems" since I want to submit it for publication anyway). What I can't figure out is whether, with the references thing, they want actual recommendation letters or just contact info. Thoughts?
Crossover continues swimmingly; presently pondering what to do for the next bit. Perhaps poking at something else for a bit will help, with that.
To do today: stuff toward aforementioned application, pay bill, fill out transcript request, book exchange thing; to do tomorrow: sub license, temp agency, step toward deferment application.
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::eyes previous version of iTunes, and loading OS X update:: The things I do just to try to get Dr. Horrible from my own iTunes store account. Hopefully, this time it won't completely incapacitate Hex; that would be rather upsetting.
(I need some Dr. Horrible icons. Anyone know a good source?)
(I also need a Dr. Horrible tag, at this rate. I'll grok it. XD)
to-do list: taxes (state left), loan thing (employment agency?), extend icons, book exchange thing, Look For A Job (ongoing), write things for Quin (ongoing), write original things (also ongoing)
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*I remain unfond of this being-a-grown-up thing, but some things are at least settling out. (Yesterday's post is still a Thing, but.)
*Note to Dad: Don't tell those of us who did at least some time in Catholic grade schools that we don't know what the manger is. Mom and I both learned that in, like, second grade. Srsly.
*To the point that brought up that argument, dear church sign: YOU CAN'T WRAP ANYTHING IN A FEEDING TROUGH. Especially not a baby.
*And now, I go forth and Do Stuff. Which includes getting a small bit of money for a pile of old books, but hey, it's something.
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*Since I naturally forgot to mention on Sunday: Holy crap, this thing is six years old now. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.
*Did the visitation-and-funeral-Mass thing last night and today; a former teacher of mine died over the weekend. It wasn't a terrible shock, but it still sucks. (And I'm still Not Pleased with the last two times I did this particular bit, since they were bigger shocks to the system.) On the bright side, I talked to some people I haven't seen in years.
*Note to mother: I cannot magically 'find a job' in one day, though I can certainly look for one. (And I did that, I've been doing that, I hope I can get one in this bloody stupid economy.)
*On a lighter note: Writer types who haven't already seen? [livejournal.com profile] hogswatchfic! It's like Yuletide, but with a later deadline and no fandom limits and less stress and... not terribly like Yuletide at all, really, except for the 'fic for the holidays' part.


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