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This plot was the best idea ever. (So was convincing Quinn she'd like Warehouse 13 after all. It only took me four years! Speaking of, dear back half of the season: Please be awesome. ALSO HOW IS [GUEST STAR] I DO NOT EVEN.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave a prompt here if you're so inclined.

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Prompt grab-bag for you! Any char/canon/original fic/whatever: Hurricane,
Claudia rolls her eyes. "Seriously, Artie, if you don't know I'm a force of nature by now you've got another think coming."

It's funny; Ruby spent all her life wanting nothing more to travel, and now all she wants is to help rebuild here.

I watched the lights go out,
They may have already done the important part of the move, but she still has to put the physical place behind her.

Rising tide.
Abby watches the tide come in with a smile; She is feeling better, and it'll be a good afternoon.

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Going with the Spring theme-your choice; cleaning,
"God donut, that's the fifth time this stupid vacuum's caused a catastrophe. We are GETTING SOME DAMN ROOMBAS."

Rebecca sighs. "I don't *care* if you can't reach your lighter, Jack. You're just going to have to get up if you want a smoke."

first blooms,
"Snow, *please* stop picking flowers? I know you like them, but they're making me sneeze."
"Oh, sorry, I didn't realise."

in like a lion,
Regulus knows from the look on Mother's face, when she opens the post about Sirius' Sorting, he'd better leave the room.

rainy days
Imp stays in when it rains, now; he has that luxury. but it leaves him feeling restless regardless.
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