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September: You had better do something pretty damn spectacular if you don't want to be fired. Seriously.
...Yeah, that wasn't it. SHAPE UP.
(Focus, self. They didn't say you could never apply again, much as you'd rather be somewhere else before you have to. Also, there is Renaissance Festival on Sunday.)
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I think I begin to see the self-medicating value of driving fast and loud music. Nothing I plan to do on a regular basis, of course, but.
Weekend was most excellent; [livejournal.com profile] quinby and also [livejournal.com profile] _chibidragon_, if she made it over for the beginning of the show, now know the logic behind this icon. XD
Quin and I also should not be allowed to plot, as things like this happen. (I should also suck it up and give Iron Man a tag; will have to grok that.)
Signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide this year, since I don't have college to get in the way, for a change. Put in Sneakers, Daria, Night at the Museum, Stardust (the film), and Villains By Necessity. Should be fun.
note to self: Milliways car keys posts )
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The Swordsmen remember me. That? Is kind of the coolest thing in the world. Also, I have a D20 necklace now; the die detaches so you can still use it.
Hex is... still not shut down. Hoping tomorrow brings some answers with it.
Also, it's v. good to be writing again.
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*I think it's a reflection of my geekery that my first thought on the latest bailout news is "Posit: People think a bank might be financially shaky."
*Repairman has been waited for; turns out we can fix the grill ourselves. Good to know.
*Since I didn't have to actually spend any money to do it, I'm going to call getting the Iron Man DVD an early birthday present to myself. And hey, expedited shipping was the same price as normal, so maybe it'll get here Thursday.
*Mom went on a roadtrip last weekend, and then the dizzy spells she had at the beginning of the school year... came back for a while, so Dad and I got to bail her out yesterday. (Three hours of highway driving survived!) Renaissance Festival might be happening this weekend.
Otherwise, life continues apace.
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Our cable came back Wednesday, just in time for Countdown!
Got all kinds of in-house stuff done yesterday, and somewhat less today on account of Leaving The House (gasp!); still, productivity of a sort is afoot.
Job search is also afoot, in that I've applied to some more things where I want to go and asked about subbing around here. Now the question is, would the payoff be worth all the hoops I'd need to jump through to get that?
We might be going to the Renaissance Festival Sunday. This would be of the Good; hopefully I'll be able to see the Swordsmen this year.
In conclusion: arr matey etc.
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Got a thing from the snowball's-chance-in-hell job; the snowball melted. This doesn't really surprise me - and is, I think, just as well, since it seems things are working out in another direction entirely. Hopefully, that'll keep tensions down on the home front (I'm at the point where I understand my parents' concerns, but I'm not hearing what they mean, and that's just not gonna help anyone).
We didn't go to the fireworks last week, which was kind of sad - God knows where I'll be this time next year, and they're never as good on TV. (To be a proper fireworks experience, you need to feel the boom - all 30 minutes of it.) On the other hand, Viking hordes = less fun sitting on the wall all day. And there's still the Renaissance Festival.
Parents had their big party thing Saturday. It was... pretty fun, actually.
It's very odd, not being at school. (Even odder is seeing my sister post about classes. XD)
Things are finally flowing on that original idea from the other week; this could become pretty epic on me, I'm thinking. But that's all right.
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Right. RenFest was made of win.
Fireworks, however... epic win. If I get hold of any of Dad's pictures I might pass them along to the Internets. Also Quin deserves applause for surviving the crowd of Massive.
There is still a bit of packing to be done, but that'll get done soon. Taking off for parts known commences tomorrow morning, by eight at the latest.
(Don't mind the links, they're for my own reference once I get to the typically-configured browser again.
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[livejournal.com profile] quinby is here in one piece, if a bit tired. Tomorrow is RenFest, Sunday is the fireworks, and Monday the world! venturing to parts known.
Also, the plot bunny has a bit done now. Hopefully I'll be able to think about one of my other stories for a while. XD
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::eyes catalog that showed up in the mail today:: ...Right, I think waiting on Kohl's was a good plan, considering the backpacks are on sale now. (Still not entirely sure how I'm gonna get more jeans, but I'll come up with something. XD)
and now, the rough plan for going-back-to-school-ness )
I should probably get some more excavation in on my room.
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The Swordsmen weren't even there for this weekend. I am disappointed. Also they no longer seem to be selling steak on a stake.
However, Bunnies In Peril (a new magic show) was quite entertaining, it was cool enough out to merit a bread bowl - and soup, of course - for lunch, and I now have a patchwork skirt of Awesome. All in all, a good day. (Huzzah!)
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meme time!: Give me a title, a fandom and a character/pairing. Say for instance, five cats Morwen had before the group in canon.
fandoms: Daria, Good Omens, Rent (canon or squeefit), EFC, Milliways, Otherways (mainly Lexi)

Things What Need Doing:
PACK, email people with order form, clean out car, go to Half Price Books with old stuff, go to Oxford?, pay credit card bill, reboot iPod, see about burning the backup to CD(s), scan D&D maps?, avoid flailing.
Dinner with grandparents Thursday, Renfest Saturday, fireworks Sunday, driving to school Monday.
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*I have movie! (Which is good, as I was worried I might not get the package slip till Monday.)
*I have also figured out what I'm writing that history paper on. Interesting tidbit from the reading: There was TV wrestling in the 1950s. For some reason I thought it was a lot... newer than that.
*Totally got to watch Shadowe of the Dessert for same history class, the other day. And reading about 1920s Hollywood should not freak me out as much as it does. (Moving Pictures is dead-on in its satire, if you were wondering.)
*Subject line is not a Name That Tune. Anyone knows the source, though, I'll squee.
*Also, GIP. It's a Swordsmen quote.
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So the way I see it, what's the use of having a bold and stupid coloring book if I don't color every now and again?
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I am in fact still alive, for those who haven't seen signs of said elsejournal. Eyes and teeth (being the bits of me that needed particular appointments while I was here) are same as they ever were, so that's a plus.
There is perhaps a case of dripping misery, or maybe this time it's actually a science infection, and my nasal cavities are being filled with silly ideas about evolution. ::shrugs::
In other news, holy CRAP, folks, we have a computer desk! I'm half tempted to take a picture of it. And hey, I've got a camera now, so I could do just that.
I've also got an autographed bold and stupid coloring book, but that's another story.
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On RenFest: yay checkbook covers, and also raspberry lip balm stuff. Looked at shiny jewelry but did not buy that this year. And one of these days, I just might have to get the Bold and Stupid Coloring Book. XD
On hurricanes: God, I hope New Orleans is still there tomorrow. It's too cool for this crap.
On going back to school: What do you MEAN, in a week?!
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RenFest was brilliant. Got my Swordsmen fix, got my shiny from the jewelry store I shop at every year (this time it's a ring - blue teardrop-y simluated opal with... cubic zirconium, prolly, mounted to one side. I have the best birthstone EVER), at my steak-onna-stake for the year, and got rained on. (The umbrella helped a bit, but I still got soaked on one side.) Driving home started out with honorary Florida weather, it was raining that hard.
My legs're gonna be SORE tomorrow, but it was worth it.
[livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar chaos continues as usual.
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Driver's test Tuesday afternoon. And I still hate backing. (I figure if, for some reason, I fail it, then I'll jusst wait till after my birthday and borrow someone's car at school. XD)
Slowly but surely adding more music to my going-to-school collection. Got some other packing-type things done as well, and got some boxes when I stopped at work for my paycheck.
RenFest tomorrow! HUZZAH.
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There shall be RenFest-ing on Saturday! HUZZAH! (I highly doubt I'll go in costume, considering it's late August and the humidity would doubtless kick in just for the occasion, but still.)
The roomate emailed me tonight. Seems we'll be TV-less in the dorm, but that's all right unless I have a Daria craving. XD
Test of the photo-transfer trick for the t-shirt-making this afternoon. This is going to be somewhat tricky; it takes a LOT of acrylic medium, and wrinkles=problems. But I'd like to have that Band With Rocks In shirt for the first day of British humour, so.
interview meme, possibly the third set from Morgan (we've lost count) )
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Today: Kitchen repainting. They should've waited till after I left! But then there was spaghetti, and that makes it all right.
Also burned copies of all the BNL CDs, so now the parents and I don't have to fight over 'em.
A friend's coming over tomorrow afternoon (and we're possibly going to the RenFest Saturday!), which rather effectively gets me out of going to school with Mom. XD Before that I might have a go at making that Band With Rocks In shirt I've had in mind. (Knowledagble types - should I include 'be there or be a square recatngular thing'?)
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Moving Pictures is quite, quite wonderful so far. (Which is not very, really. But still.)
RenFest was fun. I've got a sunburn - suspect it's mainly from choosing a seat in the sun for the Swordsmen show. I mean, really, can't go without seeing them. They're funny.
And my usual necklace (because one of the jewelry stores positively rocks) was half the normal price. I ♥ markdown trays.
Everyone's posting these extremely long things for the RPage. I feel so inadequate now. XD Oh well, maybe I can come up with something related to the gig sort of thing.
...Buggre and BLASTE. I was meant to interview band members Friday or Saturday (school paper thing). Guess I know what I'm doing at lunch tomorrow.


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