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So work got a pinball game. It's called Temp Workers! They bounce you here, they bounce you there, back and forth and back and forth and when you drop out of the system, they just load up a new ball worker and do it all over again. That is only a slight exaggeration of the past two weeks.
Also, did you know the paint line moves faster when it's going backwards? I didn't. Until it decided to go backwards this afternoon, anyway.
In other news: I'm probably going to finish Second Foundation tomorrow. Is is bad of me to think the Foundation trilogy is what happened when the Firefly universe grew up? (Really, all that's missing is the Mandarin, but for all we know that's the galactic language of choice...)
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So the parents left this morning for Vacationland, this year known as parts surrounding my sister. I'm home alone for three weeks, two of which I'm still working.
Have read a tiny bit of HP7 (enough to wonder why everyone's bellowing, basically).
[livejournal.com profile] hpmugglestudies got [livejournal.com profile] gehayi and I Plotting, by which I mean A Magical History of the United States. It shouldn't be anywhere near as entertaining as it is, but I guess that's my inner history geek for you. XD
and now, the second episode of Grad School Indecision! )
And finally: Off in RP Land, it amuses me immensely that the PBs look related. It is a thing, perhaps.
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Happy birthday, Jen I.
Work continues apace, as these things do.
Car is still occasionally acting up, but not in a wholly preventive manner. At least for the next couple of weeks I'll have Dad's car to drive to work as well.
Finished Foundation and Empire at work yesterday, and totally called the plot twist about thirty pages before it was revealed. And I have a hunch re: where the second Foundation is. This is fun.
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tales from the crypt--I mean, factory )
In other news: I think yesterday's LJ blackout is part of a larger lesson in 'why you shouldn't concentrate half the Internet's data centers in one city.'
And my Ankh-Morpork Postal Service bag got here! It's not overly padded, but that's okay, I have a towel! I can still use it for Hex.
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Possibly I should not be allowed to think this late, but.
If I knew where a Potter party was nearby, to say nothing of the state of the overtime? I would totally gatecrash with a bucket of soapy lemon water.
"Someone said there was a wizard problem here? ...Oh. Sorry, wrong fandom."
(Alternately, if Harry and the Potters go to MHC again... XD)
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me: ::did not get much sleep last night:: ::wakes up just before alarm goes off anyway:: ...That's a fail, brain.
insert lurching off to work here. )
Meanwhile: Hey, Trina? If you haven't read the Foundation trilogy yet, I'm getting the sense so far (all 70 pages I've read) that it's right up your alley.
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*School types! If any of you are interested in the San-Francisco-for-spring-break thing, let me know. The sooner I start planning this, the more likely I'll go through with it, and I would definitely not say no to company.
*Flist types: Further to above, if any of y'all have insider information on the city, it'd be v. much appreciated. I doubt what little I remember from '94 will really help. XD
*Work did not suck today, though possibly I should put a word in someone's ear about the 'here's a new machine, go to it' tendency. It's... not exactly helpful when new parts come along and you have to adjust things and don't know how.
*Putting this up before it's too late, possible happenings in HP7 that would entertain me. )
*Now my other pair of headphones is starting to go. Dammit, I can't win here. XD
*Sign spotted on the way home yesterday: 'Anvil Lost. (phone number)' Not sure how one misplaces an anvil, but there you go.
*Finished Wicked; it was pretty good. Next up is... hmm, either Reaper Man or the Foundation trilogy.
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*Oxford, you're on notice. Construction blocking the fastest ways to the three major routes out of town? Not on. Clear some of that up.
*Grocery, you're on notice. What's with the lack of cookies and cream ice cream?
*...Hormones, you're DEFINITELY on notice. I've got my eye on you, no mistake.
*Self? You're on notice in general.
*Work, you're on notice. Fix the bloody roof. Earth-shattering kabooms are supposed to stay outside, not rain on the machinery.
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a work update )
My iPod, though its battery drains faster than it used to, will at least get me through most of a work day. This is good. Its headphones are kinda dead, though. I mean, the right channel's not supposed to fade in and out as you walk.
Meanwhile: ...Someone tell my brain "Eminent Thropp" is not an acceptable filk of Eminence Front. I don't think I even want to contemplate what the rest of it would be, really. XD
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+ No El Supervisor today either!
- No parts for to build things today either! (They did show up... eventually.)
++ Substantial canceled order -> large chunk of more substantial order -> us on schedule!
--- Substantial order NOT ACTUALLY CANCELED.
+++ El Supervisor's supervisor understands necessity of telling the people doing the work that the work is appreciated!
Rating as yet undecided (but probably ::facepalms::): I do in fact have a job for MM. Depending on how I feel about it there, it might be a job for other games as well.
All in all, not a bad day.
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There was no El Supervisor today!* Despite the two hours and then some of down time because we had no parts for to build things, it was a rather stress-free day.
This week's book at work is Wicked. It's long enough that it might end up being next week's as well. Conclusion so far: 'horrors' is kind of the best first word ever. XD
Have burned off the Pyramids soundtrack, and it is Good.
I might have a job for [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses soon, if this keeps up. ::le sigh:: Have I mentioned lately that my headspace is silly?
And now, the tending to the laundry.

*No one is sure if this is a temporary state of affairs or what. Time will tell.
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*...wow, El Supervisor, that was one impressive setup for Epic Failure. More on that will have to come later, however, due to
*I get my car back after dinner! (For the girl who didn't want to learn to drive after she thought about it too hard, I'm awfully excited about this. XD)
*I couldn't even get out of the parking lot this afternoon without a moment of '...um. um. UM.' I went to pull into line, and the car in front of me had one of those 'this is where I got my car' frames around the license plate.
Dealer's last name? Arbogast.
*Note to self: post ficbits about later. Also, research that spring break thought, and the financial aid thing.
And now, the feeding of the dog.
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Today's note: Pizza Hut is not particularly improved by pineapple. Perhaps next week I'll give onions a go and see if that does it.
Meanwhile, it's insane theory time!
ramblings of a Discly nature herein )
Note to self: If you've any real hopes of the San Francisco business, you're best figuring more of it out now rather than putting it off and it turning into your idea about going to New York sophomore year (i.e. not happening).
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Took some overtime for tomorrow, though it almost turned into 'make up for today's lost regular time' thanks to parts fun. I'm kinda glad it didn't, though, on the grounds that if I'm getting up an extra morning I want to get paid for it. XD
I should have a track list to post for the soundtracking I've been up to sometime very soon. This is good, as it means I can burn the thing off soon.
Speaking of music: I am undecided on how to spend some of my money. So I bring you a poll!
in which I need help with consumerism! )
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*I am blaming Quin for this, entirely. There may or may not be more (isn't that the way of plot bunnies?).
*So it transpired at lunch that my place of employment has run afoul of the EPA.
...Note to world, next time you pull that stunt, could you please not do it the day after I watch Ghostbusters? Thank you muchly.
*Speaking of Ghostbusters, I actually had far less cognitive dissonance between that and Sneakers than I was expecting - and far more between it and Real Genius. I think Walter Peck and Dr. Hathaway are more similar on some key levels than Ray and Mother ever will be. XD
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I am not blogging like it's the end of the world, as zombies are not so much my thing. Besides, if word of that kind of thing got out, I'd have likely stayed at the factory, where there's absolutely no shortage of blunt objects. Or power tools.
And anyway, who said zombies need be the end of the world? Just because they are in 95% of the available literature... seriously now. Knock the head off a Disc sort of zombie and it'll just ask you for help sewing the thing back on.
Not trying to be a mood-killer so much as pointing out that y'all need to consider these things before you go knocking heads off. XD
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Well, that was fun - about the only thing that didn't break on us was presenting a safety hazard. Don't you just love that sort of day?
I don't know why some of the orientation changes are in place, but hey. If they really want to pay me for sitting around listening to someone talk about blueprints, I'll take it!
Possibly he'd be better suited to a bit part in Moving Pictures. (Yes, we have no context.) Also, I think I'm adjusting to the early mornings a little better than last year, though only time will tell. Possibly driving with music on helps.
Car's going in on Thursday evening to get yon speedometer fixed, which is of the good.
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The orientation's changed, the security's changed, half the factory floor's changed, the supervision drama's changed... but the work remains the same.
Probably tomorrow, if not then then by the end of the week, I'll have a little better idea of how well I can juggle RPage and writing around the work thing. Once I'm used to it.
::just set alarm for 4:30 oh good GOD::
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Gainful employment starts Monday. And now we know.
The mother recruited me to help her clean out her still-life-stuff cabinet and reorganize it today. Conclusion: Art teachers end up with the best stuff. (She's got kerosene lamps in there! And a typewriter! And an old hair dryer! And a big black box that professes to be a flood lamp!) I might have to get my camera in there, for some of it.
and from the other day's edition of wacky crossovers: Solution to the Horcrux issue: Cast them into Mount Doom. (Clearly!)
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Possibly last night's bit was on the hasty-and-sleep-deprived side. I do stand by Never Tickle Sleeping Fandom, though. And the opinion that LJ truly bungled this one.
Meanwhile, it looks like the gainful employment quest is going to end the same way it has the last couple of summers. Oh well; at least it pays well.


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