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The Yousendit meme raids such portions of my family's record/tape collection as are most easily accessible. (No, really - we're talking prolly 300 racords here, and that's just 33-RPM. And lots of tapes.)
stuff you may not find anywhere else - available for one week. )
Also: Am working tomorrow, 4 to 9.* This Gainful Employment stuff catches on quick.

*Time zone translations: 1 to 6, Ji's time, and 6 to 11 AM Australian. Now you know when I'll be gone. XD
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Ashie, I think I've got something sorted out re: your birthday-fic request, but it... needs a bit of polishing. Keep an eye on the writing LJ. If I don't get it up tonight it may not be till Friday, since I'm going to have no life tomorrow (play practice after school and then probable symphony-ticket usage)*.
Started in on senior-edition stuff today; I am, natch, stuck with a boring job and not typing up the fun bits. Go figure. ::shrugs:: I'll get to see it all in the end anyway.

*It's uncertain because Mom's got somewhere else to be. Don't know if Dad and I'll still go.
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my fandom uses everything as a musical instrument! )
Roadtrip update: We're going, but not until tomorrow morning. EARLY tomorrow morning, though, so there may not be much viable log time (especially since the Australians didn't have any warning).
Speaking of Australians, Celestina is one of the best actresses ever. (Though, among the other giveaways I mentioned, you dodged a key question in there. Might want to consider answering such things in future efforts. XD) Best April Fools' prank since Princess Grace pretended she was moving to California.
Got two Sacajawea dollars last night from Jen II. They were sitting on the computer desk while I was running up some loggage with Martina and I thought, 'Hey! It's the last two of those coins! Somebody go tell Adrian...' (The preceding was an RPage in-joke. PotC parody.)
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(When in doubt, quote an obscure song for a subject line. XD)
Am not completely well yet, but I went to school today. Picked a good two days to miss government, as the teacher was also gone, so I only had two classes to get notes from. Once again hideously behind on the Les Mis front, though...
Log is still neverending, not so much from lack of inspiration as time zone constraints. (mumble.) ::pokes Ashie:: Two things - when it's done can I post it, and are you working tomorrow? (The latter so I've got an idea of how much might get done.) And depending on how long it might stretch things out, I've got a cool idea on the wacky-dream front for it.
Note to self: you owe people stories.
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Okay, I like days off as much as the next person. And at least I don't have a maths class to try and catch up with this year. But really, when they come with a snus infection (or something nasal, at any rate)? I'd like it to be over now, thanks very much.*
Watched a few episodes of Daria today. Fun times. I still know most of the words to the songs from the musical episode, and it's been at least a year since I last watched it. XD
I think the Log That Never Ends is actually winding down. Maybe. Possibly. As for other writing projects... it's difficult to say. Perhaps when my head drains a bit I'll get somewhere.

*Aha! A situation where 'thanks muchly' just doesn't quite fit! ::makes note of that::
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Brought to you by a REALLY angsty log wot is still in progress:
Bridge Over Troubled Water )
In other news: The washer has plumbing issues, I'm REALLY behind on reading Les Mis, I have to write the script for that drama thing, and I'm tossing around ideas for some of the requests I got yesterday (Morgan, yours might end up incorporating Discworld, but I'll try to keep it to where it makes sense to an outsider). So the party registration may get delayed once again. It's hard to tell.
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You'll have to excuse the bad Sesame Street song parody in the subject line, but like [livejournal.com profile] katmaxwell pointed out earlier, there's nothing quite like LJ for putting off scholarships. And actual schoolwork. XD
Have gotten something done on the former, but not the latter. And I really, really ought work on the latter (so here I go putting it off again).
Sometime over the weekend I'll probably post 'party registration' for the Vetinari for America thing, simply because I'm starting to wonder just how far this thing's spread.
On another note. When you're trying to log really serious depressing stuff, "Ape Man" is NOT a very useful song to have stuck in your head. (That was last night; the log won't turn up till at least the weekend. ::stabs time zones::)
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Speech-giving meeting for the next Kairos was tonight. Wouldn't be very nice of me to go into details, so we'll leave it at informative. Also, since this is at least the third retreat this year someone's used "Bittersweet Symphony" as a speech song on, I think it's an unofficial theme song.
One of my parents' friends seems to have gone off the deep end. Don't know all the details, probably wouldn't share if I did.
Have to at least finish notecards for the Hitchhiker's Guide speech. I'd call it about half-done, and am at least on firmer ground with conclusions when I can make a sales pitch.
I don't think that log is quite done yet, but nearly so, so even with the wonky hours we ought to be able to finish by Wednesday. (Celestina, you did get the last bit I sent, right?)
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I've been pretty much half-asleep ALL DAY. That is not a very good thing. I can get pretty nasty when I'm tired.
I at least expect it in the morning. Not so much after God-knows-how-much caffeine between the Vanilla Coke at lunch and the Pepsi when I got home.
I should take a shower soon, since there's an NHS thing in the morning. Watch me go. XD
Celestina, I think the start of the loggage is in your hands. What with the shower thing and the tired thing, I don't know if I could manage. (But that's the beauty of email logs - I can pick up the thread whenever.)
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*I got a 95 on my Little Prince analysis. ::feels accomplished! an A on a Renneker paper!:: (Perhaps only Kim and Kim will appreciate the full meaning of that one...)
*Celestina, if you'd like we can run an email log of birthday stuff between tomorrow and Saturday (my time), and then not post it till the appropriate day. Mainly, we'd have to do it then since the rest of the week's destroyed, between school and time zones.
*Drabblage inspired by Discworld theory discussion in the RPage (drabble: Bifurcation) has led to a need for the appropriate AU. Had I known that stuff in December or so, I'd've jumped at the chance myself, but as it is, I've no ideas. Takers?
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Still have to finish QB7 but I don't have that much left. Am intending to spend at least some time writing Research Paper of DOOM tomorrow, and probably working on the Discworld fic when I'm not working on the paper. Might also haul out Daria tapes, as it would be nice to premiere the AU sequel in March (that'll be my fourth anniversary of writing [published] fic, and a return to the fandom I started in).
But since my brain's already hijacked I'd better not push it.*
Celestina? You're back around semi-reliable computer access for a bit, right? 'Cause you can wrap up the bulk of the Counterweight RPage plot, if you'd like. I'll prolly get that tomorrow otherwise, but I figured since you missed the rest...

*There is a small Daria reference in the fic, though, to do with good locations for deep thought.
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I'm starting to get the impression that your email program hates mine. Did you get either of the last two things I sent you (one of them was yesterday, and I think the other was a couple days before that)?
'Cause if it's not getting through there I think I'll be trying it from my other email in the future.
On a somewhat related note, I think in the process of figuring out how to email Mom's school stuff to her school computer from here, I figured out how to get some stuff on the Pit of Voles if I so desire. May or may not try that over break.
Finally, this icon's going to [livejournal.com profile] schiarire as of Friday. I've got a Christmasy thing planned, and she expressed interest, so.


1 Nov 2003 02:44 pm
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I should be... I dunno, mooching around the band's warm-up area or something about now. But I didn't feel good and didn't think trying to go to the competition would work out very well. And a few band members told me to go home and get better when I said I didn't feel well. I really hate missing competitions, but today is just not the day. ::shakes fist at gastrointestinal distress::
But! The EFC sort of dragons got mentioned in the RPage! In a very roundabout way, and it seems like things are finally calming down (halle-bloody-lujah!) so we don't really need that bit, it seems, but still. (I may not need that brilliant plan from last night either, for what it's worth.)
Character development... prolly going up tonight. Not sure which tense fits, at the moment. You know how it is. (Actually, the current here-Australia time zone difference works quite well for weekends. Just not the rest of the time.)


26 Oct 2003 03:49 pm
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The football team smooshed whoever it was they played last night. Seems like the team only shows up at the beginning and end of the season.
Bengals are winning at the moment as well.
Never got to any of the writing sort of things I was going to do last night, mainly because I was spazzing over the RPage. On a related note, the time difference between here and Australia is now SIXTEEN HOURS. ::stabs time zones! and equator!::
I've really got to get some of this stuff done now, since I need it as such in a week. So, I think I'll go do that. Note to self: call a friend once the game's over (or something - just so long as you get to it this afternoon).
SFBC catalog has TWO PAGES of Pratchett (not counting the Monstrous Regiment feature). Wonder how many I can talk the parents into getting...
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First fall Saturday in quite some time I can say that. See, I was going to go. Really. But we left Applebee's late, and got to school right when the bus was leaving, and I figured since it's the senior night show anyway I don't need to set any equipment.
On the whole I'm glad I decided to stay home. I got REALLY tired right after we got back, to the point where I was actually lying down for a while (not a serious effort at sleeping, but even so), so I rather doubt I could've handled a football game tonight. And it's sort of been raining (on and off, style of thing), so I wouldn't've been able to wear my Halloween costume - not technically allowed to, but since I don't wear full band uniform anyway... yeah.
I at least got my sunglasses out for the occasion. Some of you ought to be able to guess the costume now. XD
Really ought write one of the things I need to.
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Reached a couple decisions while I was at it:
*There's really no point in me staying up as late as I have been on school nights, since it's mainly trying to talk to Celestina and half the time she's in school. So maybe if I start going to bed a bit earlier Mom'll get off my case a bit.
*You know, I'd never really thought of laziness as advocating exercise, but after reading Victor's opinion on that in Moving Pictures... it just might be worth looking into. (Book continues to be quite good, incidentally. That abandoned-theater-thing is positively creepy.)
In other news, I've got to write a short story for religion. I don't know to exactly what purpose just yet, but I'm not supposed to put my name on it (odd...). Result will likely end up on the writing LJ, and maybe also my book review sort of essays while I'm at it.
ETA: Beta Appreciation Day, is it? Well, I don't think anyone who's beta-ed my stuff will see this, but still. Thanks for all your help (even if I thoroughly confused you with Slight Return).
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Directing may yet be it. Was at school until 7 tonight due to auditions and then trying to sort out casting. I think we've pretty much got that done, but I'm not saying anything. Most of you don't know anyone involved anyway, and those of you who do get to find out Friday morning like everyone else. ^_^
And then I get here and can't even properly browse my friendslist. Lovely. (Note to self: email Celestina, see if she's up. That way we might actually get something done.)
'M not sure how the freshman retreat-sort-of-thing is gonna go tomorrow. I do find it interesting that this is the one freshman class I haven't made any real friends in so far. Slightly ironic touch, that.
Anyway. Here's to hoping I don't overload myself.
(Speech went well, for the record. I actually managed properly inflected sentences for the whole thing. XD)
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Subject line is another DVD!Soul Music thing I meant to comment on - I know I heard that before then. Can't remember where though. Oh well, 'tis still a brilliant pun.
And while we're on the subject of music... dude. Just... dude. This is clearly not a good year to be a musician.
On the whole I'm starting to wonder why I got up that early today. Then again... 259 comments? That I can read through (and in fact contribute to) before anyone expcets me to be up, so I'm not going to be distracted with silly Expectations? That must be why. And it doesn't look like the comment-barrage will stop any time soon, either. XD Back tonight for another round, presumably (since eventually [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya's got to go to sleep).
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So. Soul Music DVD. Not bad, but I think I prefer the book. The music was bleeding wonderful, and some of the altered jokes were good as well. But... squeaky wizards? Less fun with Crash and company? No Vetinari? Saying Skazz was ADRIAN? Dude. Just... dude.
< /pickiness >
[livejournal.com profile] tammaiya, there's a slight change in plans. I'm going to stay up as late as I can manage tonight and get up early Friday morning (which really ought be better for you anyway, due to the weekend and all).
Since it was somewhat of an out-of-uniform day today and there was nothing in the handbook that said I couldn't, I wore the Muppet Scarf all day at school. (Only scarf I've got, actually.) Also because my homeroom teacher said my sweatshirt was no good last time since it didn't have the school name on it. :b I find ways around these things.
I meant it when I said fic was forthcoming from the RPage, just it has yet to forthcome. Working on it, I swear.
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Today wasn't quite as all-encompassingly brilliant as yesterday was (grumbleparentswithExpectationsgrumble), but it was still pretty darn good. The infusion of small children after school might've had something to do with it. One of the kids was thoroughly convinced his parents weren't going to come get him. He must be new to the day care business...
Anyone else catch I'm With Her? Amusing little show, that. I can second the sentiment that grading homework IS homework, having seen Mom do it often enough. (And there's good music too!)
Soul Music DVD is at the library; will prolly go get it after school tomorrow (yay!). Speaking of which (in a very roundabout way)... Celestina, I don't know if we'll get anything done tomorrow morning. But I'm planning to try and get up early Thursday. So...
Love this CD, love Situations, love Tim and Maurice. Things are thing-like (to quote [livejournal.com profile] cheese_error).


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