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Has it seriously been a year since the Allpocalypse? Damn, son.
I've officially gotten [personal profile] quinby into Warehouse 13, and I think it's going to bear fruit come the next app cycle. :D :D :D
Meanwhile, belated Fic Friday! Unofficial theme of horses.

For [personal profile] quinby, on the occasion of our throwing one of our OCs into the Warehouse 'verse:

Kevin/Claudia, "That wasn't expected"
"So that's new," Claudia says, after they watch Pete deep in conversation with a horse for a while. "Stupid Greek Artifacts."

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:

Claudia and Artie, reined in
"No, *dude,* I got this if you'd just let me. You're not gonna get anywhere if you never upgrade this mainframe."

Red, Wild Horses
Red and horses don't get along; never have. But she's learned to make do with their nervousness if she has to.

Regulus, born free
Regulus sighs. "Someone's got to survive this, Bella. If I'm not involved, I'll be fine no matter what happens."
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