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So Noble Beast is my big music thing of the moment, I think. Finally listened to the whole thing after the concert, and... basically, there is nothing wrong with the world when I have that on.
(Also, in Why I Love Andrew Bird: He uses words like 'sociopaths' and 'eviction' and 'fratricide' effortlessly. I heart big words in songs.)
I'm having another of my vaguely-tempted-by-Twitter moments. Not sure if I'll give in this time.
I need to get my writing groove back, and figure out whether I'm going to try Nano (either in it purest form, where I'd probably try to focus on the Vincenia novel, or as a conglomerate of my November word count). This will take some grokking.
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The DC interview I had didn't get any further, though they did at least tell me they were impressed. Oh well; life goes on.
My writer's block made a brief comeback, but it seems to be going away again. I think at this point, it's fairly safe to say I'm not Nanoing, but I think I'm going to try to write at least something every day in November. I need the creative stretch, especially since I seem to have given up on the paper!journal.
And there will be [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, as well as the backlog of [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity prompts I've let build up again.
Otherwise, life continues apace. Resisted the urge to buy 1602 at Borders yesterday; was less successful in saving throw vs. clothes, but I do need the clothes more. And I can always put 1602 on the Christmas wishlist.
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As of last night, victory is mine, six months after I started the thing. This pleases me immensely.
Also, I have gotten over my talking-to-people-I-don't-know phone jitters along enough to get an eye appointment in (apparently, when you're out of your home state, you can't just go to the license bureau and get your eyes checked). So I'm doing that next Monday afternoon (note to self: 1:30), and then I can send the stuff IN.
Also also, I am IN for the noveling class next semester. This makes me feel a bit better about not having time to Nano properly now.
Now, I should commence with the homework.
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I've made some pretty good strides in my homework today, really. I could probably get away with stopping for the day, but I'd rather not do that until I've made a bit more progress. It'll keep me from dying later in the week.
That said: Give me some prompts, people. I feel like writing. The 'use these two or three random objects in some capacity' sort of prompt works very well, as does the random line of dialogue, though if you have a particular fandom/character(s) that I know in mind, mention that too. As long as it gives me something to put in my composite Nano word count, it's good. XD
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Radioing: Where you find out your black Sharpie's been in the bottom of your CD bag THE WHOLE TIME. ::facepalms:: But at least I know where it is now.
Also, what do I walk into on my way out of Blanch but a Nano write-in. It's taunting me, I say! (Talked to the ML for a bit; she said I'm still welcome to drop by write-ins if time allows, even though I'm only half doing Nano this year. That might be worth keeping in mind.) In any case, in with my conglomerate word count, it's my goal to get the Neverwhere crossover finished by the end of next week.
Responsible Adulthood-shaped things continue apace, more or less.
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What I don't have time to do properly this year: Oh, that would be Nano.
This kinda makes me sad, as Nano is fun, but... Nano + high-octane classes + fic already in progress would = death. And death is never fun.
I'm probably going to count most of what I write this month toward a word count, since making the little bar graph rise is way fun. And I'm hoping to at least start on the story I was going to work on this month. But I don't have time to Nano effectively.
...hmm. I think what will go toward word count is: Story, academia, fic work, and out-of-game bits for my RPGs. That sounds good, and is less of a pain than copying all my tags into a text file. XD
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A mosquito bit me under my eye when I was on my way back to Skinner after getting food. That? Is really damn annoying.
Mercury is still doing it wrong, but less emphatically so than Monday.
I have at least started my paper that's due next Monday; I think I'm going to end up spending that afternoon poking around the library and trying to pull together something coherent for the China stuff. (Why does the heavy-hitting research component have to hit just around Nano? Why?)
Speaking of Nano, that's probably not going to be as hectic as it could be. But oh well.
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This is not my best week ever. If it doesn't turn around in a damn hurry, it's in danger of being fired.
a to-do list, in the hopes it'll help )
Not much else to say, other than... yeah. I kinda feel like I fail at life lately. Someone convince me that's just my brain talking?
And now, the leaving for the meeting.
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So. Remember that thing of the writerly persuasion from a while back? That until Saturday I hadn't really poked at since August?
IT IS FINISHED. And off for beta-reading, of course, but IT IS FINISHED. In conclusion, best use of Mountain Day ever (and while I'm on the subject, I'm so glad I called the day. I really needed it).
It didn't go where I thought it would, but that's okay. I ended up recycling a couple of last year's Nano characters, and it was great fun working with them again.
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'tis the season.
and now, a more useful list. I think I need it all in one place. )
I'm leaving campus on the 19th. It's less work than it feels like at this particular moment, I know that much. People of Roswell: Standing offer of clementines. srsly.
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The Nano is officially past the halfway mark, I got lovely fun threads in two different games yesterday, and I should have a [livejournal.com profile] quinby within the hour.
...yeah, I'm calling it a pretty good holiday. XD
Happy Thanksgiving, kids. Y'all are great.
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Okay, this has ceased to be fun. I more or less don't have a voice.
If someone post-plague (or at least post-contracting-plague) wants to come down and hang out, I'd really appreciate it - kinda think I'd be in a better mental spot with company, but I really don't want to haul upstairs if I have a choice.
Also, I'm so screwed re: Nano. I'll at least pass the halfway mark once I can write again.
Also also, happy birthday to those whose it is.
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I'm behind on Nano and I didn't go to class today because of this damn plague. Have to go to Ren Dance tonight, as I've already used my two skips, but I'll deal.
At any rate, I have Internets in my room again, and there was much rejoicing.
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I... am too full of ick to Nano. Hi, Mount Holyoke plague, how are you today?
On the other hand, I think this is the first time since my first semester, if ever, that I'm not waitlisted for anything upcoming. I need to figure out when the hell I'm going home for Christmas and let the parents know, but I think I want to come back for J-Term this year.
And finally, the subject line is Entirely Quin's Fault.
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[livejournal.com profile] quinby left here this morning, for those keeping track. A grand time was had by all, complete with lots and lots of musical fun at work last night. (Possibly I should be scared by how well she and Sara hit it off, but hey. XD)
So now, I'm hanging out in the living room (mumble mumble dead Internet box mumble), nominally doing homework, and hoping my Nano muse didn't utterly abandon me over the weekend.
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So the Nano is up over 19K, in anticipation of... likely not getting much written this weekend at all, hi impending company.
meanwhile, a dilemma. (quadrilemma?) )
So since I can't make up my mind, you make it up for me:
[Poll #864439]
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Dear Ohio,
Thank you for not being full of Dumb this time. If you'd elected the guy who's been accused of election fraud re: '04 ballots, I would have had to smack something. Also, voting down the smoking thing backed by the tobacco company? Good move.
Love, me.

Meanwhile, I'll just open up a rain mine and work on Nano.
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*Voted last week, huzzah for absentee ballots.
*Totally rocked the on-air exam last night.
*Started that paper as well, before I went to DJing.
*Nano did not in fact kick my ass; I think it's waiting until the weekend. XD
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Dear English department, why are all the awesome classes on Tuesday afternoon next semester? (I want to take another creative writing class, but I need more 300-levels, and a seminar would be the sensible thing to do, but... history of the language.)
At least the Monday/Wednesday thing was an easy decision. Not sure about the fourth class, or taking more PE credits, but there you have it.
In the here and now: I don't want to write the paper that's due Wednesday. I feel like things are piling up, even though they aren't really, so my brain's trying to panic for no good reason. Prolly doesn't help that I have the DJ exam tonight - and I know that won't go badly, but still.
This, I think, is where Nano kicks my ass.


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