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We have a TV now! And the purchasing power to get a decent mattress! We may have to pull in the other furnishings more slowly than we wanted, but OH WELL. We'll figure it out.
Meanwhile, hopping back on the #FicFriday bandwagon!

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Claudia, Ooh, that was close
She realises her new guitar might be an Artifact when she pulls off a tough song - and can't hear for the next 10 minutes.

Red, Remembering the taste of happiness
Teaching Snow to live off the land helps erase the sting of remembering doing the same things with Peter.

Apollo, Maddening
Apollo could swear sometimes that his father is the single most arbitrary being in existence. It gets old fast.

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Apollo, home
There are people who assume Apollo feels at home in Florida, what with the Sunshine State thing. They're wrong; it's too humid.

Rebecca and/or Phyllis, what I do best
Phyllis doesn't apologise as she snatches the Farnsworth off Charlie's desk; there's no time. She may have just cracked this.

Claudia, a proper mess
"Another fine mess you've gotten us into," Claudia mutters. (Pete's found Laurel and Hardy's hats; she actually can't help it.)

Imp, change of plans
Three hundred dollars and no real return on his investment later, Imp decides it's a waste of time and money.

Red/Charles, just let go
Once Charles convinces her she's safe, Red opens herself up to the memories. It's truly a revelation when she does.
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