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Gainful employment starts Monday. And now we know.
The mother recruited me to help her clean out her still-life-stuff cabinet and reorganize it today. Conclusion: Art teachers end up with the best stuff. (She's got kerosene lamps in there! And a typewriter! And an old hair dryer! And a big black box that professes to be a flood lamp!) I might have to get my camera in there, for some of it.
and from the other day's edition of wacky crossovers: Solution to the Horcrux issue: Cast them into Mount Doom. (Clearly!)
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Driver's ed. Positively thrilling business (note the sarcasm). But the one video with the quiz in was kind interesting - I got 90-ish of the possible 100 points. It was the car-trouble sound effects wot killed me there.
Am at least somewhat more enthused about this play stuff than I was, though I don't know how they expect us to turn up for the last week of stuff when no one in the class has a schedule (except for Amy). Oh well. Hopefully we can sort out music bits tomorrow.
Discussion of the LotR movies after school involved What accidentally calling RotK the fifth installment - but that's really not far off. Take... wossname (starts with an S, I rather doubt I can spell it) as part 1, and The Hobbit as part two, and then RotK would be number five.
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Breakthrough: Something is on hold at the library. Don't know if it's the one I need or the one Mom wound up buying; hopefully the former.
Had fun visiting with the friend. Went out to lunch, watched A Fish Called Wanda, traded birthday and Christmas presents (a calendar full of stupid quotes!), went out to dinner, watched extended!Two Towers, had reading-time style of thing before attempting sleep, were both semi-awake at 3 AM (which resulted in re-inflating the stupid air matress), watched Finding Nemo this morning once she found out I'd never seen it. Insert LotR trivia, Harry Potter trivia and much discussion of Orlando Bloom, and you've got a fairly complete picture. (Have to find one of her poster photos for RPage iconograph purposes.)
She's reading LotR right now, but once she's read GO (her birthday present) I'm gonna tell her I've renamed her cats. Actually, I did that before I knew their names, but still.


27 Dec 2003 11:50 pm
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Those of you who've seen RotK and found a certain line too funny to be allowed (you know the one I mean)...
You might appreciate the subject line of this. Yes, I thought of it yesterday. No, I wouldn't've done it if it hadn't worked out so well, which you can take to mean the icon(ograph)s or the rest of the post (personally, I think it's both).
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Saw RotK. That movie ROCKS. (::completely and utterly fails to bring socks into the conversation in any way, shape or form::)
Some of the bits were dead on with the book. Other bits were 'what the heck?' I didn't cry, but I came close, and I applauded at least twice. I also found a few bits funny that prolly really, really aren't.
Could've done without, oh, all the trailers that weren't Harry Potter. That's gonna be a killer movie as well.
...And I really need to get back to the RPage sometime soon, don't I. (I was going to yesterday, but that bit where I said Dad and I nearly killed each other after the lights were up? Yeah, that happened.)


24 Dec 2003 05:21 pm
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*Heathen gods appeased. My total: 1200 words in seven fandoms (eight if you include the pirates).
*I'm sick, but it's not a sinus infection. so, less rejoicing there, but I am feeling a bit better.
*Dad and I got the lights on the tree last night without killing each other (though that nearly happened afterward).
*We're going out to dinner tonight and then we're going to the movie - since we all know there's only one out at the moment. XD This'll be the first in-theater movie on my part since reading Moving Pictures. Hope I don't start spazzing.
*And now, to go rec some pirate!fic...
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Except there's a writing request to go with it.
So a couple months ago Discworld/LotR tried to creep into the RPage. [livejournal.com profile] gaiamyles and I argued it away - the scope of Discworld is far too small compared to Middle Earth (where would you quest to?), the casting just doesn't work past a certain point, you'd never find enough elves (and I've got a hunch they wouldn't want to help anyway)...
I forgot one of my insane theories at the time, and recently remembered it - basically, it's the one bit of the thing that really does work.
Shadowfax and Binky are the same horse. Think about it! Big white horse, you have to be someone special to ride in the first place, but if you can get on you won't be falling off.
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It's amazing how long a two-minute song can go when it gets stuck in your head. Rave In On must've been going for half an hour around lunchtime. But that's not a bad thing... yet. Hopefully it won't be ever.
Changed the title/subtitle wossnames on the journal. 'Cause the raven is cool. Probable icon rotation here in a minute, which means dropping Crowley for the first time since I made it. ::brief mourning:: Oh well.
LotR bookmarks are proving next to impossible to get this year. I'll have to ask around - they gave 'em to teachers rather than putting them in the library - and see who's got Aragorn. And DUDE! somebody better have Eowyn.
Music with rocks in CD is on hold again, but tomorrow I'll at least be able to get one song on. Maybe more if the hold gets called in.
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More importantly, I have Wednesday off. Which is a Very Good Thing, considering I'm gonna be at school ALL DAY tomorrow. :b
Anyway. You know what I like about this fall as opposed to last fall? Listening to Bengals games on the radio isn't a torture session. They won this afternoon!
Have to go now, will pick this up later...
Right then - where was I? I think I lost the thread along the way. Oh well. Best of luck to [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya and the rest of the Australian contingent on those exams.
ETA: Oh, right - this is a must-read for the LotR fans. (Oh, and I think the Tim and Maurice love is spreading by way of my icon. yay!)
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Not that I was expecting anything else. (We've been reading King Lear in English class; just finished it today. Standard Shakespeare tragedy ending.)
BUT! One of the princesses actually says "holla, holla!" toward the end! ::SNERK!:: (Especially after some of the bits from the RPage community.) I didn't even know they had that expression in Elizabethan England.
Another reason why Discworld/LotR will never work: Angua is SO not an Arwen. Definitely not book!Arwen, anyway. Movie!Arwen, possibly. Either way she's more of an Eowyn. And this argument may not be applicable outside of the setup what was being carried on, but still. (For those who missed it, the argument is here, toward the bottom. But it won't make much sense unless you've read the stuff in question.)
Have small contribution to the Fairy Tale Sort of Mishmash posted. Fun times, fun times. XD
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Just... not going there. Let me put it this way - after the blazing row with the parental units moving the car up the driveway was cake. :b
Fixed the gaping abyss in my pillowcase, so that's good. Also watched about half of Two Towers. Didn't quite make it to the big giant battle. Actually, toward that point I was talking to Dad about the finer points of things (i.e. Faramir's character being butchered in the movie).
Love the local library's website. Ran a search for Terry Pratchett - they've got Interesting Times, but the status says "mending" so I get the feeling I couldn't borrow it. And that's the only one on my list of Next To Get. Nothing in the school library, of course.
But they've go tthe Soul Music DVD, so I just might get that! Huzzah for online hold options. (Don't know when I'll make it to the library. Tonight's not very likely unless I talk Dad into it.)


8 Jul 2003 02:42 pm
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the funniest quiz ever. EVER! )
Anyway. Nothing else of note is really happening, but thank you friendsfriends for pointing me toward [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes. Fun in abundance!
Got mail from the Army and the Air Force today. No thanks in terms of going to either, but I find it amusing that they're trying to get me there.
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Another storm tonight, minus the power-outage and the whole "watch the north wind rise" thing*. Which meant we got to watch Fellowship (yay!). Stopped it just before they got into Lothlorien on the grounds that Mom'll want to watch that, and she was going to bed.
Random statistic from the newspaper Thrusday (I'm not kidding here): Alcohol-related driving fatalities in Ohio rose from 350 in 2000 to 275 in 2001. That's what it says (minus underlining).
The new board is very much of the Spiffy. And I'll be able to link posts for you people now! (That was a problem with the old model - it put your username and password in the message URLs. But no longer.)

*If someone can tell me who did that song you earn considerable brownie points.


22 Jun 2003 09:50 pm
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the adventures of my friend's house... )
And now the book-lacking is starting to get to me. Not like I've got enough money for BOOK GET! to be happening anytime soon (as I owe Mom most of my recent lawnmower income), but everyone else and their cousin has it and, and, just. I wanna know but I DON'T want to be spoiled, I'd rather find out for myself. Speaking of which, points to the house of your choice to everyone for not-spoiling thus far. ^_^
Need to write something. Anything. Perhaps another drabble is in order. (Hmm... knives... [Don't panic, people, that's this week's drabble-thing.])
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[livejournal.com profile] afrai made this one. Something of a GIP due to random stormosity on the part of the weather.
Hey... ::ping!::
And maybe I'll get something done otherwise. Who's to say?
(afrai, if you're doing questions later it might be better to email them to me, as I prolly won't see them till Thursday.)
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Answers for twitchycat. Though by now it's the fourth time I've done this... mere technicality. )
In other news, this song is positively SQUEE in relation to a certain LotR pairing. If you've heard it I suspect you know; if you haven't at least find the words, as they will tell you.
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Went to Borders today - fun with Educator Appreciation. We now have A Fish Called Wanda on DVD, among other things, and a paperback actor-covers LotR set. Dad wants to get a hardback set, and I think when he does that I get the paperbacks. yay!
Have completely lost thread of RPG World. Am attempting to catch up in the other window. Can't even find one of my stories - DUDE!
Anyway. What I meant to say was, this is the Why I Like LotR post.
Morgan and any other interested parties - it's this way. )
Oh, and I meant to mention it last night - I'm now officially an award-winning writer. Entered the library's writing contest and got second place. There were two first place people, and my parents said they like mine better than either of the first-place. XD
I'll post it later, or at least a link to it.
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At least the crossover-ficlet will be posted online in its own right later. Not sure about the interludes.

First: A Good Omens/American Gods crossover-ficlet. War runs into the technical boy. Due to choice of characters, a bit heavier on the swearing side than what I usually write.
Storm )
Interlude ye First: Well, actually it was an interlude before I was calling them as such. LotR snippet I wrote because I thought the world needed a little something from the ring's point of view. Posted here in a blaze of non-publicity (but afrai noticed it!).
Precious )
Interlude ye Second: A Good Omens thing that randomly popped into my head one day without anything to go before or after, so I just wrote it as it was, and that seemed to work. Actually doesn't include any of the Horsepersons (gasp!).
Books )
And, er, Interlude ye Last: This is the one I'm scared of. It never should have been written, but I did just so it would be on paper and leave me alone, not to mention it was the only thing Miranda gave me at the time. And I still feel like I've committed a crime against literature. I mean, I can justify one strange plot bit, but the whole THING is a strange plot bit, and I never should have had the idea...
It's. It's. Well. Read it and find out.
Teleport )
And... well... there you have it. I wrote stuff during this exile academic ineleigibility thing.
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Even if I didn't have the excuse of reffing something prolly all of you have never heard of outside of my mentioning, I likely would've done it anyway. Because. It's fedora!Orlando. Like I need another excuse. XD
In other news, meant to mention that I got through LotR (five million appendices notwithstanding) in *exactly* a month. Would've been sooner if not for the combo sickness/boring half of Two Towers, but oh well.

...Of course, if I wanted the icon to go with the music this wouldn't be a GIP(ish). Oh, but that's all right.
(ETA: If I can find the time to hunt down pictures, I might be doing some Fish Called Wanda icons relatively soon. Mainly the fish, I was thinking. Anyone else want one? {I call dibs on "Wake up, limey fish!"})


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