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This week in short:
*My Yuletide assignment is Very Nearly Done (there's one last bit Quinn's helping me with), and I've lined up a beta. And I have an idea for a treat!
*Once Upon a Time catch-up happened; I'd fallen three episodes behind and then was told Sunday's was ALL THE RED FEELS, so I caught up on Tuesday. ALLLLLLL THE RED FEELS. :D :D :D :D :D
*Quinn's back decided to go 'hey, so that chair you were sitting in yesterday? NO ME GUSTA.' Officially diagnosed as a muscle strain (I'm just glad it wasn't a kidney stone).
*And then I went to do laundry and THE PRICES WENT UP. Previously I could get four loads out of a typical six out of a roll of quarters; now it's three, with a random dollar left over. CANNOT EVEN. I might have to start combining sheets/towels with something, if I can cram all that into the washer.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! (For newcomers: Twitter fic! Prompts given and filled on Twitter. Some of these are Milliways- or other-RP-inspired crossovers.)

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Red-Charles, freedom
What Red needs is people who understand that she can balance the human and the wolf; Charles never doubted she could.

Imp-Moist, an unexpected problem
Imp can't help wondering why Mr. Spangler's trying so hard to get him to invest in something. It's not as though he needs to.

Claudia, a virus in the system
She twigs to the problem right away. A, C, T and G in a DNA sequence, sure - but binary? This started in a computer, somehow.

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Red & Anita - quiet moment
Everyone else is sleeping; her mother's stroking her hair. Red relaxes and almost doesn't worry about Snow.

Red & Belle - sorry I tied you up
"I'm just saying, you might have thought that through a bit more," Belle says. "But I'm glad you found your center again."

Claudia & Moist - this looks perfectly safe
"Oh, sure." Claudia eyes the rickety bridge. "I see no way *this* could end horribly."

Phyllis - idiots
Her teachers tell her there's no future in computers, least of all for women. It's all Phyllis can do not to scream.

Cata - dreams
She doesn't dream of her time whitewashed, and quite frankly, she's better off for it; it's not worth thinking about.

Sam - balance
The blade's all but ruined; Sam's got half a mind to take it out of Arcie's hide, next time he sees him.

Apollo & Regina - shaky beginnings
"How do I fix it?" she says, and it's only because she sounds so lost that he pities her at all.
"Sadly, I can't tell you."

Regulus & Zoe Washburne - oolong
She's from worlds apart from his - quite literally, to say nothing of the time gap - but she brings good tea.
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