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On today's episode of Why Do We Even Have That Lever?: There is in fact floor behind my bed. I was beginning to think it was mostly interdimensional space full of dust bunnies. I'm most of the way through the 'various flat surfaces' stage of things; then there's 'things in drawers' (and won't that be fun) and 'unearthing carpet.'
In any case, I get to go be social with other former band people this afternoon, so that may be as far as I get. Tune in tomorrow (possibly) for more exciting adventures!
and now, an icon. )
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Work wasn't too bad, on the whole. One slight urge-to-strangle moment, but I kept from doing so (which is always good). But really, I just wanted to come home and RP. (Naturally, now I am home, I'm short on ideas. XD)
Mom had me help her with stuff at school, so naturally I wound up talking to the band director. I'm gonna miss one KILLER show (not to mention the t-shirts!), and apparently it's already in great shape. And there might be a flute section in concert band - that'll be the first time since my freshman year, when there were so many that I helped with percussion.
Kim, I forgot to ask Mom about the paint place today, and she's already asleep - I'll try and remember to ask her tomorrow.


1 Nov 2003 02:44 pm
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I should be... I dunno, mooching around the band's warm-up area or something about now. But I didn't feel good and didn't think trying to go to the competition would work out very well. And a few band members told me to go home and get better when I said I didn't feel well. I really hate missing competitions, but today is just not the day. ::shakes fist at gastrointestinal distress::
But! The EFC sort of dragons got mentioned in the RPage! In a very roundabout way, and it seems like things are finally calming down (halle-bloody-lujah!) so we don't really need that bit, it seems, but still. (I may not need that brilliant plan from last night either, for what it's worth.)
Character development... prolly going up tonight. Not sure which tense fits, at the moment. You know how it is. (Actually, the current here-Australia time zone difference works quite well for weekends. Just not the rest of the time.)
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First fall Saturday in quite some time I can say that. See, I was going to go. Really. But we left Applebee's late, and got to school right when the bus was leaving, and I figured since it's the senior night show anyway I don't need to set any equipment.
On the whole I'm glad I decided to stay home. I got REALLY tired right after we got back, to the point where I was actually lying down for a while (not a serious effort at sleeping, but even so), so I rather doubt I could've handled a football game tonight. And it's sort of been raining (on and off, style of thing), so I wouldn't've been able to wear my Halloween costume - not technically allowed to, but since I don't wear full band uniform anyway... yeah.
I at least got my sunglasses out for the occasion. Some of you ought to be able to guess the costume now. XD
Really ought write one of the things I need to.


18 Oct 2003 11:50 pm
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We got fifth place out of... ten or eleven, I'm not exactly sure.
But anyway. One of the bands did a *Monty Python and the Holy Grail show.* The drumline were the monks and one of the field commanders had COCONUTS and, and, just. About the only thing they could've added was a scatter drill at the end accompanied by "run away!"
The RPage plot was quite frankly starting to scare me for a bit there. I'd've posted something earlier, but a) I decided to think about it first and b) parents got home and we went out for late dinner (breakfast, in their case). And now I may not need to, at least on the thread I was going to pursue. Might still drop the comment I came up with for myself.
I'll never look at LotR in the same way again. XD

*I was laughing verbally at this band show.
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There was really no point in us being there - didn't get to play much, couldn't do halftime, felt like everyone was about set to kill each other anyway (never a good sign on the eve of a competition). Let's put it this way, I wanted to go home before the first quarter was half over, and I think that's even a record for me. And since I left my flute at school anyway, I talked to Kelly for most of the game. Fun times. She's probably going to the BNL concert with me and Dad.
And the football team actually won! Gasp, shock, amazement!
RPage has gotten very VERY insane as of late. Am resisting the urge to go in there and just post "CHILDREN!!!" (as myself - that's my phrase of the year). Mainly because there's no central place to do so, and partly because I don't think anyone would really notice. XD

GIP (ish)

17 Oct 2003 05:33 pm
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Because it's true (Discworld fans already know this, though), this has become one of my favorite fandom-snarkage icons, and after actually adding "adopting orphan interests" to my interests list, how could I not? (And anyway the cats don't have much to do with it, they were just in the picture I found.)
So I've had two Todd Rundgren CDs which I've heard... four songs off of (two apiece, as it works out) for a week now. And the only thing I've listened to from either of them is "Song of the Viking." Starting to feel like I'm slacking over here. XD
The football game tonight is in Indiana, and they don't believe in Daylight Savings Time, so I've no idea what time I'll get back. Or whether I'll have time for RPage when I get back, considering I've got to be at school at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Might try and post something before I leave.
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Moving Pictures is quite, quite wonderful so far. (Which is not very, really. But still.)
RenFest was fun. I've got a sunburn - suspect it's mainly from choosing a seat in the sun for the Swordsmen show. I mean, really, can't go without seeing them. They're funny.
And my usual necklace (because one of the jewelry stores positively rocks) was half the normal price. I ♥ markdown trays.
Everyone's posting these extremely long things for the RPage. I feel so inadequate now. XD Oh well, maybe I can come up with something related to the gig sort of thing.
...Buggre and BLASTE. I was meant to interview band members Friday or Saturday (school paper thing). Guess I know what I'm doing at lunch tomorrow.
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All right. Now that that part's over, a couple of things I promised people earlier.
1) On the subject of how all this plot wound up in the RPage: (best Ridcully impersonation) We can't be having with plot in this RPG! It's worse than characters!
2) Some song lyrics. It's not exactly Myddlle Engelifhe after all, more of the randomly-sticking-Es-on-words thing. But that's close, right?
Song of the Viking (Todd Rundgren) )
You are all hereby charged to go download that song. Also "Ambush" by Harry Nilsson (which would make a WONDERFUL band song).
Ought come up with RPage stuff. I'll only be up till one or so (three Celestina-time), due to RenFesting tomorrow. I do need some sleep, after all.
Oh, and I talked to someone I haven't seen since eighth grade today. So that was fun. (She wound up presenting our trophy!)
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That's as enthusiastic as I can be bothered to get about it at the moment.
a quick rant... )
On the bright side, I get to go to Borders tomorrow. Am definitely buying Moving Pictures, and will get Something/Anything? (it's a Todd Rundgren CD) if they've got it. Otherwise there'll be one or two more Discworld books involved, and who knows? There might be anyway.
Also, I owe a Real Life (TM) friend a birthday present. Last year she got the First Hitchhiker's Trilogy book, so I'll either continue that or get GO.
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First off - hey, [livejournal.com profile] randomfrog. To what do I owe the pleasure?
So I'm the guard assistant-ish person (in terms of getting their equipment on the field) this year. And sometimes I'll pick up a flag or a rifle or something and goof around with it. It's fairly obvious that I don't really know what I'm doing - I've been taught how to do drop spins twice and I don't remember it - but the stuff's still fun to play with.
Today one of the guard members told me I'm not that bad at it, considering I don't know what I'm doing. Go me! XD
Am out of ideas concerning RPage, and anyway Ade Celestina doesn't seem to be online. Maybe later (hopefully not hours later, though).
Music is entirely the fault of [livejournal.com profile] corialis, since she was discussing the band and their songs getting stuck in your head. Different song, though.


4 Oct 2003 11:17 pm
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Another competition today. Good news: our score went up. Bad news: so did everyone else's. But at least we got a participation plaque out of the deal this time. XD
[livejournal.com profile] katmaxwell - I meant to wish you luck before we left this afternoon. How'd your band thing go?
The recovery from kerfluffle brings fic. Also fanart. Much rejoicing all around. Also much of me just being a member of the community - that's my method of choice, having seen it in action. The fic, which looks to be a WIP, features a perilously-close-to-Mary-Sue who is about to get picked on mercilessly, from the looks of it. Fun times.
Really ought to post an RPage thing tonight, considering I didn't last night. But first I'm gonna make something to eat.
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Hate trolls, hate having to be such an elf* about things, hate that bloody stupid gel in particular (but she's gone and I'm not following her). But have at least decided what to do about the issue. Next troll, I get to find out whether I can boot people. ::smirk of EVAL::
I don't know if I'll calm down enough to post anything for RPage, though. We shall see. Ought at least be able to come up with commentses.
Football game was cold and wet. Unless there was a miracle after the band called it a night we lost again. NO PLAYOFFS HUZZAH.

*Morgan may be the only person who truly understands that ref; it's the long-standing nickname for mods at the Paperpusher's board (which I haven't truly visited in ages). They tend to do what I did - stay out of things till they well and truly got out of hand. And it's not exactly an accurate ref in this case, but it's the first thing I thought of when I decided how to handle that mess.
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It wound up being just me and Amy. But that's all right. We talked about all manner of stuff (mostly in-school drama - yes, including the band thing last night), and then watched Bill and Ted. She'd never seen it before and she's scared of Christopher Lloyd (the other thing I brought over was Back to the Future). An enjoyable time was had by all. Am relatively cat-hair-free, considering I'm wearing black and dark gray and the cat's white. XD
Thought of something last night - next year's marching band show could just be stuff by people who've died this year, and look at the variety we've already got. Just... DUDE.
Hey, the Bengals won. Gasp! Shock! Amazement!
Anyway. I've got to think up something for the latest RPage bit. ::smirk::
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Am going to a football game this afternoon. Of my own volition and everything. (Funny, I don't think I'm getting sick...) Miami's playing UC, though, so it ought be good.
New orphan interest: Myddlle Engelifhe. Spelled exactly like that. I blame [livejournal.com profile] shati and Agnes Nutter in equal measure. [livejournal.com profile] afrai had a bit to do with it as well, but not so much.
...Hmm. Ought call someone in band and see if I can still show up at the game, considering I missed the parade practice. And obviously I wouldn't be able to do the sappy Homecoming-Queen-crowning song, since that's mixed up in the parade practice somewhere. First time in my high school career I'm not sure whether I'm going to a school football game. (Though this one's meant to be our second and last win of the season... ::snerk::)
Note to self: raid Small Gods for that one line about turtles, and then start in on that idea involving it.
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Three BLESSED points away from third place. And we didn't manage to get any of the other trophies either. Just... gah.
And people in the band are being stupid, apparently. Wouldn't give names if I had them, but still. I think Andrew's getting close to homicidal-rage territory, and that is a very bad thing. Don't think I've ever seen him that pissed off.
(These geniuses getting the field commander upset... well, that's their funeral, I suppose.)
Anyway. Celestina, I'm working on a response for the RPage thing, I swear. Creative juices being a bit murky at the moment. But hopefully we can get something accomplished before I go to bed.
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RPage is rolling once again. (Camping trip... ouch. Just OUCH. Hope poor Ponder survives.) And in a fairly literal sense as well, if one takes that trip into consideration.
::adds self to list of people jealous of [livejournal.com profile] tammaiya for having such a cool English teacher::
Football team lost last night, but only 50 to 37. By all rights that should've been 50 to nothing. So the football team did something right but not enough of it. XD
Band's performing around six tonight. Wish us luck. I've got my fuzzy purple Muppet-sacrifice!scarf along for afterward, as it's supposed to get rather cold tonight. (Last night after the game it smelled like SNOW. It's September! In Ohio! That's just wrong!)
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So. School is over, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day (which si far has mostly been ignored... I know, I know, bad me.), and I've got to go do band stuff in a bit.
[livejournal.com profile] tammaiya! Email me re: RPage. I've kinda been plotting things in my head an dmight try to get some written down at some point (depending on available time).
Note to self: get drama teacher to play "Onomatopoeia" for class, on account of it being a truly brilliant song.
Another note to self: make another copy of afrai's by-now-much-belated birthday present (::kicks intervening postal services:: when you get home/tomorrow morning/something like that.
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Right; in search of happier topics.
One of my friends said she's going to make me go to Prom, since I've already managed to avoid homecoming. 'S nice that she cares and all, but still. XD
Seems we've got the latest RPage Situation off to a fairly good start. Now, if we could just find the time to plot it out... (Time zones are EVAL. If you don't believe me, try RPage with someone 14 hours ahead of you. This is gonna be one serious email log, once we get started.)
Played this really neat little game in computer class today, due to nearly half the people being gone. I'll have to get the link again from school tomorrow. Moral of the story: when in doubt, kill goats. XD
Speaking of tomorrow, don't know when or if I'll get to post. Might pull it off between school and leaving for the football game; cannot be certain.
(ETA: Food is like, this thing that you eat because it's that time of day when your mind just sort of says, "Dude. Food."
--[livejournal.com profile] schiarire)
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We lost tonight. And it turns out we actually lost last week, too - played an ineligible player (the whole academic wossname), so I'm guessing we forfeited it. Don't know, don't get that newspaper. Either way - :b.
One of the rookies in the band has read Hogfather! I have a person to talk Discworld with! SCORE!! (Haven't asked what else he's read yet, didn't really get a chance.) And someone tell me how I forgot the bananas = fish theory. How could I forget something that brilliant?
What's up with the RPage? I'm all confused now. (I mean other than Skazz and Adrian arguing. XD)


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