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I disapprove of plagues. Just saying. Am on to the 'nasty-sounding cough' stage of this illness's entertainment, which at least means it's on its way out, but still.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:

Red, know your way home
How far she and Mary go in the woods is never a concern; Red will always be able to get back to Granny's house.

Phyllis-Charles, the right sort of change
The more Phyllis hears about Erik's philosophies, the less she likes them. On his own he'll do more harm than good.

Claudia, the things that go boom in the night
The TVs at JFK are reporting an explosion in South Dakota. Claudia tries to ignore them as she hunts down her flight to Geneva.

Regulus, my way
It's simple: Bella's idea of fun is rarely so and often harmful, but the Ministry is broken. Someone's got to care to fix it.

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Phylllllis and a MiB (:D?)
"You realise, of course, if you try to wipe my memory you'll answer to Mrs. Frederic." (The man has the sense to stop.)

Imp & Porthos, I feel inspired to dance
Imp doesn't know the man and suspects he's drunk, but he's enjoying the music; that's good enough for him.

Cata, these pieces of me will be the death of you
Catherine always knows exactly what time it is. (Even the best whitewashing can't do away with everything that was.)
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