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Last night/today in My Brain Is A Weird Place (And Needs To Stop Giving Me Ideas I Can't Follow Through On):
Is there a vid out there of the Star Trek Reboot to the tune of Mr. Spock, and if not, can someone make one?
Because seriously. EPIC WIN OF EPIC.
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Oh, and the thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post.
So I saw a Gain commercial a few months back, running on the premise of 'when you first smell our detergent, time stops.' I saw it again yesterday.
For the first time since watching Dr. Horrible.
When I first saw it, said sing-along blog was very much around; I'm wondering if the commercial people might've drawn their inspiration from that. Whether they did or not, I'm never going to see it the same way again. XD
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ALSO. So I've finally seen this Dr. Horrible thing.
1) Even knowing it was a classic Whedon ending, WHAT THE HELL.
2) Otherwise, adorable!
3) More accessible insane theory of the day: So Cosmo totally does finances for the Evil League of Evil, yes? YES. (Organised crime, and all that.)
4) Less accessible insane theory: Dr. Horrible and Sam from Villains By Necessity; separated at birth, Y/N? (Y. Y Y Y.)
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With apologies to Frank Zappa: So since LJ's servers are in Montana, does that mean we should be on the lookout for Frank the Goat's dental floss empire?
Mom came down with the plague last weekend; I've been fighting it since Wednesday. It's mostly gone now, but... still. Not Fun. (And Dad, I know you're feeling it too, but you're the least sick of the three of us. So don't whine at me for not having the resources to go get you milk.)
On a lighter note, ICONS:
it was one of those things that had to be done. )
Meme forthcoming, possibly.
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And the news does it again: Some More of Clinton's Greatest Mistakes. (Okay, so that's not the actual headline, but still.)
Classes are over; two exams between me and my degree. I'm relieved that the academic part's over, at least, but... a little terrified about the rest.
Sold the rest of my books back, and then poked around the bookstore to see if there was anything worth using one of my discount cards on. And there was, in the form of PRATCHETT META. The world makes me v. happy, sometimes.
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A proposal:
So, since Monday was kind of a crap deal all around, and the date is relevant to my first-ever obsession... I vote we sink it. Anyone have an iceberg handy?
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...So, um.
That new adaptation of Knight Rider? Where apparently Val Kilmer did the voice for the car? (I only have Yahoo's word for this, me not being a TV-watcher.)
Yeeeeeah, now all I can think is 'So now we know what Chris Knight got up to in his later years.'
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Returning to this, since I think I've finally figured out the last verse. This is still all [livejournal.com profile] gehayi's fault, by the way.
The Wizards Who Don't Do Anything )
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Last night's cracktastic metaphor: Exactly why is it that people kick up such a fuss about the nuclear family? I mean, they might run cleaner than coal-powered families, but then you end up having meltdowns etc., and that's just not healthy for the neighbors.
It's about time America started looking into greener family constructions. (I nominate mine for wind power. We're full of hot air.)

On a somewhat more serious note, if any of y'all are in the vicinity of campus and interested in DJing, WMHC's having training Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. It's millionty fun!
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This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] gehayi's fault. Entirely.
The Wizards Who Don't Do Anything: a filk-in-progress )
Yeah, that's all I've got today.
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So work got a pinball game. It's called Temp Workers! They bounce you here, they bounce you there, back and forth and back and forth and when you drop out of the system, they just load up a new ball worker and do it all over again. That is only a slight exaggeration of the past two weeks.
Also, did you know the paint line moves faster when it's going backwards? I didn't. Until it decided to go backwards this afternoon, anyway.
In other news: I'm probably going to finish Second Foundation tomorrow. Is is bad of me to think the Foundation trilogy is what happened when the Firefly universe grew up? (Really, all that's missing is the Mandarin, but for all we know that's the galactic language of choice...)
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Possibly I should not be allowed to think this late, but.
If I knew where a Potter party was nearby, to say nothing of the state of the overtime? I would totally gatecrash with a bucket of soapy lemon water.
"Someone said there was a wizard problem here? ...Oh. Sorry, wrong fandom."
(Alternately, if Harry and the Potters go to MHC again... XD)
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*School types! If any of you are interested in the San-Francisco-for-spring-break thing, let me know. The sooner I start planning this, the more likely I'll go through with it, and I would definitely not say no to company.
*Flist types: Further to above, if any of y'all have insider information on the city, it'd be v. much appreciated. I doubt what little I remember from '94 will really help. XD
*Work did not suck today, though possibly I should put a word in someone's ear about the 'here's a new machine, go to it' tendency. It's... not exactly helpful when new parts come along and you have to adjust things and don't know how.
*Putting this up before it's too late, possible happenings in HP7 that would entertain me. )
*Now my other pair of headphones is starting to go. Dammit, I can't win here. XD
*Sign spotted on the way home yesterday: 'Anvil Lost. (phone number)' Not sure how one misplaces an anvil, but there you go.
*Finished Wicked; it was pretty good. Next up is... hmm, either Reaper Man or the Foundation trilogy.
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So Mom's out of town for the weekend. Dad and I rented some movies. This included Night at the Museum, since we both appreciate the good kind of ridiculous, while Mom occasionally writes it off as stupid.
Night at the Museum is DEFINITELY the good kind of ridiculous. All the history bits help with that quite a bit. Also, I think it's cool that Ben Stiller's character sticks out the job to stay in contact with his son.
(Also, before the Egyptian thing came into it - because it's always the Egyptian thing in movies; you want proof, go watch Please Don't Eat the Pictures - I was going 'well, there's the problem. Dick Van Dyke's on security. He's kept in touch with Mary Poppins since the chimney sweep days.')
Anyway, if you haven't seen this, even remotely like history, and appreciate the good kind of ridiculous in your clicks, I highly recommend it.
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Today's note: Pizza Hut is not particularly improved by pineapple. Perhaps next week I'll give onions a go and see if that does it.
Meanwhile, it's insane theory time!
ramblings of a Discly nature herein )
Note to self: If you've any real hopes of the San Francisco business, you're best figuring more of it out now rather than putting it off and it turning into your idea about going to New York sophomore year (i.e. not happening).
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*Why is paulkidby.com full of cool stuff that's listed in British prices? I do think I'm gonna end up getting the Postal Service bag, but but but Band With Rocks In print. And Death-onna-bike shirt! ::geekflail::
*Also, BNL concert downloads. I want to know if I can be heard on the Amherst concert, and the Cincinnati one has Light Up My Room. Decisions, decisions.
*I have a couple more plain t-shirts, on the grounds that home-decorated shirts are always a good thing. I think one might have to be the dog-Latin translation of 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss' from Night Watch. I'm open to suggestion, though. XD
*Finally: Somebody write C-3PO meeting Marvin the Paranoid Android? It needs to happen. Doomsaying droids for the win!
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I am not blogging like it's the end of the world, as zombies are not so much my thing. Besides, if word of that kind of thing got out, I'd have likely stayed at the factory, where there's absolutely no shortage of blunt objects. Or power tools.
And anyway, who said zombies need be the end of the world? Just because they are in 95% of the available literature... seriously now. Knock the head off a Disc sort of zombie and it'll just ask you for help sewing the thing back on.
Not trying to be a mood-killer so much as pointing out that y'all need to consider these things before you go knocking heads off. XD
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Gainful employment starts Monday. And now we know.
The mother recruited me to help her clean out her still-life-stuff cabinet and reorganize it today. Conclusion: Art teachers end up with the best stuff. (She's got kerosene lamps in there! And a typewriter! And an old hair dryer! And a big black box that professes to be a flood lamp!) I might have to get my camera in there, for some of it.
and from the other day's edition of wacky crossovers: Solution to the Horcrux issue: Cast them into Mount Doom. (Clearly!)
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Hex? Please don't scare me by not starting. It's not nice. (ETA: It's possible I just missed the startup noise since the click was up so loud. But still.)
Meanwhile: Shrek 2 is what happened to Lady Lilith after the events of Witches Abroad. I will not be convinced otherwise. (And Puss in Boots totally hung around the Assassins' Guild, but missed some of the key points.)


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