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LJ, LJ, LJ. Will you ever learn? There are new beta shenanigans afoot, and it's... well. I'll let it speak for itself. (Also, guess what they first rolled out in public on the Russian side of things?)
My favorite comment is from one of said Russian users (I love Chrome's translate button): "If this is your idea of a joke, you have a very poor sense of humor."
Given that, I think I'm going to stop crossposting to LJ effective November 30th. It's my 10th LJversary; there's something nicely symmetrical about that. Still trying to figure out what that means for lower_tadfield, but I'll consult the comm first, whatever it is.
In happier news, there wasn't much Fic Friday (now technically Fic Saturday, but whatevs), but it did happen!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:

Red-Charles, healing
Before the mess in the woods, Charles is helping Red heal. Afterward, they're helping each other.

Charles-Phyllis, I see you
Phyllis finds it a relief to have someone she can speak her mind to with no pressure (and later, that she doesn't work with).

Claudia, what I want
What she wants is to find Joshua, and nothing is going to get in her way, least of all some dinky firewall.

Apollo, damn prophecies
Just because Apollo saw this coming a mile (and a few decades) away doesn't make it any easier to watch happen.
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