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Some enterprising soul in one of Mom's classes whipped up Half Life: The Board Game. Not sure how exactly that works, from what I know of the game, but I was highly amused nonetheless.
Also, I've got another couple Dreamwidth invite codes. Anyone interested? ([livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice, I'll send you one of the now-three in a bit.)
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*Since I naturally forgot to mention on Sunday: Holy crap, this thing is six years old now. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN.
*Did the visitation-and-funeral-Mass thing last night and today; a former teacher of mine died over the weekend. It wasn't a terrible shock, but it still sucks. (And I'm still Not Pleased with the last two times I did this particular bit, since they were bigger shocks to the system.) On the bright side, I talked to some people I haven't seen in years.
*Note to mother: I cannot magically 'find a job' in one day, though I can certainly look for one. (And I did that, I've been doing that, I hope I can get one in this bloody stupid economy.)
*On a lighter note: Writer types who haven't already seen? [livejournal.com profile] hogswatchfic! It's like Yuletide, but with a later deadline and no fandom limits and less stress and... not terribly like Yuletide at all, really, except for the 'fic for the holidays' part.
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Our cable came back Wednesday, just in time for Countdown!
Got all kinds of in-house stuff done yesterday, and somewhat less today on account of Leaving The House (gasp!); still, productivity of a sort is afoot.
Job search is also afoot, in that I've applied to some more things where I want to go and asked about subbing around here. Now the question is, would the payoff be worth all the hoops I'd need to jump through to get that?
We might be going to the Renaissance Festival Sunday. This would be of the Good; hopefully I'll be able to see the Swordsmen this year.
In conclusion: arr matey etc.
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Mom's plan for cleaning the pug mill (take it outside, apply hose until clay is gone) was a good one... until the garbage can it went outside on overfilled and tipped over. I'm just glad it didn't fall on me.
I really do need to collect the memes I owe people. But for now, Vids I Would Make If I Had the Know-how/Technology:
*Sneakers, to the tune of Eminence Front. (It would end with someone getting pistol-whipped. That's all I know for sure.)
*Sneakers, to the tune of Tables and Chairs, focusing on the end of the movie. ('cause this song just makes me go 'oh, Cosmo' and facepalm a lot. XD)
*Iron Man, to the tune of Real World, because I am now convinced that song is secretly about Tony Stark.
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I aten't dead, for those playing along at home. (And in case anyone was wondering, re: last Tuesday? Viking hordes and tornado warnings: Two not-so-great tastes that do not, in fact, taste great together. At all.)
Have a couple of memes to tend to, from the last few days; I'll get to them eventually.
I'd like to see Iron Man again while it's still in theaters, but the show times aren't terribly convenient and I don't know if it'll be in town after tomorrow what with new releases. (Pity I likely missed it at the drive-in. That would've been AWESOME.) Oh well; if I don't get to it, there's always the DVD release.
This afternoon, there's a band-alums picnic, which I suspect will be equal parts fun and 'what do you MEAN you graduated?!' All I have to do is Mapquest directions.
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Seen on one of Mom's student's artwork: "Free hobo with purchase of a large milkshake!"
me: ........I don't know how that works, unless it's one of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.
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As of yesterday, I have a list of things I want to write at some point this year. Perhaps [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity would be a good starting point. (I may also have a Nano project, down to working title, but it's going to take a hell of a lot of world-building, and maybe some research, But I can do it!
...Once I get the bloody fic to shut up for three seconds. XD)
Some of the mother's students want to meet me; I periodically forget that none of them actually went to school with me. So that's going to be my afternoon.
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*The mother called yesterday and went 'we have to send something to your dorm on Tuesday, not your mailbox.' Now I'm just wondering what kind of birthday present could possibly be that urgent. (I also don't know if such is possible, but we'll find out.)
*Further: The teacher I posted about last week will apparently be having some treatments done in Boston. This may call for a weekend excursion at some point.
*We have beta readers because they pick up on phraseology like 'laundry on the burner.' No, I don't know where that came from. XD At any rate, it's now excised from the copy, and after some more editing I think there shall be RP-shaped things.
And homework, of course, but that's sort of an ongoing process.
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Between stumbling into algebra and finding my knack for (and interest in) writing stuff, my math brain fell by the wayside. This became a particular point of contention in high school, often resulting in my loss of Internets privilege until I had proof my grade was going up.
But I never thought my teachers hated me. I knew perfectly well my grades were my own fault - or achievement, as the case sometimes was - and when things didn't make sense, I had the option of asking for help. And sometimes it was fun. (I still remember the first problem we tackled in precalc, and my non-mathematical answer to said: 'The car didn't use ANY gas over that distance because it was going in excess of 100 miles an hour, and was therefore a 1926 Bentley I was reading about over the summer!' XD)
Basically, this is a long-winded way of saying my mom called this afternoon; the math teacher I had my sophomore and junior years has cancer. Lots of cancer. It doesn't look good.
It's just... one of those things.
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Today on My Mother's Students Are Very Strange: "Ha, ha, ha! I'm actually an evil cyborg snail pirate communist with a chainsaw!"
This message is brought to you by 'well, no one told me the portfolios didn't apply to the usual art-past-end-of-year policy!'
So yeah, that's my day so far (with a side of lunch). How are y'all?
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...Well. That was interesting. But I guess the air's cleared, now.
This entry brought to you by Cryptic Leanings.
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Quin's letting me borrow Without You - lovely, lovely book. Started last night, am a bit over halfway through. Just... lovely. (And some of the early lyrics for Rent are HYSTERICAL.)
Am going to senior Mass at my high school tomorrow, since the last few people I really know well are graduating (WTF, mate). Also, weather here went from late March to mid-July in the course of a day.
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There shall be RenFest-ing on Saturday! HUZZAH! (I highly doubt I'll go in costume, considering it's late August and the humidity would doubtless kick in just for the occasion, but still.)
The roomate emailed me tonight. Seems we'll be TV-less in the dorm, but that's all right unless I have a Daria craving. XD
Test of the photo-transfer trick for the t-shirt-making this afternoon. This is going to be somewhat tricky; it takes a LOT of acrylic medium, and wrinkles=problems. But I'd like to have that Band With Rocks In shirt for the first day of British humour, so.
interview meme, possibly the third set from Morgan (we've lost count) )
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Work wasn't too bad, on the whole. One slight urge-to-strangle moment, but I kept from doing so (which is always good). But really, I just wanted to come home and RP. (Naturally, now I am home, I'm short on ideas. XD)
Mom had me help her with stuff at school, so naturally I wound up talking to the band director. I'm gonna miss one KILLER show (not to mention the t-shirts!), and apparently it's already in great shape. And there might be a flute section in concert band - that'll be the first time since my freshman year, when there were so many that I helped with percussion.
Kim, I forgot to ask Mom about the paint place today, and she's already asleep - I'll try and remember to ask her tomorrow.
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Hey, look. I actually had a social life tonight! ::gasp::
Went and saw a movie with a friend. Movie: Napoleon Dynamite. Was... odd. I don't know that it really had much of a plot, but there was a llama, and that made me laugh. (As did other bits of it.)
::pokes Ashie:: What's going on with that log, anyway?
Don't know that I'll be around tomorrow, between working (I have to open! Ack!) and the concert. It better not rain tomorrow. I'll have a go at sneaking in somewhere, though.
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Work was OK. The co-manager said she could see me going to a Clay Aiken concert and the Clay Aiken fan going to a BNL concert - don't know how she reached that conclusion. I don't even watch American Idol. (Speaking of BNL, I'll prolly be going to the show, if I can manage to get tickets. I think we might have to drive down there to get around Ticketmaster, though.)
I'm going to write something I should have written sooner. Actually, that my entire religion class second semester should have worked on before we left. And then I'll prolly start raiding the parents' CD collection so I can start copying once we get more CD-Rs.
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the Yousendit meme gets sound effects from RCA Records and Tapes. )
Mom says the yearbook is done, other than a couple fiddly bits. ::rejoices!::
Got mail today from somebody I went to school with before Badin - she wants to catch up. Pleasant surprise.
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I've had just about enough of plant matter for one day (if not longer). Prolly misidentified some Virginia creeper as poison ivy, but I'd rather make that mistake than the other way round.
Finished off that preregistration thingy, finally. On a related note, love me some search-by-region: [livejournal.com profile] mhc2008! Complete with mix CD/tape exchange, even. Coolness.
Helped Mom and Vanessa finish off some yearbook stuff this afternoon - before I got to 'em, the track team pages were a MESS (and still mostly about volleyball). Now they just need some minor tweaking.
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(Back to Name That Tune, by the way.)
Princess Grace's party was today. Fun times. Talked about all manner of things.
Dad needs to get better like NOW.
There won't be any of the mad crossover tonight, mainly because the next bit is only a paragraph long at the moment. Instead, there might be kiddie!book icons at the appropriate community. I've plugged the scanner in and everything.


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