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Ever realise you've been part of something for five years? On the Internet, which therefore makes it ancient?
[livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar is five years old. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE.
more babble about this nonsense; feel free to skip )
For those of you who've left, there's a meta!crack Back Room party in progress.
In less sentimental news: What is it about big-ass trucks that makes people feel like they can take up four parking spaces? I don't get it.
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Step One: Look at Ye Olde Character List. (There's one on my profile, of sorts, but if anyone else springs to mind that you know I've played, GO FOR IT.)
Step Two: Break out your character journals and have them ask my characters questions. If they have no questions, have them... I dunno. Say a word or random phrase and I'll throw a character at them to talk about that word or phrase and they can have existential debates about paperclips if that's their kink. The point is random, pointless, stressfree CR. If you demand an explanation out of one of my characters or have legitimate questions, personally and OOC-ly, I can also deal with that.
Step Three: There is no step three.

Not sure when I'll get to answering, but... go for it.
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With apologies to Frank Zappa: So since LJ's servers are in Montana, does that mean we should be on the lookout for Frank the Goat's dental floss empire?
Mom came down with the plague last weekend; I've been fighting it since Wednesday. It's mostly gone now, but... still. Not Fun. (And Dad, I know you're feeling it too, but you're the least sick of the three of us. So don't whine at me for not having the resources to go get you milk.)
On a lighter note, ICONS:
it was one of those things that had to be done. )
Meme forthcoming, possibly.
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I think the expansion pack of my short story is finally done. Now all I have to do is overcome the rest of the inertia and... you know, actually get things done.
Meanwhile: Ah, meta!crack, it's been far too long. I offer a recounting of my wacky hijinks therein, as that is what one does with meta!crack.
Also: Last week's Boston trip was made of Win. I may be bothered to do a full recap here one of these days. (It's in the paper!journal, meanwhile.)
ETA: This is not, it seems, a good year to be a young actor.
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Quin has requested fic, and while it will not make much sense to those not in [livejournal.com profile] therenegades (particularly Trina's games last year and this year), it's going here because that's where the audience is.
The Continuing Adventures of Finch and Arden (or something similar) )
(For anyone seeking the aid of the land called Context: this is the log in which Finch first appears, and Arden was my character in that campaign. Backstory for both has been somewhat modified for Trina's Corporation game this year, which is more of what this fic is covering than the D&D setting. There are no Corporation logs up yet.)
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...So, um. I have this little talent I like to call speaking too soon, and seem to have come into a copy of HP7 despite myself. (I think the mother got it for me; anyway, she said she'd already read a bit of the beginning.)
Guess I'll be helping out with [livejournal.com profile] deadlyhollow after all, provided I can at least write up the fun before I go back to school. I don't so much want to haul that tome around just for kicks; I'll need the shelf space for other things.
(Now the real question is: Which bit do I bring out the meta IC commentary for? XD)
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...Yeah, that's all I've got.
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So today, I think, merits script format.

my alarm: ::goes off at godawful o'clock AM::
Nyquil and Mountain Dew: ::do epic battle for superiority::
Nyquil: ::wins, handily::
me: ::zombies about work:: braaains caffeine!
it goes on. )
This concludes today's broadcast.
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Independent mobility, she is MINE.
Bloody finally.
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So I had a thought earlier, of the Discworld persuasion.
Back in the [livejournal.com profile] discworld_rpg days, I had reason to work out that the events of Moving Pictures made it to the Counterweight Continent, but only barely; given travel time and all that, they were only one or two clicks in when everything went to pieces in Ankh-Morpork.
But it just hit me today that there's no reason someone over there didn't make a click of their own. And now I kinda want to see the thing about the overgrown swamp dragon ravaging Bes Pelargic. (What's a movie parody without a riff on Godzilla, after all? XD)
That could, of course, just be because my brain is Weird.
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Theoretical to-do list for today:
Medieval-Commonwealth reading, politics reading, research for history paper, start reading Maus for other history class, get financial aid things ready to mail tomorrow, maybe finish Medieval-Commonwealth paper, go to bed early due to early class.
To-do list for tomorrow: Buy stamps, get stuff in mail, work on one of those two papers (preferably the one with LESS damage, so to speak), usual homework, maybe buy a belt, do laundry, watch movie for class.
ASAP: Grocery run, possibly.
Also, GIP. If you need to ask, you prolly don't want to know. XD
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Meta!crack strikes again. (Note: this may well take YONKS to load. We're all insane. XD)
RenCon was fun, and meeting [livejournal.com profile] sotto_voice was lovely, though she couldn't stay long. And I am utterly failing to focus on my homework.
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You know what's cool? Rereading some of your old Nano and finding it doesn't suck. That's cool.
(To that end, I'm doing some stuff with [livejournal.com profile] ivory_ivory again.)
Also: I love this game, rather a lot.
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...So. That one big tree that looked like it was about to fall on Wilder?
Totally fell on Wilder. (Props to Sara for seeing that coming last year.) There's a chunk off the roof, and about half the tree is now on the ground. Blanchard gossip is that someone was under it at the time, and that whoever it was is more or less okay, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. (Would explain all the sirens earlier, though.) Might be pictures later, if I remember to grab my camera before I go to Renegades.
Days like these, I'm glad I'm not in Prospect.
a translation, for those unfamiliar with MHC )
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Oh woe and angst, there's a HOLE in my khakis!
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oh look, a music meme! Guess away, kids. )
Also: Dear God, they won't shut up! If this is the sort of thing they do all the time I'm glad we're usually spared threading it. XD (Edit: they finally did stop. 203 COMMENTS LATER HOLY CRAP. That was... I don't even know.)
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::watches as plot eats [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar, and also brain::
I'm so glad nothing came of this when I tried to get it going in October.
I'm equally glad this isn't a Holy Wood plot. That would just... ack.
And I am NEVER DOING A GAME-WIDE PLOT AGAIN HOLY CRAP. Fun as this is, it's driving me just a wee bit batty. (Well, battier than usual.)
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A theory, brought to you by my rereading and the latest Milliways plot:

So, do you think the EFC wizard-liquifying trick would work on Riders of the Dark?
(I'm inclined to think it would just piss them off all the more, being drenched in soapy lemon water, but it's an amusing thought.)
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some thoughts:
There's meta!crack, and then there's meta!crack... and then there's just plain crack. XD
It is not useful of the bank to close at four. However, I have caffeine and clementines, so all is well.
I think I can get my creative writing stuff done, and possibly even turned in, tomorrow. This will help a lot.
Also, GIP.
also also, iTunes meme, gacked from... half the world by now. )


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