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So, Yuletide! Once upon a time I had grand plans of signing up and requesting a fix-it fic for a certain Cold Case episode, because a) it really truly needs a fix-it and b) BOOTLEGGING LESBIANS. And then, even though I nominated the characters, I didn't end up signing up.

But I did end up writing it.

I got my gal (who could ask for anything more) was me - short, sweet, not easy but hopeful. I realised after writing it that it can't be a fix-it in the 'and they all lived happily ever after' style. That would do a disservice to canon, which never shied away from how much humanity sucks sometimes. This is a white girl and a black girl trying to get by as a couple in the '30s; it was never going to be sunshine and puppies.

But it fixes the part of canon where it all went wrong, and gives them a chance. I like to think they make it work, but that wasn't the part of the story that needed telling.

([personal profile] rosabelle, I confess to wondering if you worked out it was me. XD)
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So you know that Cold Case/Warehouse 13 crossover I started back in February?
Six months and eight thousand words later, it's done. (It's more 'Cold Case with a dash of Artifact'; you shouldn't need deep familiarity with both shows to enjoy it.)

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Oh hey, it's a meme. I'll take it on.

I currently have 146 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 146 (the first* thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

*'First' is relative, as I've backdated some things.
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This crossover was the best idea ever. Even though it gives me all the feels (soundtrack included - and yes, of course it has a soundtrack). Relatedly: Would anyone be interested in betaing a Cold Case/Warehouse 13 crossover when I've got it done? My usual W13 beta doesn't know Cold Case well enough to carry the weight, so. (I also need to figure out how to share said soundtrack.)
Venturing into Freelance Land of late; it's slow going at the moment, but I did get a nibble yesterday. Oddly, I'm finding it easier than regular job-hunting; go figure.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
small but awesome set, this week )
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Not much to report this week. (Though I am considering finally writing the Cold Case/W13 crossover that's kicking around my head. If I do... it'll rip my heart out, just like Cold Case does. Right in the feels, every time.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
less than last time, but )
Also, if anyone wants to leave a shortfic prompt here, go for it.
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Now that [community profile] fandom_stocking's live, I can share what I wrote for it! I only managed a couple things; I think the amount I ended up writing for Yuletide fried my brain a little. But I wrote these:

When we're out of town (Once Upon a Time, G), in which Ruby and Belle plan a road trip, just in case they can ever actually take it.

The Business of Second Chances (Warehouse 13/Science RPF, G), in which Mrs. Frederic presents Alan Turing with a third option. (I don't generally do RPF at all, but the person's notes said they like Alan Turing in any setting, and... my brain wouldn't let it go. XD)

(And unrelated, but speaking of things my brain won't let go of: Will Always Find, also known as the Snow And Red Are Detectives AU. IT IS SO MUCH FUN and I'm plotting things with [personal profile] ashen_key for the first time in years and I know Who Done It now.)
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You know what this is?


It's awesome, is what it is.
(I may have already written an OUaT detectives AU. I may be sorely tempted to continue that AU.)
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Happy new year, everybody. And now, YULETIDE REVEALS. This year I wrote:

Equus ferus malus (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog), my assignment and exactly my favorite kind of fic to do: Working from scraps! My recip asked for Bad Horse backstory, and this is what came forth. (Annnnnd now I can go read "Equus malus" because apparently there's only one thing to call Bad Horse fic. XD)

A Word to the Wise (Warehouse 13), in which Rebecca and Jack investigate a mail deluge and Privilege Is Discussed. As best as you can discuss privilege in 1960, at least.

The Tragedy of Oswald, Prince of Volinar (Villains By Necessity); I had grand plans for a VBN treat, but what really wanted to be written was That Time Cata And Sam Mocked Not!Hamlet. ([personal profile] ceitfianna, I believe you can call in an 'I guessed it!' fic request.)

Time is the healer (but oh how it flies) (Warehouse 13), in which Claudia decides to treat HG like a grieving human being for a change rather than let her stew in her own juices.

Many, many thanks to [archiveofourown.org profile] wyomingnot for "Whistler's Coda"! It was wonderful.
Commentaries on my fics, as is tradition, will go up on [personal profile] afewsmallrepairs just as soon as I get around to posting them.
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Front-half-of-the-alphabet Yuletide recs, this time!
in which there are many good things )
Aaaaand that's all, unless and until I poke at Madness!
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It is YULETIDE REC TIME, people! Starting from the back of the alphabet because that gets me to Warehouse 13 faster.
(As for things I wrote: Four out of four recips very happy with their stories. Which makes me especially happy because - that awkward moment when stories go live and you see someone treated your recip with something very close to what you wrote them. Not that I blame the other writer; if it hadn't been my assignment I would've tackled it too. XD)
anyway, recs! )
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Whistler's Coda, in which Whistler and Liz are the best people ever.

Also, the Standard Yuletide Challenge stands: Guess what I wrote and I'll write you a thing! I have four stories up this year, in three different fandoms.
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I don't really have much to say about Friday, other than: There are several discussions that bear having. Can we, I dunno, have them now and not place all the blame on one factor or another?
Meanwhile, Yuletides-past meme! (Current: Assignment's posted; one potential treat is looking more and more like an NYR every day [I like what I want to tell but I think I've framed it wrong]; another is almost to the minimum and I need to get off my arse; haven't claimed any pinch hits but I've saved a couple.)
link *all* the fic? )
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What I should be writing: Novel, Yuletide treats, plottish stuff for Milliways' Christmas Carol plot.
What I'm writing instead: Further Warehouse 13/Once Upon a Time Hogwarts AU shenanigans. (Yes, both at once. Ruby insisted on being part of Claudia's story.)
Because I'm enjoying this, have a snippet of Ruby getting her wand:
Ruby shrugs uncomfortably, and Granny’s mouth goes all thin, but Mr. Ollivander carries on having Ruby try wands like he hadn’t trodden on someone’s grave. )
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This week in short:
*My Yuletide assignment is Very Nearly Done (there's one last bit Quinn's helping me with), and I've lined up a beta. And I have an idea for a treat!
*Once Upon a Time catch-up happened; I'd fallen three episodes behind and then was told Sunday's was ALL THE RED FEELS, so I caught up on Tuesday. ALLLLLLL THE RED FEELS. :D :D :D :D :D
*Quinn's back decided to go 'hey, so that chair you were sitting in yesterday? NO ME GUSTA.' Officially diagnosed as a muscle strain (I'm just glad it wasn't a kidney stone).
*And then I went to do laundry and THE PRICES WENT UP. Previously I could get four loads out of a typical six out of a roll of quarters; now it's three, with a random dollar left over. CANNOT EVEN. I might have to start combining sheets/towels with something, if I can cram all that into the washer.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! (For newcomers: Twitter fic! Prompts given and filled on Twitter. Some of these are Milliways- or other-RP-inspired crossovers.)
lots of things, including some of those Red feels )
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First up: Welcome aboard, friending-meme types!
In other news, I have my Yuletide assignment and it is EPIC. I get to work from scraps of information, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do ever. It's also a bit of a challenge, since my typical writing style is very [thing]-heavy and the character my recip asked for can't [thing], so: writing workout!
But considering I'm within sight of the minimum word count and nowhere near through everything I think this story's going to cover, I'd say it's going well.
I'll be poking at it and perhaps some treats during election shenanigans tomorrow. (Reminder to the US types reading this: GO VOTE, if you haven't already. DO IT.)
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Dear Yule Goat,
herein lies fandom squee )
In closing: Thank you so much, once again! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :D
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Finally managed to post my Yuletide nom list (protip: you can temporarily plusify a basic account, ?style=mine long enough to do what you need to do, and re-basic). I'm going for Villains By Necessity, Bell Book and Candle, and Sneakers (let's get some 20th-anniversary action up in here!); I'll just have to pray one of my possible fourths makes it in.
Campaign season's gearing up, and I'm going to help Quinn do a lot of the things. Meanwhile, #FicFriday returns with a vengeance!
Once Upon a Time/XMFC, Warehouse 13, Greek mythos via Percyverse )
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We have a TV now! And the purchasing power to get a decent mattress! We may have to pull in the other furnishings more slowly than we wanted, but OH WELL. We'll figure it out.
Meanwhile, hopping back on the #FicFriday bandwagon!
Warehouse 13, OUaT, Percyverse!Greek mythos, OUaT/XMFC, Discworld )
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Long, long ago, on an Internet far, far away, there was a game. It sort of sprang up organically and sustained itself for a bit over a year before RL and/or Milliways pulled us all away.
in which I wax rhapsodic for a while on the topic )
Anyway, cut to last week, when I finally got around to reading Unseen Academicals. It's an excellent book on its own, but a certain bit character's reappearance for the first time in several books caught my attention - and promptly hit me with a plot bunny. For now, I'm only posting this here, as it may not make much sense to people without the context. It's taking the 'verse we were messing about it and moving forward to a bit before UA starts.
(If anyone cares to try anyway: The first POV character in this is an OC I played for a while; the game premise, such as there was one, was that PCs - Powered by Celery - became widely available; yes, this is still my OTP, nearly nine years later; Adrian did have himself a fan club; one of the major in-game plots was Lilith having a go at Ankh-Morpork, with semi-disastrous results.)
sort of a love letter to the RP that ate my senior year of high school )


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