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Note to self: Fresh asparagus is amazeballs, not to mention an easy quick lunch to make once you do the bit with the rinsing and the breaking the stems. Might be worth keeping in mind. (For those wondering: Olive oil, dried garlic, cooking it up took two or three minutes, and then I put cheese on top. OM NOM NOM.)
--oh hey, while I'm here: Any US types know much about getting into freelancing? (Editing/proofreading, preferably.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Ruby, using what you've got
When it occurs to her the scent thing is useful, Ruby familiarises herself with as many smells as she can.

Claudia-Moist, a tour
"God donut, Al, if you can't keep your damn hands to yourself I'm making a Tesla-charged harness!"

Regulus-William, lessons in fighting
Regulus doesn't see the point at first - in what situation could he not hex someone? - but the lessons do come in useful.

for [personal profile] yakalskovich:
Claudia, ancient history
History's not always her strong point, but Claudia can't believe the Mesopotamians didn't try rounding up Artifacts first.

Imp, new plans
At least this time, Imp knows better than to try his luck playing on a street corner - and the Guild's less restrictive.

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
ALL THE WAREHOUSE FICS. Ahem. Your choice of prompts: teamwork,
"We have to get Phyllis out of here before she kills everyone," Josephine says; Kate grins, grabs a hat and makes a scene.

When she hears about Marilyn Monroe's brush, Claudia cracks up. "I can't believe I missed your day as a blonde, Myka."

"It's not bad enough it sucks the air out of the room, it gives you mercury poisoning too?"
"Claudia's working on it."

And before she knows it, Steve's covered in goo. "Oops. Sorry about that. At least it's non-toxic?"

Regulus, decisions
Somehow, he'd thought it would be harder to actually tell Bella to leave him be (not that he's complaining).

Red, fly
It isn't flying, exactly, but there's nothing quite like a good run through the woods, in Red's eyes.
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