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This plot was the best idea ever. (So was convincing Quinn she'd like Warehouse 13 after all. It only took me four years! Speaking of, dear back half of the season: Please be awesome. ALSO HOW IS [GUEST STAR] I DO NOT EVEN.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave a prompt here if you're so inclined.
in which I was only on Twitter this week )
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What I should be writing: Novel, Yuletide treats, plottish stuff for Milliways' Christmas Carol plot.
What I'm writing instead: Further Warehouse 13/Once Upon a Time Hogwarts AU shenanigans. (Yes, both at once. Ruby insisted on being part of Claudia's story.)
Because I'm enjoying this, have a snippet of Ruby getting her wand:
Ruby shrugs uncomfortably, and Granny’s mouth goes all thin, but Mr. Ollivander carries on having Ruby try wands like he hadn’t trodden on someone’s grave. )
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There's an interview meme going around, and I got some questions from [personal profile] ceitfianna:
questions that need answering! )
If you want to play, I can't guarantee I'll be quick to produce questions (that's always my downfall on this type), but:
Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.
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And now, for a meme-free update: THERE'S A FLOOR IN MY ROOM, GUYS! I cleaned the crap out of it over my long weekend, and even decided it was time to get rid of the carpet (area rug, whichever) that's been in there since we moved here. Still getting used to the all-hardwood look, but I'm liking it so far.
In other news that merits capslock, I AM ON PAGE 100 OF MY NOVEL'S FIRST DRAFT. Technically I've been over 100 pages for a while, but that's with a few scenes written farther out than where I am on the plot, and I'm on the verge of linking the first of those in. I'm gonna have to poke at the timeline on it, among other things, when I really sit down to edit it, but for now I'm focusing on cranking out that first draft.
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One of these days, I will have an icon for an OTP that is not completely doomed; today is not that day.
I have not seen the now-infamous flow chart, and I don't think I want to, at this point. But for what it's worth, I will show off the awesome ladies in my icons:
there are not many at all, but there are a few. )
Also, places where I have written things lately: The Doomed Ship Ficathon and the Bechdel Test ficathon.
(Also also how is it Yuletide time already.)
Still need to check out that gaming shop; still need to write more Vincenia; finally came up with a character for the brainwave of a couple weeks ago, but only one does not a story make.
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So there's this thing, this year, where the Reds are good. I AM SO CONFUSED GUYS. I'm used to the local sports teams being terrible! This has been the case since I was little!
But hey, they made it to the playoffs, and more power to 'em. It's not that I don't like them being good for a change, it's just... odd.
ABC Family reminded me last night that people made a full movie out of the "Good Burger" sketch from All That. Much as I liked the sketch when I was a kid, I'm not sure it would stand up to comparison now, or age well over two hours. (Still, a part of my heart went "GOOD BURGER!" right away. XD)
[livejournal.com profile] quinby and I brainstormed a THING OF EPICNESS earlier. It's on the very back burner for now, as there's Vincenia to contend with and this thing has no characters so far, but it is NO LESS EPIC FOR THAT.
I am late to the Hark, a vagrant bandwagon, but as long as I'm here, it taught me about this guy. HE IS EPIC WIN.
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Figured out why I was stuck on Vincenia last night. It's still going slowly, but it's going again.
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Kinda listless and writer's-block-y at the moment. There was an [livejournal.com profile] isurrendered challenge a while back that plays right into one of my old story ideas (not to mention, it just might work better as a TV show...); I might poke at that, but I also feel like Vincenia is where I really need to be, writing-wise.
(Broke 50,000 words of rough-draft-usable story last week! \o/)
And now for some links:
Mark Reads Harry Potter. Hilarious, amazing, often very insightful, and full of the things you didn't think of when you were first reading the books.
Mostly for my own reference: gaming shop, yo, CHECK THIS OUT WHEN YOU CAN, SELF.
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Things of note lately:
*My grandfather's home from the hospital for the second time in slightly over a month.
*How excited am I for new Warehouse 13 on Tuesday? THIS EXCITED.
*I'm extremely late in this, but I'm jumping on the Percy Jackson bandwagon. Finished The Lightning Thief this morning and semi-promptly went to the library for The Sea of Monsters. In conclusion: OMG(s). Seriously, you know you're in for a treat when the first chapter title is "I Accidentally Vaporize My Pre-Algebra Teacher."
*Awesome Ladies Ficathon. Truly a thing of awesome.
*...I have 98 pages in my Vincenia file. O_O (Admittedly, it's 97-and-a-bit, at the moment, but. STORY, I HEART YOU.)
*Got myself a copy-editing gig! \o/
*Also: I filled my car tires almost entirely by myself tonight. I have ongoing struggles with getting an accurate read from my pressure gauge, so the fact that that's not where I had to ask Dad for help counts as Epic Win, in my book.
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*Interesting reading: rape culture and road rage.
*Off work tomorrow. Chillin' and some house cleaning will commence. (As will RPage, which shall be EPIC.)
*Better Than It Sounds, the answers: These are the ones that never got guessed. 1 and 20 are from here, and the rest are from over here.
definitely better than it sounds )
*I am le tired. Hopefully writing will also commence tomorrow.
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Hokay, so. I need to write rather badly, but my brain is stalling out.
And so I turn to you: Leave me some words or phrases I can use for prompts? I'm going to use them for original work, so odds of me posting the results are very low, but I will do my best to fill them.
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Some stats!squee on Vincenia, because I can.
38,456 words in the file for the first book. The file for the second is somewhere around 3000; I don't know where exactly.
81 pages (well, 80 and a bit); single-spaced 10-point Verdana. (For some reason, I write better in that font. ::shrug?::)
I've written ~22,000 words in this universe this year (it's my [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout project, which is how I know); it's not all things I can use in this book or one of the other two, but the noodling is just as important, as it's usually about how the secondary characters tick. (This includes figuring out the bitch queen, which I really needed to do so she's not cardboard.) It's a rough draft and it needs editing (including adding something worked out well after I was at the point it'd come up), but that's all right; I'm getting it out of my head and on virtual paper.
Yeah, I think I'm okay with this universe eating my brain.
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*It must be Friday. I never could get the hang of Fridays.
*It was Us Vs. The Machines at work this morning; I think the registers had a conspiracy going. (And work!Tubes were down for a while, which... may or may not have something to do with the weather up north? I don't know if that's based in MA, but it wouldn't surprise me.)
*Local alumnae club's dinner thing was Sunday. Pretty awesome, I think.
*We have Milk from Netflix; I watched it yesterday. I don't usually go in for things that I know are gonna end badly, but I thought that was one I needed to see. Excellent movie, that one.
*I am wondering why my sweatshirt smells like tap water on the coast. It's been washed since the last time it would've been anywhere near a coast (if I even took it along).
*I had to drop out of a fic thing because Vincenia has pretty much taken over my writing brain. I... actually like that state of affairs.
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Things that please me:
*[livejournal.com profile] isurrendered, for all your TV meme needs. I WANT SOME OF THESE SHOWS LIKE BURNING, GUYS.
*Actually managing this responsible adulthood thing and applying for stuff. I may in fact get the hang of this after all.
Thing that pleases me less: I'm tired of living in the Snowpocalypse. Yes, we didn't get as much here as, say, DC, but STILL. RIDICULOUS.
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Meme time, because why not: If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks... what's your ideal fic from me?
We're separating my ornaments from my parents' as we take stuff off the tree (hopefully it'll be of some use before December...). I have approx. a crapton of angels.
Tomorrow, I think I might try to detox my room (it's in desperate need of cleaning, partly so I can get my piles of stuff out of the living room and help Mom with her zen) and try to watch the Warehouse 13 episodes I missed over the summer. And keep poking at Vincenia; I think my writing spirits are buoyed by (a) finally having the nifty spreadsheet to keep track of the numbers and (b) having the I Do Two contract back in my hands. (PUBLISHING SQUEE, y'all.)
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Some of earlier crisis averted, but on the whole, today still has its pink slip. I recommend it not let the door hit it on its way out.
On the bright side, Vincenia is over 30,000 words now. Yes, only ~3000 of that is this year, but \o/ nonetheless.
(And the shiny from last week remains fun. I figure I'm allowed to poke at it a bit every now and then as long as I also poke at what I'm supposed to be poking.)
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Note how that does not sound anything like 'Warehouse 13 hijinks based on the killer concert.'
...you're going to make me do it anywa now that I've started, aren't you.
::facepalms:: VINCENIA, SELF. FOCUS.
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Meme, gacked from [livejournal.com profile] gehayi: Name a fandom, a fannish topic, or topic relating to original fiction, and I will share my unpopular opinions on the matter. Or any opinion, because I have lots of those and don't always know which ones are unpopular or not.
(You can try me on anything; if I don't know it, I'll let you go again.)
My poor iPod is starting to have massive battery fail. Word has it they're cheap to replace, at least; much as I'd love a new shiny, it's not really in the budget right now.
Contract for the short story going in the I Do anthology is on its way. (A perk of being a postal worker's kid: Being able to just walk in the back door and hand mail to the person who sees it all out at the end of the day.)
We're going to see Avatar this afternoon. Going in knowing what the Issues with the story are; hopefully I won't get sidetracked by the shiny.
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On the bright side, I have clearance to squee about a little something now.
That good news I mentioned Thursday? I'm getting published again.
It's a donation to the next I Do anthology, so I don't get more payment than a warm fuzzy feeling, but that's all right. The warm fuzzy feeling is quite awesome, and very very necessary right now, what with everything.
So there's that, at least.
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Today is less awesome. (We're not talking about this morning. ::EPIC FACEPALM::)
I have a sinking feeling we're going to put the dog down next week; my money's on Tuesday, that being Dad's day off. He's in denial about it, as he usually is when it comes to dogs, but going to Egypt won't help anyone.
And much as I say I won't miss certain aspects of the dog... we've had him since I was eleven. So it still sucks. And the job hunt sucks, and I think I'm PMSing, and... really, there's not much I can do about a lot of things.
Trying to figure out what my [livejournal.com profile] getyourwordsout pledge for next year will be, since I'd like to do it again. I might do a single-project one, since I really do need to get cracking on Vincenia and environs.
And now, work.


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