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Man, this week has not been my friend. I think the time change, allergies and Vikings ganged up on me. (But on the bright side, QUINN IS BACK IN MILLIWAYS. :D)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Or... Saturday. Whatevs.

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Because feelings: Claud & Joshua, your choice: Soul,
It feels like Claudia's leaving a part of herself behind every time she tries to get Joshua out, but she doesn't care.

Claudia includes Harry Potter in her 'things you have missed' rundown; Joshua declares himself a Ravenclaw in short order.

Not that she didn't try, but Claudia couldn't call anywhere home until she at least knew where Joshua was.

Some days she's pretty sure Joshua doesn't get half her jokes. But he laughs anyway, so she'll take it.

Red: Wind, Call,
She catches a scent on the high wind: Snow, and she's in trouble. Red takes off without a second thought.

Sometimes the rush comes from sex, sometimes from a good run through the woods. Ruby likes it either way.

Any: Triumph,
Regulus smiles; this isn't perfect by any means, but he's got people on his side, and that will help immensely.

It's good to have closure, and Rebecca's mostly done her grieving, but she wishes it hadn't ended this way.

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Claudia-Joshua, new adventures
She didn't want Joshua that far away, at first, but now she can see they've both got room to grow. It works.

Regulus, pride
"Have you no pride in your heritage?"
"Oh, I do, Bella. That's why I'm staying out of this - so my heritage is still around."

Red/Charles, release
She doesn't realise how much she needs to cry, after her mother, until she talks to Charles about it.
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