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Actually, this has nothing to do with bunnies. But I do have a theory. Warehouse 13 S4.5 spoilers to follow.
in which I make some wild guesses )
No clue if I'll be right, but the pieces just... clicked into place in my head a few minutes ago. So there you go.
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First, the important bit: We have unlocked achievement Get Approved For Apartment! (Still rocking the crowdsourced housewarming, if anyone's so inclined.)
Next: So, Warehouse 13. That was intense, huh?
spoilertalk is spoilerific )
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Subject line and its source relevant on several levels; for one thing, it'd been so long since I properly checked in over here that I didn't know I could have 15 icons now! Sweet!
This particular icon is, at the moment, directed at LJ. I feel like we're all yelling at "Peggy" from those Discover commercials (and I've gathered I'm not the only one). "Is not bug, is feature!"
Still not setting up shop here permanently, but I've taken advantage of the open account creation to port over some of my RP accounts, just in case. (Changed user names on a couple, while I was at it; in one case, what I originally wanted was free here but not on LJ, and in the other, I was never satisfied with what I had in the first place.) We'll see what happens.
Meanwhile: CANNOT WAIT FOR YULETIDE TO GO LIVE, GUYS. As much because I want to see what people think of mine as I want to read my presents (both of them! and Madness hasn't even kicked in! !!!).
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Dear USA:
So, White Collar. Not a bad show. Fun premise, police procedurals that aren't about dead bodies OMG, cute Matt Bomer, that's all well and good.
But I have a question.
Was it really so hard to mention where Diana disappeared to that you didn't bother, when you wrote out the Pilot Probie of Awesome? Seriously, the smartest person on Peter's team shouldn't vanish without a trace, not to mention the issues in having a kickass lesbian character in one episode and disappearing her in the next. Diana's awesome enough that you could've at least said 'oh, she got promoted/reassigned/thingy.'
One line. It's not hard.
a disappointed fan.

(I want the fic where Diana saves the day and gets the girl, y'all.)
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Or: My thoughts on SurveyFail.
in which I try to figure out what can help whoever makes the next attempt to understand fandom - since God knows there will be one )
So yeah. It's more looking ahead and trying to prevent the next disaster before it happens than anything else. But I figure that's got to be helpful too, in its way.
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So PMOG/The Nethernet/whatever you feel like calling it is, apparently, going under.
some musings on the thought )
There's a refugee camp of sorts up, for the... what, two of you? who are/were also a part of the passive fun.
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My brain needs to stop giving me ideas I don't have the skillz/technology to do anything with. That said, I figured I'd ask here as well as elsewhere: Is there a vid out there of Star Trek Reboot to the tune of Mr. Spock, and if not, can someone get on that? Because srsly.
Also, someone emailed me last night asking to translate one of my Potterverse fics into Russian. I can't make heads nor tails of the translation, but that's still quite awesome, I feel.
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So. I have the Goblet of Fire movie on.
And... even though I know as little as possible about Twilight and don't really want to find out, I still want to see the fic where Cedric Diggory is, in fact, Edward Cullen.
(Hey, after 80-something years of perpetual high school, it'd be something new and interesting, and I doubt the Killing Curse would have any lasting effects on a vampire...)
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There are times I wish I had the technology/mad skillz to make vids.
Like when I can storyboard a Dr. Horrible vid to "Falling for the First Time" in my head, and really really really want to see it done. But even if I had the mad skillz, I don't think Hex is really up to the job.
Going to try to see Night at the Museum sometime this week; Monday, if I can talk both my parents into it, or Wednesday, if I can pry Dad out of the yard long enough. Those being my only completely free days. (On the bright side, the paycheck for the week after next will rock - just in time to spend it all on loan bills. XD)
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(Well, actually, they don't, and I do care. But that's another story.)
Mom Rickrolled people at school on Friday. Sometimes my family is awesome.
Got myself a copy of Mental Floss over the weekend, when I picked up birthday/Mother's Day presents for Mom. I miss that magazine; now that I have a little disposable income, I might renew my subscription. Still thinking that over.
I'm thinking of importing my fic LJ into a closed-membership community here; that might be the easiest way to do it. If I do, I'll probably call it wornoutmetaphor.
I've abandoned Dr. Horrible as my in-car music in favor of Disc One. I needed to get back to my roots; so far, I heartily approve of this decision. (Making Dr. Horrible work as in-car music involves putting things on repeat several times. XD)
An update on the epic genderswap fic:

Thus making it the longest single-fandom piece I've ever done. And the longest fanfic, as it just barely clears the Harry Potter/Sneakers crossover. Now, I wait for the betas.
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Well, here I am. To what point and purpose, I'm not entirely sure just yet; I certainly won't be abandoning ye olde LJ (unless, in Soviet Russia, it abandons us).
Might try to consolidate my various natterings into one place; time will tell.
Meanwhile, I have a pair of memes that're still taking prompts, if anyone's interested. Perhaps actual content will follow.


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