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This week: Alllll of the campaign sojourns, rereading Good Omens, and... actually the church down the street is a pretty nice place. (I'm mostly there as Quinn's moral support, but I already like it better than anywhere else I've gone.)
(Also, the apple turnovers (NOOOO) last week? They were good. Twitter got to see my DRAMATIC SWOON for silliness purposes.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ladyoflorien:

Red - I made it for you, Your Majesty
It's horrible, she knows, but the guard was dead anyway and the Queen does have a fondness for hearts; why not make a pie?

Cata - recompense
When news reaches Bistort that Mizzamir's province is a morass of power struggles, Cata smiles. Really, it's only fitting.

Claudia - another day, another peso
"Technically it's a peseta," Myka points out; Claudia thinks the absorbed energy from Guernica negates that quibble.

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Imp, my music
This isn't the stuff with the rocks in it, which means the public doesn't always like it. Imp doesn't care; it's his own.

Claudia-Phyllis, only place I fit
If for different reasons, neither Claudia nor Phyllis can think of another job that would tolerate either of them.

Charles/Ruby, hold on
She almost tears Regina's throat out, when the curse breaks, but she can hear Charles telling her to calm down, even here.

Apollo, what my sister knows
Artemis is, to this day, the only person who can reliably shut Apollo up with a look. She knows him too well.
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