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This crossover was the best idea ever. Even though it gives me all the feels (soundtrack included - and yes, of course it has a soundtrack). Relatedly: Would anyone be interested in betaing a Cold Case/Warehouse 13 crossover when I've got it done? My usual W13 beta doesn't know Cold Case well enough to carry the weight, so. (I also need to figure out how to share said soundtrack.)
Venturing into Freelance Land of late; it's slow going at the moment, but I did get a nibble yesterday. Oddly, I'm finding it easier than regular job-hunting; go figure.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:

Ruby-Charles, falling
The good news is, Ruby doesn't have to say anything to warn Charles away from the steep hill and ruin their advantage.

Imp, bad bet
Susan doesn't say she told him so; she just helps Imp past the tight financial spot. (He pays her back later.)

Regulus, like my brother
He's nothing like Sirius. Except for where they've both rejected their mother's party line. Regulus is more subtle about it.

Rebecca, still teaching
You don't stop teaching just because you leave the classroom. Rebecca's been teaching all her life; no point in stopping now.
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