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Someone hit the car (parked in the parking lot, fortunately; no witnesses, but that makes it a little easier in attempting to run down leads) the other day. Back bumper's badly beaten, but hey, at least the car still drives.
But mostly: ARGH. (On the other hand, I've done a hell of a lot of Calling People I Don't Know over the last couple days. For me, that's a big thing.)

Meanwhile, Fic Friday!

For [personal profile] ceitfianna:

Charles-Phyllis, all our whatifs
Neither of them find it worth pondering what their lives would have been like without their second chances.

Apollo-William, trust fate
"Trust me, kid, you're gonna be fine." Apollo can see why Thalia liked him, so much, but William overthinks things.

Claudia, my family
Somewhere along the way her family became more than just Joshua; she defends the Warehouse just as tenaciously.

Charles/Ruby, might have beens
"There's no sense worrying about what would have happened without the curse."
"I know, but that doesn't make it hurt less."
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