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Still have a bit of a cough (stupid plague).
Heat's on! OH BOY IS THE HEAT ON. Seems with radiators it's all or nothing. oops?
Hil found me a copy of Villains By Necessity for my birthday! It's in amazing shape, too; there's a slight crease down the front cover and that's it. BEST EVER.
a short scene from last weekend )
And now: FIC FRIDAY.
again, a smattering of fandoms )
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I disapprove of plagues. Just saying. Am on to the 'nasty-sounding cough' stage of this illness's entertainment, which at least means it's on its way out, but still.
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
a smattering of fandoms )
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This week: Alllll of the campaign sojourns, rereading Good Omens, and... actually the church down the street is a pretty nice place. (I'm mostly there as Quinn's moral support, but I already like it better than anywhere else I've gone.)
(Also, the apple turnovers (NOOOO) last week? They were good. Twitter got to see my DRAMATIC SWOON for silliness purposes.)
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
Once Upon a Time, Villains By Necessity, Warehouse 13 (one with implied Milliways), Disc, OUaT/XMFC, Greek mythos (Percy flavor optional) )
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Burning rice and stuffing up the sink is... less so. We need to go to the grocery anyway; Drano will be procured then. (I wonder if it's finished draining from my quick run of dishes yet...) There will be apple turnovers tonight (NOOOOOOOOOOOO).
Meanwhile, Fic Friday!
Potterverse, Percyverse-flavor Greek mythos, W13, W13/Disc, OUaT/XMFC )
More as it develops!
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Finally managed to post my Yuletide nom list (protip: you can temporarily plusify a basic account, ?style=mine long enough to do what you need to do, and re-basic). I'm going for Villains By Necessity, Bell Book and Candle, and Sneakers (let's get some 20th-anniversary action up in here!); I'll just have to pray one of my possible fourths makes it in.
Campaign season's gearing up, and I'm going to help Quinn do a lot of the things. Meanwhile, #FicFriday returns with a vengeance!
Once Upon a Time/XMFC, Warehouse 13, Greek mythos via Percyverse )
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Since my grandfather will not go to hospice, hospice has come to him. (Frankly, I think this should have happened months ago; my grandmother was never prepared to be a caregiver, and I think she's finally stopped pretending she can do it by herself.) So who knows what's going to happen from here, but at least he'll be a little more comfortable.
Meanwhile: #FicFriday!
so far: Percyverse, W13/XMFC, Disc, Disc/W13, XMFC/Once Upon a Time )
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ahhhhhhh Things are Afoot and will be in motion in TWO WEEKS. It's hard to believe, really.
Meanwhile, #FicFriday strikes again!
OUaT, Warehouse 13, Percyverse!Greek mythos, OUaT/X-Men: First Clas via Milliways; will update if/as more occur )
Considering [community profile] disc_fest, though I'm not sure if I'll spring for it or not. (I'm not sure I can properly pull off the idea that popped into my head first thing.) But I have a week to make up my mind.
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So [personal profile] ladyoflorien had this fabulous idea on Twitter, where you try to fit a mini-tiny-teeny fic into 140 characters. Actually, it's usually closer to 130, after you @reply it to the person who prompted you, but still. So I gave it a try tonight, and here's what happened.
fandoms: Once Upon a Time, Potterverse AU, Warehouse 13, Percy Jackson/Greek mythology (yes, the designation means something) by way of Milliways, W13/Disc by way of Milliways, OUaT/X-Men: First Class by way of panfandomsandbox )
In conclusion, kinda fun!
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ugh, plagues are no fun. This was actually bad enough I called off (all the crud in my head went into my ears, this morning; I don't recommend it). Worse? Not only not sleeping well, but having a dream about how badly you've slept.
But that's not what I'm here for. I'm here for a bit of Out of Context Theatre from the other night:

[personal profile] quinby, talking about the Weasley twins: They do as they damn well please.
me: ...no. No. THAT IS NOT A MEETING THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. ::cracks up::
[personal profile] quinby: ::cracks up as well::
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Tonight in Out Of Context Theatre: "There is no place for Slytherin in Starfleet!"
That is all.
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1) Dealing With Dragons, Patricia Wrede - I think this was the first book that made me say 'I want to write stuff like that.' And, well, there's a reason my display name on here is still Cimorene after so long.

2) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams - More properly, Dad's book with the radio show scripts in. This is what really made me fall for British humor.

3) Good Omens, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett - Without Good Omens, I wouldn't have gotten into Discworld; without Discworld, I wouldn't have gotten into the Disc RP of yore; without that, I wouldn't have discovered [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar; without Milliways, no [livejournal.com profile] quinby, which I frankly cannot imagine at this point.
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So Pottermore thinks I'm a Hufflepuff.
Not so much one that I'd pegged for myself (I'm more of a Slytherin with delusions of being a Ravenclaw), but... it's not as WTF as some people've said their sortings are. I mean, I still think the test is way too short - I've taken some easy-to-rig fan-made sorting quizzes that are longer, back when that was a thing I did - but if you look at this alongside my RP roster, it actually makes a lot of sense to say 'puff.
Anyway. The site itself is almost prohibitively slow on Hex (all that Flash doesn't sit well with 2004 computer guts, it seems), but it's still pretty cool. I'm EchoFeather99 if anyone wants to add me - just, you know, try to let me know who you are. XD (And while there's no slot for it I have determined that my avatar!kitty's name is Piewacket.)
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My contribution to the Internets for today:
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about Twitter: [redacted to fit character limit]
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So last year, when they started the 'all Christmas all the time' thing at work, I wished they'd add a few more Christmas carols (here meaning the 'so how about that Jesus guy! he's awesome!' songs) to the mix. This year, they have... but they also haven't played anything newer than the Beach Boys. Still feels like they're only playing about five different songs.
Finished Graceling the other day. It's not a bad story, but the sentence fragments where there should've been a list-in-one-sentence kinda drove me nuts.
My [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment is almost done! The extra time to percolate was exactly what it needed. Also, I think I have achieved a MYSTERY. \o/
Have revamped my resume. Hopefully that will help spur me on in my Epic Job Hunt o' Doom.
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Hot damn, this journal's eight years old. o_O
Also: Finished The Lost Hero. OMG(s).
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Dear Macy's: SEASONS OF LOVE IS NOT A SONG TO SELL JEWELRY TO. Mark points and says 'no,' and so do I. (Well, okay, I mostly yell at the TV every time I see the commercial, but still.)
Got The Lost Hero from the library this afternoon. Am already six chapters in, but I was kinda expecting that; Riordan's stuff is hard to put down. (Also, Hephaestus kid! Also, diverse cast!) In conclusion, as last time, OMG(s).
Letting my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment percolate for a few days was the right idea; I know a lot more about it now. Still need to do some canon review, but that's all right.


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