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Today: Kitchen repainting. They should've waited till after I left! But then there was spaghetti, and that makes it all right.
Also burned copies of all the BNL CDs, so now the parents and I don't have to fight over 'em.
A friend's coming over tomorrow afternoon (and we're possibly going to the RenFest Saturday!), which rather effectively gets me out of going to school with Mom. XD Before that I might have a go at making that Band With Rocks In shirt I've had in mind. (Knowledagble types - should I include 'be there or be a square recatngular thing'?)
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Because I'm impatient, I'm posting the first set of questions (from [livejournal.com profile] yakalskovich) now, and will post Frar's when they're ready to go. You lot know the drill with the interview thing by now, I think - comment and I'll think up questions. Evenutally.
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There're handles on the kitchen cabinets! Amazing how these projects come together, ain't it? (Not that you need them yet, as such, for some of the top ones. No glass + big enough holes to reach through with the dishes = no door-opening. But that state of affairs won't remain.)
Work wasn't too bad, beyond the revelation that there's a sidewalk sale Saturday. Oh ye lords and little fishies. Eh, at least I won't have to pull things back IN the doors.
Hmm, I wonder if the grandmother'll still be mad at me on Sunday...
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MASSIVE shopping adventures today. I have bedding now. And an iron. And an ironing board. And a trash can. And a desk lamp. And a shelfy thing. And some orgainsational wossnames for clothes and shoes and things.
We'll need to be getting more CD-Rs, I already know that. There're four or five left, and one of those is going toward my coworker's musical education. I think I'm gonna be taking a LOT more of the parents' music than that to school.
Also: Ghost riders drawer pulls in the kitchen! It's a beautiful thing.
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Still no dishwasher, but there's been an improvement in the situation - the kitchen sink is hooked up. So I washed the dishes in there. Quite nice, having enough room for things and being able to fill the sink up with water and not having to sorta squat (a little) to wash things.
Shopping Adventures today - I have a bathrobe! And PJ pants, and a few shirts, and some new socks. One pairs has ducks on it. Thought they were appropriate, since I'll be living by the lake. And now I know where to go for a pillow. XD
Also: [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar? Very much of the '!' this afternoon. (In a happy kind of way. Ish.)
ETA, since I know some of the friendslist missed it: A poll you might be interested in. I'll be building a filter from the results.
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Kairos thing was... surprisingly short, for the way those go. I got home from dinner about the time I expected to be going to GET dinner.
Dad told me to do something constructive today, but I never did get around to breaking out the Legos. I washed dishes! And I... washed more dishes (which, at this point, implies putting the first batch away). And there was Swiffer-to-floor application.
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Getting closer to having a dishwasher and sink. ::CHEERS!::
Minor amount of Driving Adventures today - can't say as I drove anywhere in particular, as Dad did the driving out to my uncle's place and back. We had some kiddie!books that Jen 2 brought back to us and we passed 'em along to my cousin's kids. Plenty of use coming out of those things.
Rides to work are straightened out. Found out where the Kairos thing is (same place as last time, apparently), and if all else fails Dad can probably give me a ride there.
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Countertop YAY! Well, half of it's in, at least. Probably no dishwasher till tomorrow, but at least things're looking up in that regard.
Bloody gigantic thunderstorm last night/this morning/whatever. Knocked the power out and woke me up, and storms don't generally wake me up. Wasn't particularly impressed with that.
Main computer is semi-operational. Shopping trip this afternoon, maybe: Ink for my printer (I still don't trust the main computer entirely), transfer paper, and maybe a frame for that poster I got the other day.
Also, GIP.
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Still haven't heard back from the future roommate, so I emailed her again (from my other address, since the one she was given is the stupid one these days).
Everything's out of the kitchen; there will be countertop tomorrow. Hopefully also a dishwasher. I for one am sick of washing dishes in the bathroom sink.
I'm currently scheduled to work the same night as a Kairos thing; going to see if I can't work earlier.
Jen 2: I've a stack of books in my room that Jayge might like.
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There's an oven in the kitchen! And dishes, though they're not necessarily staying put. So technically speaking, we could eat at home again, but personally I think we should wait for the dishwasher to go in.
Consolidated all the writing utensils I unearthed while cleaning off the shelving-thingy in my room - started with a box, a pencil case, and a few in the lid of the box. I'm keeping enough to fit in the pencil case and a few other pencils, giving some markers to Mom, and getting rid of the rest (mostly due to not functioning). Oh, and the box is history. I figure I've had it since first grade, so I may as well let it go.
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Mostly painted the kitchen today (as in that took up most of my time), but then went and saw Troy. Not bad, as movies go, but one question: How do they expect you to root for the side that's gonna win anyway when the other side has all the eye candy? I mean, really.
Also. Cousins. Riiight.
Between that movie and A Funny Thing Happened, I think I've had my fill of Greek/Roman-setting movies for a while. But the one has eye candy in SPADES and the other is funny.
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The kitchen is green, and I went to a wedding. Far easier to call the bride my cousin than try working the whole thing out (her mom is my mom's cousin). Had lasagna for dinner at the reception - first time I've evre seen it with pepperoni in.
This graduating thing makes you rich. Should really do it more often.
Comment-fic thing proving to be quite interesting. Some of you people are just STRANGE, though. (Though that's usually a qualifying factor when it comes to picking friends. XD)
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In other news, the Catch-22 paper is about half done. Prolly a little bit more, by now - have about half a paragraph that I haven't typed up yet. This is where my small handwriting really comes in handy.
I still have to read In Cold Blood, but I'm taking Carpe Jugulum to school if for no other reason than to amuse the journalism teacher one last time.
Kitchen is primered all over, and therefore finally (close to) one color. One thing, though, it's too darn bright in there. If I go in with my sunglasses on, it's about right.
Have started that RPage fic I was thinking about writing yesterday. Considering calling the final product 'Welcome to the Special Hell.' That will indeed make sense with the story, believe me.
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And painting in the kitchen has started! (Well, okay, so it's just primer so far. But still. Paint!)
RPage events are turning into a fic in my head; might grab a notebook next time I get up. Still have to re-sheet my bed anyway.
Finished Catch-22 (now all I have to do is write six pages on it in two days), and in regards to that revelation in the last chapter? I kinda figured he wasn't dead. Man, the end was funny.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do some comment-dropping...
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Should've saved the 'driving along' Name That Tune for today - was actually driving. On roads. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was.
Am considering volunteering my services to [livejournal.com profile] fan_the_vote, since at the moment I'm not on any sort of financial grounds to sponsor things. However - just as soon as the Gainful Employment thing starts having an effect, I'll probably be talking to Daegaer.
We've very nearly got a kitchen! Well, sort of. The cabinets ought to be in after tomorrow, but I don't know about everything else.
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I like having days off school. No, reallly. (Even though I did have to turn up there briefly - dropping something off for Mom - but still.)
Passing a link on from [livejournal.com profile] nekowrimo: Hitchhiker's Guide movie blog. Also, I posted that songset last night - or at least as much of one as I could make with the pictures on hand.
And minor adventures were afoot last night as well. Dad's got a kidney stone (nothing too serious, at least). So all that stuff with the sofa (RPage) was a welcome distraction from waiting around for news.
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I hate dental X-rays. That is all.
Well, in that regard, anyway. The new floor's nearly all in the kitchen, parents actually wound up yelling at each other earlier (they rarely do - I think it's something to do with Mom being sick), I have a speech to finish wot I am effectively procrastinating on, at some point I want to move some RPage plot along (not the sofa bit yet, for obvious reasons), and it's three years to the day since Douglas Adams died. (I swear I didn't time the sofa thing on purpose; I only realized the day this afternoon.) Oh, and I'm nearly done with those bloody announcements.
Excitement and adventure and really wild things.
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We finally got the Jelly Pudding Show people to play Mom's long-standing request. (I called, told them it's Mother's Day besides being her birthday Wednesday, and she hadn't heard it in 20 years.) Good song, that one. 'S what today's Name That Tune is from.
Everything old is out of the kitchen except for the fridge. And some of the new floor is down! ::falls over dead:: But after my shower I broke out the crayons - that part is Ji's fault entirely - and now have a guided tour of the kitchen for y'all. (Big pictures.)
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So. Food drive. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A LOT OF FOOD. Filled a big truck and the back of somebody's pickup truck. But like I said yesterday, people gotta eat. (Dad said somebody on his route left toothbrushes out there too. XD)
Kitchen is down to the fridge and the counter with the sink in. Dad's hoping to get the counter out of there tomorrow and start putting the new floor down (presumably the fridge'll go nomadic - there're certainly enough outlets for it), and possibly start painting. But that's if we cover washing all the walls and patching holes and priming it. The walls're at least five different colors. And that's not including all the ick on top.
And now, for some iconning... (Will prolly be replacing this one, the idea's that cool.)
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Last run of the play went smashingly.
Still haven't heard back from Celestina about the RPage fic - I'd go ahead and post it, but she's the characterization beta, and since that's a fairly important bit I guess it'll have to wait. Either way, this is the backlog to end all backlogs. XD
Have packed, have rounded up what notebooks I'm going to need (one of which not only has class notes but Signal to Noise in it, so it's going along), have helped tear big holes in the kitchen - we're talking two stoves, a grill, a dishwasher, and the associated countertop here.
Also started Maskerade this afternoon. That's gonna be a fun one, I can tell.


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