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Really, LJ? I can reply to comments on the brainstorming post, but I can't leave one of my own? Really???

If I can get someone to add Rebecca and Jack to their character list, I won't be nomming Warehouse 13. (Speaking of: If it turns out to be too big, we should have our own exchange next year, y/y?)

Definitely nomming:
*Villains By Necessity - Eve Forward: My perennial nom, as I can never get enough of this world. Out-of-print (try your local library, or you didn't hear it from me but there's a PDF on the Tubes) fantasy novel in which Good has defeated Evil... and proceeded to fuck up the world even more. Basically I want more Blackmail. Or more Robin. Or more Valerie.

*Bell Book and Candle (1958): The Jimmy Stewart/Kim Novak movie that isn't Vertigo. Magic! Shenanigans! A really really really problematic ending that I want to make someone fix for me! A main character that actually shares my name this never happens! KIM NOVAK.
(Really, Kim Novak's the only reason you need.)

Considering, if I have space:
*Help! (1965): The Beatles’ second movie. Ringo gets a ring in a fan letter that happens to be the signifier for a cult’s human sacrifice of the day, so they come calling. And there’s a mad scientist that gets in on the chase. But mostly, Ahme is the only person in this damn movie who has her shit together, and I need fic about her being awesome.

*Bernard and the Genie (1991): This is a relatively bite-sized fandom; it’s barely over an hour long, and was streaming on Netflix a couple years ago (when I nommed it with some success). Bernard is an art dealer who, coming off a run of really bad luck, finally picks up an old lamp his ex-girlfriend gave him and gives it a rub – and unleashes the wackiest genie this side of Robin Williams. Reasons to watch: Alan Cumming’s breakout role! Lenny Henry being absolutely ridiculous! Evil Rowan Atkinson! Bernard and Josephus’ epic bromance!

*The Five Fists of Science: One-shot graphic novel that took the fact that Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla were BFFs in real life and, uh, embellished on it. Just a bit. By which I mean Thomas Edison and JP Morgan are conspiring to unleash Lovecraftian horrors upon the world, and it falls to Twain and Tesla to stop them. I can’t get into comics and I still adore this one. (I also really want Warehouse 13 crossovers where HG Wells joins the party; just because I wrote one doesn’t mean that was enough.)
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