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Actually, this has nothing to do with bunnies. But I do have a theory. Warehouse 13 S4.5 spoilers to follow.

Interviews: Something Big is going to happen to Myka at the end of the half-season.
Canon: Philosopher's stones are a thing, or at least one of them is; we know this thanks to Professor Spike and Charlotte.
Casting spoiler: Giles is going to be a Big Bad Alchemist.

Theory: Myka will somehow get philosopher's-stoned in the finale. This may be outright, or, since I think Charlotte's grand plan involves bringing Big Bad Giles into things and she has a massive grudge against Professor Spike, may involve Myka ending up with his lifespan as some kind of mortality swap.
Either way, that's my theory.

No clue if I'll be right, but the pieces just... clicked into place in my head a few minutes ago. So there you go.
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