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Okay. For real this should be the last time I have to do this kind of post.

So we didn't make rent.

We were able to put some of our stuff in storage, and we're staying with a friend's parents. We also have a plan to go from here to some other friends, and we're within a hundred bucks of being able to get our transit tickets. We'd need a little more than that to comfortably get there and ship some of our stuff, but right now the important thing is getting us there.

If we don't leave next weekend, the price jumps dramatically. We really can't stay where we are much past next week anyway.

If any of y'all can help us close the gap, we'd really, really super appreciate it. Quinn's set up a youcaring, or you can bunge something directly to her paypal (angelicphoenix at gmail) and she can add it as an offline donation.

We don't want to do something for nothing. I'm happy to edit things for anyone who needs it; Quinn's offering tarot readings, and knitting dishcloths that she's selling for $15 (including shipping). The dishcloths are all-cotton wool, perfectly safe to toss in your washer/dryer.

Thanks so much for everything y'all have done so far, even if it's just sending good thoughts our way.
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