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Well, I suppose it's time for an update. Unfortunately, it's not a good one.

So. That job I got?

Contract got canceled out from under me after all of a week.

Quinn and I both have ins with temp agencies, but nothing else has come through yet. Thanks to some incredibly generous souls, we've been able to keep a roof over our heads a little longer, but we need help for what I really, really hope is the last time to tide ourselves over until something comes through.

We need about $1100 within the next couple weeks, to take care of the rent and get our phones turned back on (especially important so we can... you know, get a job). We've pared down as much else as we can, and I do still have freelance work coming in, but while that's a steady trickle, it's only a trickle.

As before, we're more than happy to do a little work in exchange. I can edit anything you put in front of me, so long as it's written in English. Quinn's happy to crop icons or do tarot readings (for you, for your character, for a game you're in, anything). We can both write some fic.

I know we've tapped this well about a zillion times, and right after the holidays is a tricky time to try again. But if there's anything y'all can do or would like us to do for you, we really, deeply appreciate the help.

As before, we're using Quinn's paypal (angelicphoenix at gmail).

Thanks once again, guys. Hopefully the next time I have an update, it'll be a better one than this.
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