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My computer seems to've come down with the Toshiba Cooling Warning Plague. I think I sorted out the worst of the problem (at least, I can do my daily business without Becks crying wolf once a minute), but it's seriously annoying.
Also, a PSA on Quinn's behalf: Anyone out there know much about the pros/cons of IUDs as birth control?
Meanwhile, Fic Friday! Leave prompts here too if you want.

for [personal profile] ceitfianna:
Red, belonging
She'd thought finding people with her condition (Red can't call it a curse now) would help - but making her own family did more.

Claudia, shift the patterns
Claudia eyes the code, then grins. This'll be a cake walk to tweak to her purposes.

Imp, groupies
When Imp finally does meet someone who's not interested in the music or him, but the fame, he's sorry he accused Susan of that.

Regulus, maybe tomorrow
He may not be as good at long games as Narcissa, but Regulus is still patient enough to wait for the opportune moment.

for [personal profile] ladyoflorien:
Giving you a free-for-all with your canon/characters of choice, to the prompts: Cold water,
"God *donut,* Pete, next time you hog all the hot water I'm making you answer to Myka and Leena about it!"

The final frontier,
"So Pete's Kirk, he dubbed you Spock-"
"Myka's Uhura, you're Chekov the wunderkind."
"So who's Artie?"
"Bones," they agree.

Regulus knows he can't fix the Ministry alone; as time goes on, he realises not many people in Britain can help, either.

Of course Phyllis is afraid to take the job. But it's a damn sight more interesting than the secretary pool, so she does.

Date: 2013-01-26 04:16 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] camwyn
I know some of the basics about IUDs, although I haven't studied them in great depth since college, when I did a term paper on the Dalkon Shield and spent some time reading up on other, non-horrifying IUDs and borrowing library books with names like The Atlas of Intrauterine Contraception. What're you looking for?
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