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I don't really have much to say about Friday, other than: There are several discussions that bear having. Can we, I dunno, have them now and not place all the blame on one factor or another?
Meanwhile, Yuletides-past meme! (Current: Assignment's posted; one potential treat is looking more and more like an NYR every day [I like what I want to tell but I think I've framed it wrong]; another is almost to the minimum and I need to get off my arse; haven't claimed any pinch hits but I've saved a couple.)

*Second Wind, Sneakers
I was careful to offer things I knew I could take on, having heard of the pitfalls. Recip's details: any characters, "Do we really need them anymore?" After a bit of flailing I took it as my excuse to write the 'Carl and Internet-based security testing' I wanted to tell, with a side of 'ramifications of bankrupting the Republican Party in 1992.' This was my shortest assignment.
*A Matter of Presentation, Sneakers
Madness-size Whistler-POV piece. The requester said putting Whistler in drag got bonus points, and while I didn't quite get there, I had a lot of fun writing this.

'09 NYR:
*Dr. Horrible's Guide to Resurrecting Your Not-Exactly-Girlfriend, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
This started as a response to a comment-fic meme, and then I decided it bore noodling further. A Jossverse resurrection is going to be a complicated thing if you're doing it right. (Also, the last bit? From Bad Horse's POV? That was SO MUCH FUN.)

*Snap Judgments and Premature Celebrations, Daria
...I'm sorry, Daria fandom, I don't quite ship Daria/Jane (which seems to have taken off of late; back when I was really active in the fandom it wasn't a major pairing at all). And if it's going to happen at all, there's a lot that needs addressing before they can get there. This does some of the addressing. I was worried at the time I'd lost my knack for the fandom, but it's my second-highest hit count, so I must've done something right. XD
*What a (Hench)man's Gotta Do, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
A treat that the recip never commented on (but other people loved it, so I'll take it); also, the only Dr. Horrible I've ever written that takes Act III as is and doesn't in some manner hint at a way to undo it.
*Look to the Future, Bernard and the Genie
Madness-size treat for the other person I'd talked into requesting the Christmas special of my heart. I'd wanted to make it longer but it just... didn't click.

'10 NYR:
*Greatly Exaggerated, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Saw the request on Christmas Eve. Knew I couldn't write it that fast, so I posted it as one of the year's first NYRs.
*I sing my visions to the sky-high mountains, Warehouse 13
My first non-crossover W13 fic. (I have this habit of trying a new fandom by crossover first, and then dipping my toes into canon proper from there.) Fun fact: During help_haiti, a person who bid on my ficwriterliness asked me to consider filling... this very leftover Yuletide prompt. XD

*Strange Attractors, Warehouse 13
I offered any characters. Recip wanted Valda in on the action. Because I didn't have S1 on DVD yet, I could only review "Buried". But I still pulled it off to recip's (and my) satisfaction. I set it in the area I went to college and made myself very hungry in the process. This was my longest assignment to date.
*Illumination, Warehouse 13
[personal profile] phoenixchilde wants HG backstory, you say? I read her letter and the 'how HG got invited to Warehouse 12' bunny wouldn't leave me alone; this was the first time I wrote a story for someone I knew. (There's a Firefly nod in it because she used to play Wash in Milliways, long long ago on an LJ far far away.)

*To the Clicking of Time, Warehouse 13
I finished this within 48 hours of getting the assignment (in part because I had nothing to do but write, the second day) after seeing Jeff Buckley on my recip's LJ interests list. W13 is one of my favorite fandoms to do gift fic in; it's very easy to tailor to people's interests. I set this one in the area where I grew up, and since I was living 20 minutes away at the time, it was much easier to fix the 'making myself hungry' part. XD
*Case Files, 1953-1962: A Selection, Warehouse 13
Someone on the pinch hit list wanted Rebecca St. Clair in their fic, you say? I'M ON IT. I did a five-things style because I wanted Rebecca and Jack to be able to put some damn cases to bed for a change; through no fault of their own, all we've seen in canon is the current generation cleaning up their old messes. I hit up Yulechat for suggestions of people/events that weren't exclusively Dead White Dudes; I still have the (very extensive) list I got somewhere.
(And yes, I used one of them just to say 'defenestration' in a fic.)
*A Little Grace, Warehouse 13
Madness-size 'thank you for pinch-hitting!' treat about HG's pregnancy. Not much pithy to say about it other than: Of course she wouldn't stop working because of it.
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