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Dear Yule Goat,

Hi and thank you, first of all, for offering to write one of these fandoms! That alone makes you a Very Awesome Person Indeed. To start, I’m going to copy a bit from last year’s letter.

Some general likes and dislikes: In most of these, I'm here for the gen; it's character interactions and/or the world at large that intrigue me. In the cases where a romantic plot could factor in, I don't like non-/dubious consent. I don't like detailed violence and I'd really rather you didn't kill any major players on-page. I love me some ladies being awesome. I also love me some crossovers - between any of these, between one of these and another fandom on my AO3 list, between one of these and something else (feel free to poke via mods if you want to be sure I know it). I prefer happier endings to not. (I should also note, largely thanks to one of the fandoms on this list, I have a serious 'brainwashed/memory-wiped For Your Own Good' squick. If it's treated as a problem, I can work with that, but if it's held up as the best possible solution [I'm looking at YOU, "Emily Lake"!] I get hung up on NO.)

On the matter of -isms: Since one of my requests is a movie that was made in 1958 and one includes characters who worked in the same time period, I am cool with period-accurate representations of the -isms they would encounter in those environments. (When it comes to W13, I would imagine Rebecca encounters more of that in the field than in the Warehouse proper, but it would still be there.)

So! Now, on to the requests themselves.

Warehouse 13
Claudia Donovan, Steve Jinks, Rebecca St. Clair, Jack Secord
There are a couple different things you can do here: Claudia and Steve BFF-ing it up or *anything at all with Rebecca and Jack* (I have a particular fondness for happy-ending AUs with those two). If you somehow manage to squish both into the same story I will love you forever, but don’t feel like you have to! Special Bonus Artifact People: Warren Zevon for Claud and Steve, Frances Glessner Lee or Soviet space shenanigans for both.

Further notes: If you go for Claud and Steve and want to be S4-compliant, please please please set it before “The Ones You Love.” The Special Bonus Artifacts are simply guidelines; if something else strikes you harder, by all means run with that.

(Availability: You can theoretically get everything you need for this from season 3, which is available on Netflix. S4 so far is on Syfy’s website and slowly working its way onto Hulu.)

(What it is: Wacky sci-fi found-family shenanigans about chasing down historical artifacts that now make Weird Stuff [rapid aging, teleportation, zombie-like symptoms, just to name a few] happen. Also, half of my strongest OTP was dead for nearly 50 years the first time they were introduced.)

Bell Book and Candle (1958)
Gillian “Gil” Holroyd, Pyewacket
What I really want out of this request is an AU of the ending; I really DO NOT dig the whole thing where falling in love means Gil loses her powers. Why can’t she love someone *and* have her magic? If this is packaged with a modern-setting and/or queering-the-text AU, that would be particularly awesome. I’d equally love some backstory or something from Pyewacket’s POV.

Further notes: I kind of adore this movie on principle (it’s not often a main character actually shares my name, and also: Kim Novak), but let’s face it, Shep is SUPER OBLIVIOUS MAN. I do love that he’s a publisher, but seriously. XD I’m also not super fond of the love spell, but since dismantling it *is* part of the plot, take or leave that as you will.

(Availability: Region 1 DVD, the IMDb page has a watch-now link but I don’t know if you have to pay for it, Netflix is worth a try.)

(What it is: The James Stewart/Kim Novak movie that isn't Vertigo. Witchcraft in '50s New York! Love spells going wackily wrong! Kim Novak! I know I keep coming back to her, but she's pretty!)

Sneakers (1992)
Let’s get some 20th-anniversary action up in here! I’m open to pretty much anything: Liz being awesome, with or without the boys’ club; all of the Whistler POV forever (it’s just as fun to read as it is to write); Carl being his awesomely dorky self; the ramifications of bankrupting the Republican Party in 1992 (would we even be *in* this current fix? Would there be a three-party system in the US now? Could they have re-taken the House in ’94? What about the Tea Party?); more of Cosmo and Marty’s college shenanigans (with or without Liz, but my headcanon is that she met them then); even some metaphorical mustache-twirling on Cosmo’s part or backstory about his time in jail.

Further notes: Seriously, the only thing I’m not cool with here is slash. I would Out Of Cheese way too hard. I adore this movie, I adore Carl and Whistler, I adore Liz (who needs more fic in general), and I even adore Cosmo in that way where I shake my head at him a lot. (He was right! He was just... completely nuts about it.) If you want to include Crease and Mother, go for it!

(Availability: Region 1 DVD. I don't see why Netflix wouldn't have it, but I've never needed to look.)

(What it is: A group of security testers are called up by the government to retrieve a little black box from a cryptographer's lab. Except the little black box is not what it seems... and neither are the government guys who called them, for that matter. It's both extremely a product of post-Cold-War 'now what?' [and I suspect half the system hacks wouldn't work at all now] and so ahead of its time it's not funny. If you like Leverage, I highly recommend this.)

Villains By Necessity – Eve Forward
I adore this world and want all of the things about it. Possible plot threads: A Guild or other shady organization reassembling itself post-book; Robin’s quest to become a bard; backstory about Valerie and her family, or forwardstory where she wreaks bloody vengeance on Fenwick; Sam and Kaylana negotiating their relationship; Sam’s training at the Assassins’ Guild; anything at all about Blackmail, including deep-backstory about the Six Heroes and how he came to part company with them.

Further notes: The only thing I don’t want in a VBN fic is more Mizzamir than is strictly necessary. He’s an ass, and I feel we get more than enough about him in the book (though I grant he’s a necessary... evil? in a deep-backstory fic). I’m much more interested in the consequences of his actions than in the man (elf, whatever) himself.

(Availability: Sadly, this one’s out of print, but your local library/secondhand shop might be able to help you out.)

(What it is: Epic-quest fantasy novel, with a twist. Good defeated Evil soundly and decided to make sure it Never Happened Again - but that's screwing up the world just as much as the Bad Guys being in charge did. Possibly worse, since the Good Guys are so blinded by their certainty they're doing The Right Thing that they don't see how it could possibly be a problem. Cue a scramble by some of the last few Bad Guys around [only one of whom is really straight-up Evil, and none of them are incapable of caring for others] to put a stop to it before the world disappears in a puff of sweetness and light.)

In closing: Thank you so much, once again! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :D
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