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Another update: Well, crap.

The freelance thing I was somewhat hopeful about fell apart mere hours after my last post. I have a little work coming in through one of my more regular contracts, but nothing huge. Quinn's had to beg off on a couple more temp placements because she can't get to them.

And now our management company's having to start the eviction process.

We need 1300 dollars as quickly as possible to settle accounts with them, and we need at least some of that by Saturday. If there's anything y'all can do, we'd really really super appreciate it.

We hate having to beg the internets, we really do, and we want to get back on our feet. But right now this is all we have.

If there's anything at all we can do for you, just say the word. I can offer editing services or writing; Quinn can offer writing, icon cropping and Tarot readings (for you, for a character, for a game, take your pick. Gabby's Internet bake sale is still on. Paypal's angelicphoenix at gmail, if you want to buy something or just help out.

Even if it's just spreading the word, we appreciate anything and everything you guys can do for us.
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