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Following up from last month. Short version: everything there still applies.

So. We're still horridly behind on things and only getting more so.

There is some good news. We got food stamps, which helps with the grocery situation, and I've picked up some freelance work that looks like it'll be steady income once I get through the trial period. Quinn's in with a temp agency that's found a couple promising things - unfortunately, they fizzled out short of her actually getting hired, but the place is doing the best they can for her.

The downside to the work I've found is I won't see any money for it until next week, and that won't be nearly enough to start digging out. It'll be something, but we're behind on two months' rent now, not to mention the Internet, phone, and other necessities.

As before, every little bit helps, even if it's only spreading the word. Y'all have been rock stars for us over the last month, and we can't express our gratitude enough; we're about as sick of having to say this as most of our circle of friends is of having to hear it, I'm sure.

Our editing/writing/icon-cropping services are still on offer as detailed in my last post, as is Gabby's internet bake sale, where you can get some awesome art, icons, or jewelry at a steal.

Quinn is also offering tarot readings, for you, for your characters, for the story you want to tell, whichever. Her price points are as follows: "$5 for a text reading that I send you, $10 for a text-Skype based session with questions after the reading, $20 for a half-hour voice-interactive reading or readings. If you want longer, we can talk."

As last time, if there's something you can toss our way or you want to buy a thing, the paypal's angelicphoenix at gmail.

Thanks again, guys. Y'all rock.
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