Date: 2015-09-10 11:50 pm (UTC)
minkhollow: W13: Claudia playing guitar (doesn't remind us of musetta's waltz)
From: [personal profile] minkhollow

For the most part, Claudia can admit this whole Caretaker thing is pretty cool. It was an adjustment for everyone involved – as much as the Warehouse wanted it, she’s definitely not Mrs. F, and Joshua had to get used to Claudia picking up the teleportation gig too (not to mention his own new job) – but on the whole, it’s sorted out.

And then there’s the days like today, where things just feel… slightly itchy. It’s not a major problem, she’d know for sure if it was, but something’s a little off, which is presumably why the Warehouse is talking to her. Yeah, what is it?

You know Joshua’s latest experiment?

With the mimeograph thing? Yeah, why?

The Warehouse almost sounds sheepish – never a good sign. I think Al found it.

…What makes you say that?

Well, Joshua took him into the lab earlier and then he had to go and couldn’t take him back to Milliways and now Al’s… kind of in three places at once.

“Oh god donut,” Claudia says aloud; if anything deserves that, it’s three of Al. Better get some good down there before he wrecks the place. You’d think he’d know better than to do this kind of thing by now.

The Warehouse only giggles, and Claudia sighs.
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