Date: 2013-10-10 04:35 pm (UTC)
minkhollow: (pls help?)
From: [personal profile] minkhollow
Nooooooo, you didn't miss anything re: the sister. (For Milliways purposes I'm already pretending it didn't happen. I've spent three and a half years assuming it was only Joshua, now I have a Joshua, and I've enacted my "Reset" AU plans anyway. FUCK IT.) It can still be done well, I guess? But they got some splaining to do, especially on why they didn't bronze her.

Oh, I can see Pete making stupid decisions in this situation. And I can somewhat see why they liked the cancer arc in the first place. I just. If your diabolical plot depends on someone holding the Idiot Ball that much (and, as someone else pointed out else-Internets, basically relying on Myka having cancer in the first place - what would he have done if none of them had been sick?), it's a bad diabolical plot. I expect better from a guy who murdered an entire village For Science., that is some epic music-choice fail, there. XD

Most of why I want the astrolabe theory is for Doug to go 'wait, since when do you have a sister, that's not in your personnel file that I... totally didn't copy off the Warehouse server after I met you what are you talking about. >_>' Because Doug's a dork like that.

I'm just glad they got some space to tie all this up. (And from the look of stuff that hit twitter as they were filming the series finale, we get TAP DANCING CLAUDIA, and that alone promises to be epic.) But I'm worried they have too much they need to do justice to in six episodes.

And I have 99 problems and Claire Donovan is all of them.
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