Date: 2013-10-10 08:19 am (UTC)
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HI I JUST FINISHED WATCHING THE LAST FOUR EPS like eight years later so you are getting a comment.

I am willing to wait and see how all this plays out before I start getting mad, but it had better be good. Watching the four eps in succession left me totally blown away, but I suspected that, much like the midseason finale, the application of logic would leave it a touch wanting.

First off, surprise!sister wtf. When Artie dropped the bomb, I was like, "Wait, there was a sister? Did I forget about this?" because it seems like something I would forget about if it were mentioned like once and never again. But NOPE. Surprise!sister. There had better be some seriously epic plot payoff from this or I'm going to end up pretending it never happened.

And I actually kind of like the cancer thing? The show's always dropped little reminders here and there about how the real world will always find ways to intrude on the world of the Warehouse. "Holy shit, this regent we're meeting is my mom," "Oh my god, my sister is having a baby," "Oops, the sheriff is my ex-boyfriend." Now, cancer. Warehouse agents aren't any more invulnerable to terminal illness than anyone else. I definitely see why it's obnoxious in terms of "Hey, this is my SCIFI SHOW FUCK," but I think the shock of it is the point.

I also think it's a valid explanation for Pete's turn with the Idiot Ball. Pete is trained and ready for a lot of things. Guns, hostage situation, Artifacts. He is not trained for his best friend (his sister, really) having cancer. He can't negotiate with it, he can't Tesla it, he can't stick it in a bag. I think the way he was so pushy and overbearing about Myka's treatment options was both totally in character and excellent foreshadowing. Pete can't smash cancer? Here is a man who can smash cancer! Pete will make sure the man smashes the cancer! Paracelus plays him like a violin and, because Pete is in a state of shock and desperation and can't see beyond "must save Myka," it works. This is pretty much the only thing you objected to that I firmly believe made sense.

Other than that, I am on board with your Astrolabe AU theory. Maybe that's how it really works! It doesn't turn back time, that would be silly. It just creates a split in the timeline and takes its user into the "right" one. And hey, that kind of thing can't be done perfectly, so sometimes you'll get shit like a random sister and maybe someone's cells rebelling and going all funky inside them. And everyone losing a few IQ points. BLAME THE ASTROLABE.

EDIT because ALSO ALSO that song choice at the end. I . . . am not sure anyone involved has ever actually listened to that song? Because it basically says, "I cannot deal with your shit, just tell me what you want to hear so I can say it so you don't leave. Asshole." Which I do not think is the overall theme of that particular scene. Except maybe for the "asshole" part.
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